Not Her Choice

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Chapter 28.1 [Part 1]


Jack’s pov

I was going out of my mind in Barcelona, trying to find my wife but I had no leads and everywhere I went was a dead end. I wonder if Jeremy knows anything else. I doubt he does, he would have let me know if he did. I grew hopeless and almost gave up but then I thought about how much I loved Sienna and how much my life had changed with her in it. I can’t be without her now. She is my life. I have to find her but it seems like she isn’t here. Who knows how many hours I have been looking for her to find nothing. It’s impossible, I will never find her on my own.

I wonder how she is. Of course she isn’t good, she’s been taken against her will. I don’t know what Jake is doing. Why has he taken his daughter? I hope he hasn’t hurt her, if he’s kidnapped her then who knows what else he is capable of. Whatever the reason, it can’t be good. I know Sienna didn’t leave with him willingly without telling me first. It really doesn’t make any sense. What is Jake playing at? Why-

Just then my phone rang and pulled me out of my thoughts. I glanced at the caller ID, it was Jeremy. I instantly answered. He must have some news on Sienna for me.

“Jeremy what have you found out?” I asked urgently.

“According to Jake’s credit card, he brought two tickets to Majorca, I believe that’s where your wife is,” Jeremy replied.

“Majorca? I thought they were in Barcelona,”

“They mustn’t have set foot in Barcelona, they must have headed to Majorca straight after landing at Barcelona airport,”

“Damn,” I cursed. “I have another plane to catch. Thanks for letting me know Jeremy. Let me know if you find out anything else,”

“I will do,” Jeremy agreed before hanging up.

I groaned. I have to catch another plane when I was only on the plane a couple of hours ago. I still have jet lag but I will do it for Sienna. I rubbed my forehead before getting a taxi to take me to the airport.

Once there, I purchased a ticket to Majorca and looked for the correct terminal.

Before I knew it, I was seated on the plane with the hope that my beautiful wife would be in Majorca and it wouldn’t be a wasted journey.

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