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Not Straight At All

Note from the author: This chapter is a bonus and therefore spoils the story if you haven't read it.

“Good morning, husband. Happy anniversary!”

Seb groans and whines burying his face on one pillow while he covers his head with another. The hangover is clearly kicking his ass.

“Come on, Seb. We have a long day ahead of us.”

“But why? I thought this was supposed to be a vacation.”

We decided to take a trip to Las Vegas to celebrate our ten years of being married. That is 3,652 days I’ve had the privilege to fall more and more in love with him. So much so that I can’t even handle the thought, the possibility, that we could spend even one day apart.

Seb and I arrived in Las Vegas yesterday and I didn’t know he needed some time off as much as I now know he did. He’s always so energetic, funny, and upbeat that it’s really hard sometimes to get him to accept he’s so tired.

About four years ago, Seb and I started our own Financial Advisory company. And even though we were top level management for Starks Tech & Corp., we still had the owner of the company ready to put out any fire. Now we were the owners, we had to put out our own fires, and it’s not easy when your job is to handle someone else’s finances. Lucky for us, I still have my best friends by my side.

Matt came to work with us and he pretty much runs the whole thing. I’ve always been good at anything related to administration, Seb is just fantastic with laws, human resources, and pretty much anything that could potentially get us sued. And Matt, well, Matt is a master in management. I don’t know how he does it, but he always charms his way into everyone’s hearts and ends up managing people that would cry if they dared to disappoint him.

“How about this?” I close the blinds in our hotel room, then lie down next to Seb and pull him closer so he can rest his head on my chest. “Let’s get a few more hours of sleep, then we can go to the spa for our massage. Would you like that?”

“Mjm…” he nods against my chest, “I’d like that very much.” Within five minutes we’re both sound asleep.

I feel something moving between my legs and I jump almost sending Seb flying to the walls. “What are you…? Seb what the heck? I almost hurt you. Are you ok?”

“Yeah, I was trying to be spontaneous and suck you off. Didn’t expect you to react like you were being freaking kidnapped.”

Pushing the covers off so I can stand up, I pull Seb by his hand and guide him to stand between my legs before I leave the bed. I’m seated by the edge of the bed and when he is right where I ask him to be, I kiss his stomach and wrap my arms around him.

“Happy anniversary, babe,” Seb says, bringing his hands to my head to get his fingers through my hair. “I love you so much, baby. I can’t imagine doing this with anyone else but you.”

For a moment we both stayed there, silent, hugging each other. Sebastian and Elyssa are my life and I couldn’t imagine being married to anyone else, or raising our teenage daughter with anyone but Seb. The relationship they have is to be envied.

Now don’t get me wrong, Elyssa and I get along and do so much together, and she’s my whole life, but seeing them together laughing and joking is the most beautiful thing.

Speaking of which… “I love you so much, husband, but we need to check on our daughter before she starts bombarding our cellphones.”

Seb chuckles knowing damn well is true, though Seb's parents are staying with Elyssa and they spoil her rotten so I can’t imagine her having time to think of us, but better safe than sorry. We call Elyssa’s cellphone and catch up with her and her grandparents. She wanted to stay with my sister but with Vera’s newborn and her two other kids, she already had enough to worry about, so Daniel and Isabel are staying home with Elyssa. We talk for about fifteen minutes and then hang up so we can get our day started.

We get ready and walk down to the first floor to get something to eat before we hit the spa. When we arrive at the spa, they welcome us with white fluffy bathrobes and some flip flops that are more like slippers. We change into the bathrobes and when we leave the changing room, two employees walk toward us and ask for permission to move our robes so they can place warm towels on our shoulders.

Between massages, facials, and pedicures we spend almost three hours just going from one room to the other while everyone caters to our needs and goes above and beyond to make us happy and relaxed. Mission freaking accomplished, because when we leave the place, I feel like I’m floating around.

“Back to the room?” Seb asks, grabbing my hand.

“Yes, please! Is it crazy that I’m ready for another nap?”

He laughs and shakes his head.

We talk about mundane things on our way to the room and when we're almost to the door, Seb jogs a bit so he can get ahead of me. “I, eh… hold on, close your eyes.” I frown, not understanding what’s wrong. “Trust me Brandon, close your eyes.”

He knows damn well I would trust him with my life—I already do.

I stand in front of the door and when I close my eyes, Seb opens it and guides me inside the room. Several steps in he stops me and stands behind me wrapping his arms around me, and I feel his chin on my shoulder. “Happy anniversary, husband. Open your eyes.”

I open my eyes to find balloons all over the place, all shaped like letters and spelling I love you Brandon, and I see a bucket with a bottle in what I assume is ice, next to two glasses and an assortment of fruits dipped in white chocolate. “This is amazing, Seb,” I turn around to face him. “You make me so fucking happy, you know that?”

