Not Her Choice

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Chapter 35.1 [Part 1]

I didn’t expect to wake up but I did to find myself in a hospital room. It was all white with a white drawer beside the white bed I was lying in and white monitors attached to my chest. I was surprised to see Dad seated beside me in a white chair. He looked extremely tired with bags under his eyes.

“Dad?” I questioned.

“Hi Jack,” Dad greeted me with a tired but relieved smile. “How are you feeling?”

“Like I got hit by a bus,” I realised, my head hurts worse than a hangover not that I’d know what that feels like as I’ve never got drunk before right? “What happened?”

“You have mild alcohol poisoning,”

I guess I did get drunk after all. What? Yes, now I remember but I only remember having two bottles of vodka but who knows what I drank at the club. Alcohol poisoning? Woah! I -

“What the hell were you thinking drinking so much Jack?” my Dad blurted out angrily. “You could have died, you are lucky to be still alive. Any more and you wouldn’t be here,”

“I guess I wasn’t thinking. I just wanted to forget,” I admitted. Forget my misery.

“Forget what?” my Dad’s voice softened.

“Forget what happened with Sienna,”

“What happened? You two are ok aren’t you?” Dad asked worriedly.

“We were but not anymore,” I said with a shaky breath as everything came back to me in a flash and I told dad everything. “I’ve lost her Dad. I’ve lost her forever,”

My eyes became teary as it all made sense to Dad.

“What the hell?” Dad raged. “I’ll kill Jake when I see him. This is all his fault. If he hadn’t have meddled, none of this would have happened. That poor girl was forced into this thanks to him and it has ruined you both. I’ll find her and bring her here I promise. I’ll make everything alright again,”

“No Dad,” I stopped my Dad by grabbing his wrist before he could walk away and find Sienna. “I’ve hurt her too much. She finally told me the truth but I threw it all in her face. I don’t deserve her,”

“Son you can’t believe that,” Dad grabbed my hand. “You deserve all the happiness in the world. Sienna is your happiness. Sure you’ve both hurt each other but it’s neither of yours fault. If Jake hadn’t have done what he did then none of this would have happened. This is all on him. Don’t you dare think any of this is your fault again,”


“But nothing. You’re coming home with me to recover,”


“I said no buts. You can’t be trusted on your own. You’ll end up drinking more and this time you’ll kill yourself. I won’t have it. You’re coming home with me where I can keep an eye on you,”

“But you have work,” I tried to argue.

“So do you. I haven’t had any time off since I started the business 20 years ago, you haven’t had a break since you joined either. This is our chance. I’ll go in and sort everything out before you’re discharged and then you’ll be staying with me. We’ll concentrate on your health from now on. Once you are better, we’ll see what we can do to get Sienna back ok?”

“Ok,” I agreed. Dad is right. There is nothing more I want than to have Sienna back by my side but for now I have to think about myself before her. I have to get well before I can even contemplate on winning her back. I just hope when that happens, I am not too late.

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