Not Her Choice

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Chapter 5 [Part 1]

Jack’s pov

“You must marry. There is no option to stay single your entire life. You will be taking over the company very soon. You need a family to share your fortune with,” Dad told me.

“I know but there isn’t a hurry to marry is there?” I asked. Dad’s been very adamant lately that I get myself a wife. Thankfully he isn’t forcing me to marry someone. I have the choice to pick my own bride but all the women Dad has tried to set me up with aren’t to my taste. I don’t feel anything towards them. I can’t just marry someone and expect to fall in love with them at some point. That isn’t how love works. It occurs unexpectedly, it cannot be forced.

“No there isn’t but you aren’t getting any younger, you will be 30 in a few years. I don’t want to wait years for you to give me grandchildren,”

"Dad, I need to find a wife first before I can even contemplate having children,” I shook my head. My Dad is so desperate to have grandchildren. I don’t think Mum is bothered because she hasn’t said a word about wanting to be a grandma. Although she could secretly be hoping for it.

Dad ignored me and went about throwing pictures of possible matches for me. I took a bored look through them but none caught my eye in any way.

“How about this one. She will make a beautiful wife and your children will be gorgeous,” Dad said before handing me a picture which I ignored because I knew the woman wouldn’t be my type. “Come on, you didn’t even look,”

I sighed before reluctantly taking a look at the photo. It was a quick glance and I looked away with disinterest but something made me take a second glance and that is when my breath was taken away by the beauty of the woman in the photo. She had straight brown hair going down her back with the most adorable little nose and brown eyes. She was stunning. I couldn’t believe it, I had found her.

“She’s nice,” I instantly decided. She will make the perfect wife, I will love and cherish her for life. “Who is she?”

“This is Sienna, I know her father back from college. She is a good match. I am glad you like her. I will make arrangements to meet with her and her father if that is what you wish,” my Dad told me.

“It is,” I confirmed. I want to meet Sienna and marry her as soon as possible to share my life with her. It will be amazing.

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