Not Her Choice

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Chapter 28 [Part 1]

It’s funny how once you lose someone, you realise what they truly mean to you but by then it is too late to do anything about it. It’s too late for me. I just realised I’m in love with Jack but thanks to my Dad, he will never know how I feel. He’ll never know what he means to me. I feel terrible now, it was no secret that he’s been loving me all this time but I just couldn’t accept it. I should have done, he’s a decent guy and would have taken care of me for life. I would have lived a happy life with him. I know I would have. He’s one of a kind. I know I will never meet anyone like him ever again. I had a chance at happiness but I blew it. I will never get the chance again.

I will never forgive my Dad for this, never. He has ruined the best thing that ever happened to me, sure it wasn’t a good start but then it developed into something good which I know would have lasted an entire lifetime. I can’t believe it has taken being kidnapped to realise I’m in love with Jack. I knew there was something between us, even a fool could see what we had but I was just too stubborn to accept what was there because Dad kept telling me I only had to be married to Jack until after his death. When he came to tell me he wasn’t actually sick, I should have seen what he was about to do next but I was too dumb to see. I thought he was my loving Dad but he isn’t. He doesn’t love me, not really. I should have known something was up when he forcefully found me and took me home after I ran away upon hearing of my forced marriage but I couldn’t have known. Now I am a hostage of my own Dad. He clearly is sick but not in the way we both thought, physically there is nothing wrong with him but mentally............ He can’t be right. No father in his right mind would do this. He needs help but how am I going to get him help? I can’t even have a minute to myself unless it’s to use the bathroom.

On the entire flight to Majorca, I thought of ways I could get away and report Dad. I never thought I’d ever have to think about doing that, he is my Dad. You’re supposed to be safe with any parent. I am physically safe with Dad but not mentally. He needs to stop this or I will have no choice but to go against him to get him the help he needs.

By the end of the flight, I hadn’t thought of a single successful way of getting away. I knew whatever I tried wouldn’t end well. Dad won’t keep his eyes off me, there’s no way I could slip away at the airport. I had no choice but to stay with him for now.

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