Not Her Choice

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Chapter 32 [Part 1]

Words couldn’t express how happy I was to see my husband. I didn’t know how he’d found me but I was glad. We were together and I had the chance to tell him how I really felt. I could tell him I loved him and would make him happy, finally.

“I love you,” I said when we woke up the next morning in each other’s arms.

“I love you too,” Jack told me before we shared a kiss then got out of bed for the day.

I didn’t want to spoil our reunion but I knew I had to be honest with jack, I had to tell him the truth about why we married or our marriage wouldn’t work. A marriage with lies will not work. I’m not sure I should tell jack though, I don’t know how he will react, what if he leaves me? I couldn’t bare to ever lose him especially now that I’ve told him I love him and know he feels the same.

“Jack I need to tell you something,” I began. “But I don’t think I should tell you,”


“You might hate me and want nothing to do with me if I tell you,” I admitted as my heart hurt at the thought of Jack ever leaving me.

“I could never think that, I love you,” Jack tried to assure me. “Whatever it is, you need to tell me. I doubt it will affect what we have,”

“Ok I’ll tell you but I want you to know that I meant it when I said I love you. I really do love you, I wanted to tell you sooner and I was going to tell you but then............” my voice trailed off.

“Your Dad kidnapped you,” Jack finished for me.

“Yes, how did you know? How did you find me?”

“I had no idea what happened when I got home. You weren’t there and the front door was left open. I knew something wasn’t right and began to look for you, I knew you wouldn’t leave without telling me. A neighbour told me they saw you leaving with someone but didn’t look happy, their description of the person sounded like your Dad so I ended up going to your Dad’s house but no one answered and a neighbour told me they’d seen him leave hours ago but he hadn’t returned since. I realised he must have taken you but I had no idea where to look. I had help from a private investigator who works for the company. He was able to track your Dad’s credit card to Majorca,”

“I’m so glad you found me,”

“Why did he do this?”

I hesitated to say anything.

“Does this have something to do with what you wanted to tell me?” Jack asked with a knowing look. “It’s ok Sienna, you can tell me,”

“I don’t know what to say,” I admitted.

“Take your time,” Jack rubbed my arm gently. “There’s no rush,”

He’s is being so sweet but will he really feel the same after I tell him the truth? I guess there is only one way to find out.

“Ok but please let me tell you everything before you say anything please,” I pleaded.

“Ok,” Jack agreed.

“Thank you,” I said before taking a deep breath.

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