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ONLY SIX CHAPTER AVAILABLE. REST of the story is ready for purchase on Amazon Brandon Lincoln’s ex-fiancée and co-president at the same company, left him months before the wedding to elope with her high school sweetheart. His sore focus is to get someone to fill the vacant position so he can go back to normal. Sebastian Burke is excited over the new opportunity presented to him, after the president of a US based branch resigns, leaving the second president of the company, with the weight of overseeing operations on all departments. He sees the move from Canada to the US as a step toward achieving what he always dreamt of, until his wife gives him an ultimatum-Stay in Canada or get a divorce. Brandon and Seb fight by day and play with fire at night, but neither is willing to dig deep into what they feel building within them. One fights his desire to be with a man for the first time, the other sees it all as a new adventure. Can they walk away after they try?

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This story is no longer available here and it's now published and available as eBook through Amazon or my website, or as paperback through Amazon.

Only six chapters are available here as a preview.

Early morning and Brandon wakes up!

“God! What is that noise?” It is the first thing he says before he even opens his eyes. Brandon has been waking up extra early for the past two months and getting home passed regular hours because of his co-president and ex-fiancée, quitting. All the weight of the office has been on his shoulder. Brandon hears a knock on his door, followed by his best friend’s voice. “Hey man!” he hears a second knock, “you going to turn that shit alarm off or what?”

After the total fiancée fiasco, Brandon moved in with Matt, his best friend. He had to sell the condo he bought with his ex, and with so much work, trying to find housing is almost impossible.

“Yeah, just hold on! I got here four hours ago.”
“Well, today is that guy’s first day. What’s his name again? Sebastian, what?” Says Matt.
“Sebastian Burke.” Brandon answers, “and he will be your boss, so I wouldn’t call him ‘that guy’ if I were you. Now, move, I need to get dressed!”
“Ok! But seriously, man, I hope this guy takes some weight off your shoulders before you go crazy.”

A few hours pass and Mr. Burke arrives around noon as scheduled. He is coming directly from the airport after being promoted from a director at another branch to be the co-president at Starks Tech & Corp. The secretary line rings, and Brandon presses the speaker’s button. “Mr. Lincoln, Mr. Burke arrived and is on the way up.”

“Thank you, Ms. Parkley! Please send him to my office once he is here.”
“Yes, sir,” answers the secretary, “and please, call me Patsy!”
“Yes, Patsy! Sorry, it’s been a rough few weeks, but I promised I would call you by your first name, and I will.”

Patsy Parkley is a charming grad-student who works as Brandon’s secretary. She has had a little crush on him since she was a kid; Patsy is the youngest daughter of Brandon Sr.’s best friend, much younger than Brandon.

“Ok, Sir!” She giggles, “I will!”

Around ten minutes later, there’s a knock at Brandon’s office door, and when he asks for them to come in, Mr. Burke enters the room.

“Mr. Lincoln, a pleasure to meet you.” He extends his hand to shake Brandon’s “Mr. Burke, likewise! How was your flight?” Brandon asks. Sebastian Burke immediately goes on and on about what an honor it is to work with him, and all that jazz people say when they are new and just promoted.

“Well, Mr. Burke, in this office, we are both equals, so please, call me Brandon!” Sebastian, nervous, does his best to sound confident. “Brandon, yes! And you can call me Seb, sir, I mean, Mr. Brandon.”
“No Mister either, Seb! Brandon will work just fine.”

The awkward introduction is finally over, and they can both get started. Once Seb is situated, he gets right into work, and it surprises Brandon how he already feels like a part of the team. He focuses on his job and on learning how to work this new role. So many hours go by, and before they know it, they walk out of the building.

“So... Sebastian, it is a tradition for us to treat any new associate to dinner and drinks on their first day. My friend Matt and I were heading to a bar down the street. You could join us.”
“Eh! Drinks, Sir?” He answers, and Brandon laughs. “Yes, Seb, we are out of work, our tradition is more like out with friends than coworkers. You are free to drink as you please.”

