Not Her Choice

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Chapter 2 [Part 2]

A week later

“Sienna wake up, we’re seeing the midwife today remember?” Jack woke me up and I groaned.

“5 more minutes,” I mumbled.

“Not today babe, we’re going to be late,”

“I don’t care,”

“What do you mean you don’t care? If we’re late, we’ll lose the appointment. Don’t you want to find out how far along you are?”


“Sienna,” Jack raised an eyebrow as I opened my eyes.

“Jack,” I raised my eyebrows too.

“Come on, we need to see the midwife to make sure the baby is okay,”

“The baby is fine,”

I want to see my baby but I’m so comfy in bed. Why did the appointment have to be so early in the morning?


“Fine,” I relented and sat up in bed. “I’m getting up,”

I got out of bed and rushed to the bathroom to throw up. I hate this. Why do I have to go though this? I’m pregnant not sick.

“Are you okay?” Jack asked from beside me. He was holding my hair back and I was bending over the toilet, I didn’t even realise.

“I’m fine,” I said and took a breath before standing normally. Then we got ready for the day and had breakfast.

The time flew and it was already time for our appointment.

The midwife put the cool gel on my stomach before having a look on the monitor.

“Everything seems to be fine,” the Midwife said after a few minutes. “The baby’s heartbeat is good and they're developing well. Would you like to know the gender?”

“Yes,” Jack said before I could say anything.

The midwife looked to me for confirmation and I agreed.

“Congratulations it’s a boy!” the midwife beamed. I was speechless, I was having a boy. I hadn’t thought about what I would have. I would have been happier with either gender. Both gender’s are a blessing.

“Yes,” Jack commented with a fist bump in the air.

“What? I'm happy we're having a son,” Jack added when he saw me raise an eyebrow. "But if it was a girl, I would still be happy,"

“Sure you would,”

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