“You make me just as happy, Brandon. We’ve made it together for a whole decade and I can truly say I love you now as much as I loved you the day I said ‘I do.’ Thank you for being my everything all this time. Thank you for allowing me to love the parts of you that no one else sees. The parts that make you vulnerable. I know how hard you work to keep your walls up for everyone, but knowing you let your guard down for me, that you don’t hide from me, that you don’t pretend, makes me incredibly happy.”

I’m speechless.

I’m speechless. I mean, how did he manage to get this done? As if sensing my question he adds, “The hotel staff helped me out. I hope you love your surprise.”

“Come here, silly! You know I love it.” I kiss his lips. Then kiss them again.

What started as a soft simple kiss, soon turned into a heated need to have Seb closer to me. To have him pressed to me without an inch of room between his body and mine.

Seb begins to walk forward forcing me to go backwards until the back of my legs hit the bed. Without missing a beat he pushes me down until he can lay on top of me so we can continue to kiss and touch each other.

“I want to make love to you, baby,” he whispers against my lips. “Let me love you.”

We stop the kisses so we can crawl all the way to the head of the bed. Slowly we begin to undress each other and every time our eyes meet, I can feel a blanket of warmth and appreciation covering me and showing me how much Seb loves me. We can have the roughest nights, we can fuck each other like we are competing with one another, but when we make love, is like hiting the reset button on all of our worries.

Completely undressed and aroused, Seb walks to our luggage to get the lube, and I shiver in anticipation of what is about to happen. He comes back to me and crawls his way toward me until he can lean over and kiss me again. “I’ll take care of you, baby,” he says, and the words make my heart race.

I feel Seb leaving a trail of kisses down my body until he reaches my cock and gets the head in his mouth. I hiss and look down to find him looking at me, then he swallows me whole and I feel my eyes rolling back as far as they can. He starts slowly, his head going up and down my length, then I feel the absence of his mouth as he replaces it with a tight grip at the base of my erection while his fingers search for my compliance so they can enter my body and get me ready for Seb.

I lose track of time and reality letting out whimpers that make me shake with every poke of Seb’s fingers to that spot that makes me see stars. He realizes I’m ready and moves up until his body is stretched on top of mine, then he pushes my leg apart with his knees.

“Are you ok?” He asks.

“Yes. With you, I’m always ok.”

Seb smiles for about two seconds until I feel the head of his cock brushing over my hole. I take a deep breath and as I let it out, Seb starts pushing in making me full of him. “Jeeeesus Christ, Brandon!” He stretches the words and all I can say is “I know, baby. I know.”

Knowing I don’t need time to adjust Seb holds himself up on his elbows and begins to move his hips. The sensation of him pushing in and pulling out of me is one I never get tired of. I love him, I love everything about him. I love that we both enjoy giving as much as we enjoy taking.

“Seb…” I whisper.

“I know…” he whispers back.

Yes, he knows. He knows what it feels like because he’s been where I am whenever I make love to him.

Seb increases his pace as he keeps going, but his eyes never leave mind, making everything ten times more intense.

“Oh my… God, Seb… I–I love you!”

“I love you too, handsome. Let me make you feel good. Let me make you come.”

God, he gets me. He knows what to say, what buttons to push. He knows how to make me surrender and that’s exactly what I do. I close my eyes letting him know I trust him with my body, and I feel the angst growing inside me as my body searches for release. Seb keeps going. He moves slower, he moves faster, he gets deep inside me over and over again, and although I’m the one taking him inside me, I know he's giving himself to me completely.

“I’m so close, baby. Brandon, I’m so fucking close!”

Without opening my eyes I bring my hands up until I get to his head and pull him in for a kiss. His thrusts never stop and instead find rhythm in sync with our kisses. Seb brings me to the edge and when a shout leaves my body, I come like only Seb can make me do.

A puff of air blows in my face and I feel Seb rearranging our bodies so he can chase down his own release. I squeeze all muscles so I get a tight hold on him and he begins to thrust inside me without mercy. It takes him just a couple of minutes to come inside me and the warm feeling of him filling me with his cum is much more than I can explain.

We take a few deep breaths before I hear him say, “You’re the best damn thing that’s ever happened to me,” and all I can answer is, “I will love you even way after I die.” Then at the same time we say, “Happy anniversary!”

After a while we get to the shower and take a cold one then we move back to the bed where we eat the fruit and drink the chanpagne while we watch a movie snuggled with each other.

We end up canceling our plans for day deciding to stay in bed instead. And that’s how we celebrate the first decade out of all the ones we get to live together.


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