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A few weeks have passed, and Matthew convinced Seb to rent the extra room in his house. Brandon did not like the idea, but what excuse could he give Matt about it? So yeah, they’ve been avoiding each other whenever Matt is not home.

“Good morning, Patsy!”
“Good morning, Mr. Lincoln!” Patsy responds, then continues to talk to a beautiful dark-skin lady. Wanting to know why the stranger is in his building, he walks closer, and that’s when he hears her say, “I told you already! My name is Loraine Burke, Sebastian Burke’s wife. I need to see him!”

Brandon can see the frustration on Patsy’s face, which means the woman must be difficult. Nothing else would bother Patsy like that. “Patsy, is there anything I can help the lady with?” Brandon is already on high alert, after walking toward them, hearing the word ‘wife.’

“Nothing, Mr. Li—” She begins, but the lady interrupts her. “Yes! You can assist me, Mr.—?”
“Lincoln, Brandon Lincoln,” he responds, “what can I do for you?” The woman looks Brandon up and down before she proceeds, “I’m looking for my husband... I came from Toronto, and this kid is telling me I can’t see him?”

“Well, ma’am Patsy here is not a kid, and she is right. Mr. Burke asked not to be bothered, but I’ll tell you what, I’m heading that way, I’ll let him know you are here.”
“Glad to hear at least someone here can be helpful” Brandon ignores her, already walking away. His heart is beating fast as he directs his steps on autopilot in Sebastian’s direction. “Married? The guy is married?” He whispers to himself, walking into Sebastian’s office without even a knock.

“Oh, hey, Brandon! Glad you are here. Listen, I was reading Roman’s file, and-” but Brandon doesn’t allow him to finish, “you are married?” The way the question sounds, angry and with angst, caught Seb by surprise, and he stays there speechless, so Brandon repeats the question.
“Are you married?” With a sigh, Sebastian responds, “yes, I’m
ma—” but Brandon interrupts him again. “Well, you better go to the waiting room then; your wife is there asking to see you.”

Somehow, the bitterness in Brandon’s words makes Sebastian smile; he likes that he could get him all riled up. Although he is not gay, he enjoys the fact that he could attract a man like Brandon.

“Well, since you are so happy about it, I can check Roman’s file for you,” Brandon says, after seeing Seb smile, but that just confuses Seb, “wait, happy, what? No, no! She is my soon to be ex-wife; the divorce is not final yet.”
“Oh?” Brandon’s facial expression changes; it pisses him off to know that he feels relieved that Seb will soon be single.

“Yes, let’s just say we didn’t want the same things.” He tries to smile and play it off as if it isn’t an enormous deal, but Brandon seems to catch that, although he doesn’t comment on it. “Oh, well, she is out there waiting for you. Patsy told her you don’t want to be bothered.” Instead of confirming whether he will or won’t meet with his wife, he walks closer to Brandon.

“Brandon?” Brandon swallows a dry gulp of air, letting out a nervous “yes?” Much to their amusement, Sebastian gets even closer and whispers, “if I didn’t know better, I’d say you look jealous!” With that, he gets up his chair and walks out of his office, making his way toward the future ex-Mrs. Burke.

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