Not Her Choice

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Chapter 38 [Part 1]

Jack’s pov

“What is it now Dad? I told you I’m not leaving this room,” I told my Dad angrily. He knows I just want to be left alone so why does he keep bothering me ? At first he would check up on me every 30 minutes to make sure I didn’t somehow manage to get my hands on any booze but he did that for nothing. I never want to touch that stuff again. I know life is bad right now but I don’t want to die, I’m not ready to.

“There’s someone here to see you son,” Dad replied before I heard him walk away and not long after, I heard him arguing with someone downstairs. I wonder who he’s arguing with. I heard someone take a deep breath outside my door. I wonder who that could be and what are they doing standing outside my bedroom door? I was about to ask them but then the door opened and my eyes met with the eyes of the love of my life. I was stunned, I had no idea what to say. She’s here but why? What is she doing here?

“Sienna?” I finally managed to say.

“Jack,” Sienna replied before she closed the door and walked inside to my bed side. “Jack I’m really sorry about what happened in Majorca and -”

Sienna didn’t get a chance to finish her apology because I pulled her on top of me as I was laying down into my arms and planted my lips on hers without a thought. I don’t care why she is here but I am glad. I thought I would never see her again but now she is here in my arms and I couldn’t be happier.

After a few seconds, Sienna surprised me by pulling away.

“What’s wrong?” I asked. “Why did you pull away?”

“I thought you didn’t want me anymore. When I told you the truth in Majorca, you said we couldn’t be together anymore and left me,” Sienna replied with watery eyes and I was reminded of the painful memories of what had happened to get me in the state I was in. I took Sienna’s hand in mine before saying

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean that. I was angry at you for lying to me and needed some space. After thinking about it, I regretted leaving you like that and had every intention of going back to the hotel to tell you how sorry I was but when I got there, you were gone and I knew I was too late,”

“Does that mean you still want to be with me?” Sienna asked with hopeful eyes.

“Of course I still want to be with you. I love you,”

“Really?” Sienna’s eyes smiled.

“Really,” I confirmed.

“I love you too,” Sienna smiled before leaning close for a kiss.

“Is everything alright?” Sienna asked worriedly after the kiss ended. “Your Dad gave me the impression that something was up but he wouldn’t say what. Did something happen?”

I gulped. I don’t think I want Sienna knowing that I tried to kill myself. It will only upset her. I don’t want that especially now when we are reunited.

“Jack?” Sienna raised an eyebrow when I didn’t answer. “You’re worrying me now, what happened?”

I looked into Sienna’s watery anxious looking eyes before nodding my head. Then I told her everything.

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