“Oh!” He laughs, a little embarrassed. “I-Ok, Sir, yes, I would love to.” Matt runs from behind, catching up to them, “Hey man! Are we ready to hit the strip club?” Brandon stares at him, reminding Matt that Sebastian is his new boss; Sebastian is not in on the joke yet, and he asks, “Strip club?”
“My apologies, sir, we never do that!” Matt rushes to say, “I just like to tease the newly single guy. Again, please accept my apologies.” He refers to Brandon, being that his newly single status seems amusing to him.

“No problem, Mr.—?”
“Casnovia... Matthew Casnovia. I work right under you.”

Sebastian stares point-blank at Matthew, and Matt seems again embarrassed, “I mean, under your supervision, Sir!” Brandon interrupts, trying to ease the conversation, “well, Matt, you’ve always been great at first impressions!”
“I take it you two are... more than just coworkers?”

Brandon and Matt share a look and burst out laughing at Seb’s obvious assumption, “no, Seb, we are very open, just not with each other. Matt and I have been friends since we were in kindergarten, back when we ate Play-Doh.”

“Oh? Oh! Oh, sorry, man, I... wow, I just assumed you two were-” Sebastian doesn’t know whether to end this conversation or clarify what he means; Matt comes to the rescue and talks. “A couple? Nah! BJ will never get a piece of this ass.”
“BJ?” asks Seb.

Brandon decides that it is time to move on from the very uncomfortable talk and answers Seb, “Brandon Lincoln Jr., that’s my full name. Unfortunately, when your name is Brandon Junior, there’s no escape from the countless BJ jokes.”

“Oh, I see!” Brandon senses a hint of discomfort from Seb, so he changes the topic as they continue walking toward the bar.
“So, Sebastian,” says Brandon, “where are you staying? Are you renting a car? You can leave yours at the office and take a cab to your hotel if you want to drink.” Sebastian seems hesitant, and Brandon gets worried, “What? What’s wrong?”

“I haven’t gotten set up in any hotel or rented any car yet. I needed to do it after our introduction but got caught up in work.”
“Oh, wow, Mr. Burke!” Brandon caught himself and rephrased, “Seb! I mean, Seb, you should have said something, is it too late to check-in into your hotel?”

They all arrive at the bar and learn that Seb never made the hotel reservations. With all hotels in their area already booked for a local event, he had nowhere to go. Matt then thinks of a solution that might help. “Hey man, I mean, we have an empty room if you want to stay there for the night. There is a futon in there, nothing else though since we use it as storage.”

“Won’t that be like pushing boundaries?” Sebastian asks. “Oh yeah, I forgot you’re my boss. I’m sorry, Sir!”
“No!” Seb quickly rectifies. “I mean it because you don’t know me.” Brandon takes this one, hoping that coming from him will make Sebastian consider the offer. “It’s ok, Sebastian, and I highly doubt you will put your job as a president on the line, just to steal any old junk from us.”

Seb accepts the offer, after some light convincing. Soon they are all drinking; Brandon and Matt agreed beforehand that today was the day they were getting plastered. Matthew wanted to celebrate the newly single life that Brandon was embracing, or so Matthew says. No one knows how they all made it home. Even Seb drank a little more than necessary.

Later that night, at about 3 am, Brandon wakes up pressed to, what? Pillows? The wall? God knows what it is, but whatever it can be, it’s given Brandon a massive boner.

Holy shit! It’s the first thing in Brandon’s mind; I haven’t been this hard in ages. My balls ache, my head freaking headache. What the hell happened?!

What he thought were pillows, or a wall suddenly rolls around to face him and holy shit! There he is, Sebastian Jay Burke. He wears only his boxers with his body pressed against him. Brandon’s mind is going instantly crazy, thinking, and trying to figure out what happened.

How the hell did we get here? To my bed? Why are we on our underwear, or worse, why the fuck am I so hard for a dude?

Brandon doesn’t think; he just reacts. Moving the covers to get off the bed, he just wants to run to the spare bedroom to sleep on the futon. He thinks this is just a mistake, morning wood, or whatever. But just as he moves to leave the bed, Seb speaks.

“God, you are hot!” He lays an arm across Brandon’s abdomen. “Come on, stay! You promised you’d let me fuck you.”

And that gives Brandon the shock of his life!

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