Not Her Choice

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Chapter 3 [Part 2]

“I’m so bored Jack,” I whined. I’m bored out of my mind. I rarely go out, I don’t have a job. There is nothing to do at home except housework and watching TV or movies.

“Are you?” Jack asked with a raised eyebrow as he held me in his arms after we made out.

“Yes I am, I need a hobby.

Maybe you could teach me to drive? I’ve always wanted to learn but I never did. It would be nice to know how to drive for when our son is here then I can take them out on errands easily when you aren’t here,”

“I don’t think that is a good idea, you could get hurt. You need to take it easy,” Jack disagreed. I knew he would say no. He has been over protective since finding out I’m pregnant. He won’t let me do anything by myself. He tried to carry me up and down the stairs a few times but I put my foot down before he could. He is not carrying me around the whole house. I am pregnant not an invalid. I can do everything I could before I was pregnant.

“Jack how many times will we go through this? I am pregnant not an invalid. I can do things myself. I am not in any danger. Driving a car will not stress me out or harm the baby in any way. Obviously I won’t drive when I am heavily pregnant but we have some time before I get to that stage and would like to learn as much as possible by then,”

“Fine, I’ll teach you to drive but any signs of danger and you’ll be under house arrest until the baby is born,”

“Stop being so dramatic,” I rolled my eyes.

“I’m not being dramatic. You have to think about the baby first at all times now or something bad could happen,”

“Nothing bad will happen. Being cooped up in the house all day everyday is not healthy either. I need some fresh air every now and again. So when can we start?”

“Start what?”

“Jack,” I whined. “When can we start driving?”

“Oh that,” Jack mumbled. “Well-”

“Right now,”

Jack groaned “Why right now?”

“The sooner we start, the quicker I can learn and get my license to drive alone,”

“But you don’t need to. I can drive you wherever you want me to take you,”

“I want to do it myself,”

“Fine, I’ll get my car keys,” Jack gave in reluctantly and I squealed happily. I gave him a quick kiss on the lips and rushed to the front door.


“No clutch down Sienna,” Jack instructed for the fifth time in 5 minutes. “Not up yet,”

“Ugh,” I groaned. Driving is a lot more difficult than I thought, It’s been 5 minutes and I can’t even get the clutch to the right point to get into the first gear without the car stalling.

Another 15 minutes, I got it right and the car began to move. Finally.

It was pretty easy after that. I was able to follow whatever Jack instructed and picked up everything quickly. The manoeuvres are a bit tricky and roundabouts are confusing but I think I got the hang of it by the time evening came.

“So how did I do?” I asked when we made it home after I drove us there.

“That wasn’t bad, I think a couple of hours every day for the next few weeks and you’ll be ready to take the exam,”

“Really?” I smiled.



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