Not Her Choice

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Chapter 27 [Part 1]

Sienna’s pov

After the flight, we left the plane and headed into the airport, I thought we would be leaving to find a place to stay but I was wrong. Dad went up to the ticket line and brought two tickets to who knows where.

“Why did you buy tickets? Where are we going?” I questioned. What is he thinking? We just had a long flight, he can’t be serious in going through more of that can he?

“We can’t stay in Barbados, knowing your psycho husband, he will already be on to us so we need to go somewhere else, we leave in half an hour so go to the bathroom now if you need it,” Dad replied.

I groaned. I needed to rest not catch another plane.

“Let’s go,” Dad grabbed my arm and dragged me to the toilets. I thought about escaping through a window or something while there but unfortunately there were no windows or another exit door. The door I had come in from was the only exit. I left the bathroom once I was done and Dad met me outside. I was hungry but I didn’t say anything.

We went to the terminal to wait for our next plane. I wonder where the hell Dad is forcing me to go now. More importantly, I wonder why he is doing this. He is my Dad and is supposed to want me to be happy but he doesn’t seem to care about my happiness or he wouldn’t have done this. I don’t think he ever cared about my happiness. First he forced me to marry against my will and now he has kidnapped me, a father who cares wouldn’t do anything like that. If he truly cared about me, he wouldn’t have done any of it. What would Mum make of all this if she were still alive? I’m glad she is no longer with us, it would kill her to know what her husband has become. If she was still here, Dad would never have taken things this far, he wouldn’t even have done any of this. If he had, Mum would have put a stop to it by now but she isn’t here. I wonder how long this madness will go on, how long will Dad keep me a hostage until he sees sense? Who knows what he will do next.

With all the thoughts running through my mind, I didn’t realise that we were already on the plane. I almost missed being told where we were headed. We were heading to Majorca. Great! Another place I’ve never been too. I will have no idea where to go if I ever manage to get away from Dad. I doubt I will get very far. The last time I ran away, Dad found me the next day. I wonder how he found me. It’s like he’s an expert or maybe he had my phone bugged or something. Thinking about my phone, I didn’t have it with me to check. I doubt it would do me any good, Dad probably would have confiscated it to prevent Jack using my number to find me. Oh Jack, I miss you already. I wish I could be with you know. I don’t know what Dad is playing at, it ain’t no father daughter bonding trip. I just want to be back home with Jack.

My heart began to hurt when I thought of my husband. I couldn’t understand why at first but the more it ached, the more I began to realise what was happening and remembered my feelings. I’m in love. I’m in love with my husband.

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