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Seb’s words penetrate Brandon’s brain like a drill. He rushes out of the room, collecting the clothes he was wearing the night before. The bedroom is his, but Brandon doesn’t want traces that lead anyone to know he was in the same room as Sebastian Burke.

Once in the spare room, Brandon finds himself lying on the futon, chanting, “I am not thinking about a dude, I am not thinking about a dude...”

But he is. He is thinking of Seb, about Seb’s back muscles, when he pulled the covers up to get out of bed, about the curve of his ass filling his boxer briefs to perfection. “No! Brandon, think about Channel, she does it for you... she did it for four years.”

He spends some time in his head, imagining how Sexy Channel looked every time she had him in her mouth. He thinks about her, and it pleases him, yes it does, but nothing like a few seconds ago when Seb was all he had in his mind, so he makes a bold choice, ugh! Fuck it! I mean, no one is here, right? Brandon thinks as he tries to convince himself, this is not that bad; no one will ever know. I just have to picture him, his mouth, lips, and how he smiles, the way those same lips wrapped around a straw as he sucked all of his drinks through it.

Brandon pictures every detail of Seb that he can remember, and is not too long after when he feels his release almost coming. He feels his body tensing as he closes his eyes to picture Seb’s mouth wrapped around him and his rock-hard rod, speeding up. He moved his hand up and down, pulling stroke after stroke until he could not hold back. He lets go, and when he does, he keeps his eyes closed.

For a minute, he refuses to allow anything to exist. Only the thought of Sebastian Burke straddling him as he kisses him for all he’s worth, but that thought brings him back to life. “Wait. What? No! What am I doing? How drunk am I?”

He gets up, cleans up, and lies down to sleep, hoping that tomorrow these thoughts don’t hunt him.

The next day at work, Matt walks into Brandon’s office and startles him, “Hey, man! You didn’t wait for me this morning, what’s up with that?”

“Me? Eh, nothing! I just had some things to do and got here early.” Matt aims a look at Brandon that says he doesn’t believe a word he just said, but he’ll let that one go. “What’s up with you and the boss? You are both weird as shit today!” His only excuse to not associate his mood with Seb’s is to lie, and lie he does, saying after a deep sigh, “I drunk-dialed Channel.”

“Huh?! What the hell, man? The whole reason you got drunk was to not think about her.”
“You think I don’t know?” Brandon asks, visibly annoyed, “anyway, leave... I have work to do.”
“Ok, ass-hat! But don’t leave without me,” Brandon laughs because, well, because what else can he do? “We are not married, you know?”

“Oh baby, you would be in a much better mood if you were married to me.” Winking and turning to leave, Matt finds himself face to face with the man of the hour-Sebastian Burke, who heard their little jokes and has an eyebrow raised, looking from one of them to the other. “Hey, boss! I was just on my way back to work.”

“I’m sure you were, Matthew,” he smiles. “I have things to discuss with Mr. Lincoln if you don’t mind.”
“Oh yeah, of course.” Matt tells Seb, then turns back to his best friend one last time, “and Brandon, you better not call her again.” Then he walks away, closing the door behind him.

“Yes, Seb?” Asks Brandon, wanting to get straight to it, and Seb nervously responds. “Hey, we are good, right?”
“Why wouldn’t we?”
“Well, I meant last night... you know!”

“It’s ok!” Brandon says, “everyone drinks too much now and then. Maybe let’s dial it down next time.” Sebastian, however, seems to have another topic to discuss. “No, Mr. Lincoln, I Brandon... Brandon, I’m talking about what happened in, you know? The bed-the bedroom.” He drops the pen he had in hand and rests his head face down, leaning on his hands; both stay quiet for a while.

“Have you ever? I mean, are you like, gay or something?”
“No! No, definitely not. That’s why I’m here. I don’t want things to get all weird; I want to do good in this job, Brandon.”

Brandon seems to consider what Sebastian said before he speaks. “You know what? Let’s just forget about last night; I’m sure we both said shit we shouldn’t. We’ll probably never even remember any of it.”

What Brandon doesn’t know is, that Sebastian remembers absolutely everything, that he wasn’t that drunk, and he meant all things he said, including the ones Brandon can’t remember.

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