Not Her Choice

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Chapter 8 [Part 1]

2 weeks later

On the morning of my wedding I was excited but nervous at the same time. I’m very happy to be marrying Sienna, I love her but I’m not sure if she feels the same about me. When I last saw her, she assured me everything was fine and she was happy to be marrying me but something tells me she isn’t being completely honest with me. I’ll have to deal with that later but for right now, I need to concentrate on my wedding and getting to know my Bride afterwards.

I was dressed and ready to marry. I was waiting very patiently at the altar with guests seated and family in the front row. Sienna and her Dad were nowhere to be seen. They were yet to arrive. They should have been here ages ago. The ceremony starts in 5 minutes. Where are they?

What if she doesn’t want to marry me and doesn’t turn up? What am I going to do then? I really want to spend the rest of my life with Sienna. If she doesn’t turn up today, it will break my heart and I doubt it will ever be mended.

She’s not going to turn up is she? I knew I should have persuaded Dad to hold off the wedding because there really isn’t a rush. I wouldn’t have minded getting to know my fiancé before we even considered getting married but it didn’t turn out that way. Our wedding has to be today.

I began to panic. I was beginning to feel a cold sweat on my face. My tie was feeling too tight, I loosened it up a bit but it didn’t help. What am I going to tell the guests if the wedding is off? I will be a laughing stock for months with people talking about me being left at the altar and I’ll receive looks of pity which I don’t want. I want my Bride. Where is she?

I was beginning to lose all hope of getting wed. I understand. Sienna doesn’t want me and why would she? I am rich, she must think I am a rich player who will hurt her by being unfaithful all the time but I would never do anything to hurt Sienna. Why would I? I love her. I will respect her and treat her like a Queen as a husband should. She doesn’t need to do anything but marry me today.

I was about to think about addressing everyone to announce the wedding was off but just then the double doors at the end opened and in walked Sid and on his arm was the woman I had been waiting for. The one who took my breath away.

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