Watching Our Stars Align

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He stood there, nodding his head as I ridiculed his behavior. I watched in disbelief as the corners of his lips turned up, displaying an innocent smile. 'What is wrong with him?' I thought to myself. He was just about to get run over. My hands clutched onto his shoulders and without giving it a second thought, I started to try and shake him back to his consciousness. He seemed like he was preoccupied with a few thoughts or maybe just day-dreaming, who knows.    "Are you really going to ignore me? Why don't you at least thank me?" His eyes narrowed down on my lips. I felt heat rushing up my cheeks and just turned away, in anger or embarrassment, I wasn't sure. How could someone be so bold to just stare down at another person's lips when they were right in front of them?  "Aria," someone called from behind me. I turned to see a young girl, carrying a small book, with a title I couldn't exactly catch. "He can't hear you. My brother right here", she says pointing at the boy who had his eyes on my lips, "is deaf".

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