Not Her Choice

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Chapter 40 [Part 1]

A few days later

We were settled back into our married home. It was like we’d never been parted. Dad wasn’t happy for me to be leaving. He wanted me to stay to keep an eye on me but Sienna promised him, she’d make sure I never laid eyes on booze again or else. That’s the feisty woman I know and love. I don’t know what I did to deserve her and have her back in my life. I never thought I’d see her again but I did and we are happy.

Even though I was back home, Dad insisted I take some more time off work before going back. I easily agreed. I have a lot of time to make up with Sienna which I have been loving the past few days and I’ve had no complaints from Sienna. She is just as keen to make the time up as I am which is even better apart from yesterday when she said she was going for a walk on her own because she needed space to herself which I thought was really odd when we’ve been apart from her kidnapping. When she came home after her long walk she was back to normal and I didn’t think nothing of it but I wonder why she needed space.

“Sienna I-” I called Sienna from the kitchen where she was making us a hot chocolate drink.

“What?” Sienna asked as she walked towards me with two mugs of hot chocolate. I grabbed them both and we went to the living room couch to take a seat with our drinks.

“Is everything alright?” I asked nervously. “Yesterday you were acting weird and then insisted you went on a walk alone. Is there something you aren’t telling me? I thought we agreed to be honest to each other after what happened before,”

“I am being honest with you,” Sienna squinted her eyes at me. “Why would I lie to you after everything,”

So feisty, I would tell her she looks hot right now but the fire in her eyes tells me I should keep my mouth shut.

“I know you wouldn’t. It just seems like something isn’t quite right,”

“Everything is fine but something is uh different I guess,”

“Different how?” I asked in confusion. “Are you talking about us? I thought we were good. We love each other don’t we? Or have you changed your mind?”

I began to panic. I couldn’t bare the thought of Sienna no longer loving me. I almost died the last time, this time will finish me.

“No I love you,” Sienna assured me with a peck on the lips. “It’s me not us. I’ve changed,”

“I’m confused,” I admitted. What is Sienna talking about? “If we’re ok then how are you different? I don’t understand,”

“I’m different because.............,” Sienna’s voice trailed off. She took a deep breath before telling me “I wasn’t carrying your child before,”

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