Not Her Choice

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Chapter 25.1 [Part 1]

Jack’s pov

After a long day at work, I was looking forward to seeing the beauty that was waiting at home for me. I know she will deny it if I say she was waiting for me but I know it is true. The way she greets me when I come home and the way her eyes light up when she sees me shows me she misses me when I am not with her. I know she is coming round to me. We’ve come a long way since the beginning of our marriage and I’d say we’re where we should be in our relationship. We’re already sleeping together which I didn’t think would ever happen but once it happened once, there was no going back no matter how much Sienna denied it was a mistake. It clearly wasn’t with her being a virgin beforehand. She gave something special to me for the first time, that means something. She sees me as her husband.

When I got home, I was expecting to be greeted by my beautiful wife but the greeting never came. The front door was left wide open and there was no sign of Sienna anywhere in our home. I knew she hadn’t run away, all her belonging are still there and why would she leave if we’re at a good place in our relationship? Something isn’t right, the front door shouldn’t have been left open. Did someone break in?

I began to think all sorts as I frantically double checked the house in case I was mistaken but it was no use. Sienna was gone. Someone has taken her from me was all I could think. If she was planning on leaving me, she would have gave me an indication of her plans, she never said a word of ever leaving me. Also why would she allow us to get closer if she was planning on leaving me? It doesn’t make sense.

My suspicions were confirmed when I left the house and locked the door behind me. I saw a neighbour out mowing his grass.

“Hi Gary, you didn’t catch my wife leave the house earlier did you?” I asked.

“Actually I did see her get into a car with some older guy,” Gary replied. “Your wife didn’t look too happy about it,”

“Really? What did he look like?

Gary scratched his head before giving me a brief description of what he could remember of the guy and when he was done, I instantly thought of Sienna’s Dad which really shook me. Why would Sienna’s Dad take his own daughter? Something isn’t right here. Maybe it’s related to the secret Sienna has been keeping from me since the beginning of our marriage. I have to find them and see what this secret is.

“When did you see them?” I asked.

“Around an hour ago,”

“Thanks Gary, see you later,” I hurriedly said before getting my car to drive to Sienna’s Dad’s house in case he’d taken her there. If not, then my next stop would be to give Jeremy a call because who knows where they could be if they weren't there.

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