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Brandon was planning on sleeping in Matt’s bedroom. Still, he opted for sleeping on the couch instead, to stop them if Vera or Seb tried to sneak into each other’s room throughout the night. He knows he is doing an abysmal job convincing himself that this is for Vera and not for Seb.

“Are you sure you want to give away your bed for the night? I’m sure Seb has room for two... I bet he won’t mind me joining.”
“No, Vera, ok? Don’t make me call mom!”
“Hold on a second!” says Matt, “Did you just say that?” But before either Brandon or Vera can respond, he goes on. “No, hold on, is your mom still like she was when we were kids?” Both siblings nod, “oh yeah, then I would definitely use that against her to get my way.”

They laugh, sharing and remembering old stories of themselves getting in trouble. Not too late after that, Seb joins them, and to Brandon’s luck, Matt wants to sit by Vera’s side, leaving the spot next to him the only open seat for Seb.

Great, and now I have to deal with him being next to me. What a fucking nightmare! But then, Seb doesn’t sit by him. He sits on the floor instead. Somehow that makes him feel worse; it’s like he can’t decide with this guy. He wants him near him, by him, kissing him, but then he wants him far away. He’d even thought about ways to get him sent back to Ontario, feeling like shit immediately after.

“What’s up with you two? Afraid to get the cooties from Brandon?” Matthew asks Seb and laughs like he just made the funniest joke.
“No man, I just wanted to lie down on the floor. Didn’t know we had assigned seats.”
“Oh, but I wanted to be the one in charge of assigning seats,” exclaims Vera in her whiniest tone, “I would have sat you right next to me, Seb.” It doesn’t escape Brandon, the way Matt’s fist squeezes the corner of his couch.

“Actually, you know what?” Seb jumps in and says, “I’ve had enough socializing for today. I’m heading to bed. Good night, everyone!” Vera opens her mouth to talk, but Brandon can’t take one more of her remarks, “don’t even think about it, Vera! Can’t you just stop flirting with dudes in front of me?”

“Dude!” She corrects him, “singular!” He spends the rest of his time looking between his friend, his sister, and Seb’s door, laughing when they laugh, but not paying any attention. Tired after the events of the day, Matt and Vera announce they are going to bed. Brandon knows once his sister goes to sleep, not even the high pitch of a velociraptor could wake her up, and Matt’s room is too far away; his loud snores won’t wake him up.

Everyone has gone to bed, and all lights are off; Brandon sees a shadow from the corner of his eye, but it is too dark for him to make a shape. Assuming it is Matt that forgot something, he ignores the sound of someone searching through the cabinets. The moving shadow opens the fridge. The subtle light shows an almost naked Sebastian Burke wearing only tight, bright orange boxer briefs.

He looks like a freaking underwear model. Brandon is analyzing what he sees as he feels his cock rising at the proximity of the man. His muscles are so defined, I mean, I am big and cut, but what is he? Like eight percent body fat? As if sensing someone is watching him, Seb turns around and sees Brandon on the couch. He can’t see he is awake since the fridge light is only bright enough to showcase him. He wasn’t in the room when Brandon said he would sleep in the living room, so it shocks Seb to see him there; Seb grabs his already semi-hard dick and squeezes as he groans at the sight of the man on the couch. Brandon does his best to stay as quiet as possible, afraid to even breathe and give himself away.

“Eh! Brandon,” he whispers, “are you awake?”

Brandon ignores him, and he waits for a few seconds, then gets himself some water and heads back to his room. Brandon notices the door doesn’t fully close, and the light of his nightstand illuminates the little area he can see. Come to think about, Brandon hasn’t even seen Seb’s bedroom after he moved. Going back to the conversation with himself, and his mind is just as confused as he’s been since this man entered his life.

Did he get hard for me? I wonder what he would feel like in my hand. Is it long? Cut? Uncut? Thick? Fuck, now I’m thinking about his dick? Frustrated, he still can’t make sense of what is going on in his head, what keeps going on with Seb. But, how can I ignore my own dick? My erection standing up and hard for him? Brandon hears a little moan and stiffens, then another one, and he realizes it’s coming from Seb’s room.

Wait, is he jacking off?

He gets up quietly and walks closer to Seb’s door, “Oh!” He hears another moan, and on autopilot, he wraps his hand around his hard rod. Cupping his balls, the way he likes, Brandon grabs hold of himself and closes his eyes, focusing on the sound of this man moaning so close to him.

“Oh... wow!” Moans Seb once again, getting Brandon more and more aroused, “yes, Brandon! Yeah, that’s it, just like that, baby!” And his eyes open wide as his brain goes crazy one more time, analyzing what he just heard.

Is he thinking about me while jerking off?


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