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Jealous? What the fuck does he mean, jealous? The thought leaves Brandon with unease, “I don’t like dudes!” At this point, he is talking to himself. It’s been about fifteen minutes, and Brandon is still just standing there in Seb’s office when he comes back.

“Well... that’s solved! Hopefully, she won’t be back here,” straightening his back, Brandon speaks, “that was quick. How did you get rid of her?” But before Sebastian has time to respond, Brandon realizes what he said and corrects himself, “sorry, that sounded bad.”
“No, it sounded as it should. I got rid of Loraine by reminding her she was the one to end it, and she doesn’t get just to want me back and think it’ll happen. I don’t want her back!”

“I see!” then they both stay quiet for what feels like hours, but it was only minutes. “Listen, about what you said of me being, jealous.”

“Yes?” Seb is quick to say, dragging the word as he takes two steps closer to Brandon, “I think we need to get past what happened that first night, ok? I don’t like guys. I’m attracted to women.” Seb takes two more steps to get even closer to him and asks defiantly, “are you past it?”

“Yeah, man, I know it all got crazy, but we are dudes, you know. We are both into women.”
“Ok, but you never really asked if I am just into women.”
“What are you saying, Seb?”

“I’m saying that,” he takes the final few steps needed to get to him, “I do like women, but with you, I don’t know!”

“What, Sebastian? With me, what?” He switches from flirtatious to frustrated within seconds, “I feel this pull between us! I felt it that night, and every day after, and you can’t say you don’t feel the same, Brandon.”

“Sebastian, I-” Brandon says, but Seb cuts him off, “you’ve been avoiding me, the same way I’ve avoided you, but I don’t know, it could be fun.”
“Fun?” Brandon shouts with a growl, “I’m a grown man, Burke! I know what I want, and so should you! I was engaged; you were married, for God’s sake.”

“But we aren’t, not anymore!” Sebastian says, visibly annoyed. But Brandon is way passed all that because while Seb talks, Brandon’s eyes linger on his lips; he notices right away and purposely moves them slowly, letting the rest of his words out.

Brandon blinks, and irritation overwhelms him, “yeah, but that doesn’t mean I need to jump into a guy’s bed.”

“Who said anything about a bed?” He locks his office door, “come on! One kiss, if you don’t like it, we forget about it.”
“Burke listen, I’m not—”
“I dare you!” says Sebastian, knowing no man can ever resist the urge to jump headfirst when someone says the words ‘I dare you’ and Brandon accepts the dare. Grabbing Seb’s face and pressing his lips against his. The purpose was to go for a three-second kiss to prove him wrong. Instead, he ended up convincing himself wrong.

“Brandon!” He whispers, but Brandon had no interest in talking, “you said you wanted to try. This is us, trying!” There is no more talk for a while; Seb opens for him, and his tongue immediately invades Seb’s mouth. He is irresistible, tall, and muscular, but Brandon is far more prominent in all matters.

Brandon can’t seem to stop. He grabs Seb by his suit-jacket and presses him against the wall. Grinding into Seb while getting harder as the kiss gets hotter, being so aroused that for a minute, Brandon forgot whose mouth he is devouring. Then he feels it, he feels Seb’s erection against his, and it all hits at once.

“No! God, no, I can’t,” Brandon breaks the kiss and is already walking backward, “we are at work, you are new here, you are a man! I don’t want a man Burke; I don’t!”

Brandon wipes his mouth and leaves the office. Power walking toward his own, he locks himself in it; a ‘do not disturb’ sign makes it clear he doesn’t want anyone to interrupt him unless the sky is falling.

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