Not Her Choice

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Chapter 6 [Part 1]

Dad had managed to arrange a meeting with Sienna and her father pretty quickly which I was grateful for. I just wanted to meet her already and marry. My life is meaningless as a single man. I want to have someone to share it with me which is why I agreed for Dad to find me someone to marry when he suggested it.

I was extremely nervous when Dad and I were stood outside my love interest’s home but at the same time, I was excited to start the process of meeting my soon to be wife. Apparently she and her father have already agreed to our union of matrimony. We just needed to meet with them to set the details.

“Hello Sid,” Dad greeted a middle aged man who answered the door. I’m assuming he is Sienna’s Dad because they both have similar facial features but hers are more feminine while his are masculine.

“Hello David,” Sid replied and they shook hands.

“This is my son Jack,” Dad introduced next before I shook hands with Sid. “Thanks for inviting us over to discuss the wedding,”

“It was no problem,” Sid brushed off before he invited us in to take a seat. “I’ll get Sienna,”

Sid stood up and left the room. We heard him call for Sienna before he re-joined us in the living room.

2 minutes later, we were joined by Sienna. Once my eyes landed on her, nothing could make me look away. She was truly breath taking and was more beautiful in person than her photo.

Sienna slowly walked in the room. Her eyes first went to Dad and she seemed to recognise him. She then turned to me and our gazes met for the first time. It was love at first sight. At least it was for me. I have no idea what Sienna was thinking. I couldn’t tear my gaze away and it was Sienna who looked away from me.

“Ah Sienna there you are, come and sit here,” Sid said as he patted the couch beside him. Sienna sat beside her father but stared at the ground. It was like she was avoiding looking at anyone.

“Hi I’m David Anderson and this is my son Jack,” Dad introduced us and Sienna looked up politely.

“Nice to meet you. I’m Sienna,” Sienna replied with a smile that made me smile inside as it made her look even more beautiful. When we are married, I will make sure she is always smiling.

“Sienna your father’s told me so much good things about you and I know now that Jack has made the right decision to accept your father’s proposal,”

Sienna gasped with a surprised look took2 over her face before asking in clear confusion

“What are you talking about?”

“Sweetie remember we talked about this. You agreed to marry Jack in a few weeks,” Sid said quickly before his daughter could say anything more. It was quite suspicious.

“Good. The wedding will be prepared for 2 weeks today. We have to go now, we have a meeting in an hour. It was nice to finally meet you Sienna and I’m sure you and Jack would like to talk some other time,” Dad said and I was disappointed. I didn’t expect our visit to be so short. I thought I’d have the chance to talk to Sienna alone but that wasn’t happening today no matter how much I wanted it to.

“Don’t worry, everything will be sorted for the wedding within the time left. I’ve already got people on the case but we must go now,” Dad assured me when he saw my disappointed face as I hadn’t made a move to follow him out. He had to drag me out of the house while I contemplated what the hell had just happened.

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