The Possessive Alpha Mate

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Chapter 1

Elena POV

I woke up to a my mother shaking me to wake up and then I saw my family in my room . Before I could say anything they yelled


“ ah Thank you “ I muttered

My mom and dad stood their watching me and my twin brothers were looking at their phones .

“ ok sweetheart we are going to let you get ready and I’ll go make you favorite breakfast “ My mother said with a loud and clear voice

“ YUM WAFFLES “ I shout

Everyone started to leave my room . I groaned as I got up and walked to my closet. ‘ what should I wear ‘ I thought to myself . I scanned my closet and decided on high waisted jeans and a cropped top with my favorite pairs of Nike’s . Once I picked out my clothes I went to the bathroom and stripped out my clothes and hopped in that shower . As soon as my skin hit the warm water I felt my muscle relax . I washed my hair and shaved and them washed myself off with my body wash . I wrapped myself in a towel and then walked to my room to see my bestfriend Serena sittiin on my bed .

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