The Raven And The Rambler

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Chapter Two : Nightmares Of The Past

“You learned to run from what you feel, and that’s why you have nightmares. To deny is to invite madness. To accept is to control.”

--Megan Chance, The Spiritualist

Heavy breathing.


This incredible desperation for her.

It was all she felt, Omar was never a gentle person she’d known that within six months of their alliance. His ways and woes were completely different from that of hers, poles apart as many would say. It wasn’t only that ,he wasn’t a soft or caring husband he had his incorrigible ways of doing things that didn’t go just as well with Trisha. His mind was that of a faulty nature damaging the course of marriage he was in.

Omar had convinced Trisha’s parents that he was a suitable groom for her and her parents were more than elated to drop off their daughter to suitor so very much interested in her. She too was intrigued with the persona he had shown in the very beginning of their days but slowly and steadily that veil was shunned off.

“Hahh !..Om..Please let me go. Please !!.” The gasp left her lips almost in a terrible inaudible noise. Her husband had held her captive between himself and the liquor cabinet. He had came to know about her little tiny secret and Omar Chauhan hated secrets.

“Hon.. You’ve lied to me, you went out without my permission and lied to me about it. You obviously forgot the rules didn’t you ?” He had been holding her arms and have twisted them behind her. She screamed in agony , it sounded like a cacophony of an aching soul and it felt like music to his pleasured heart.

“I..I..I’m sorry just let me go.. Please I beg you !” Trisha had been too obvious to the consequences of leaving the house without her husband’s permission. Yet she just had to, she was sick and getting a medicine while her husband was away wasn’t really a crime was it ?. Not for the world, but for her it meant an another night of torture. He turned her around and pushed his lips on hers ferociously sealing her fate for the night in the most barbaric of ways.


The alarm went on waking up the damsel out of her nightmare sleep,beads of sweat forming a pattern over her forehead. Having insomnia was one thing but having a nightmare filled sleep was even worse. It hadn’t been just a nightmare though it was reality. Omar HAD BEEN making her life miserable and by miserable it would be tearing her apart bit by bit, taking advantage of her vulnerability. He had gnawed on her flesh and soul decapitating her soul from her causing her to turn into a mess.

Trisha had been shocked when the news of her husband’s accident was given to her by his close friend. Shock was an understatement she’d been relieved maybe elated , her tormentor was gone she’d been happy. He died the way he should have , in pain and was punished for his deeds.But you know that the fear will never leave you,it will remain with you forever and it will show it’s presence every now and then in the form of a nightmare or sudden ache or wanting to die.

She’d been suffering since then. The devil did die, he definitely deserved it but his going away didn’t help much it didn’t make her better. It just stilled the process of her damnation not entirely destroy her. Trisha missed her old life, loitering around those corridors of college having fun with her absolutely average friends leading a simple life. She wished she wouldn’t have taken the choices she did take. What her life would have been if she wasn’t this rash about marrying so soon.

The black coffee was her breakfast since past one year it helped her to get over the bitterness all around her. The job at the grocery store was an escape she’d planned for herself , so that she could escape her own bleeding soul. She had loved only once in her life and he wasn’t someone who would love her back. Maybe he was just a reminder that Trisha Madaan wasn’t really about to reach her happiness ever , he was like a dream which was never within the confines of her limit.

The days at the grocery store went all okay she had been able to hide herself behind a straight uniform and a pretty fake smile. It was all okay maybe not perfect but certainly better than the suffering. She’ll definitely get through with every obstacle in her life , or so she thought . She’d taken the other route today and it was even quieter than the one she had taken yesterday, she wasn’t afraid what could she possibly come across as crappy as it already is ?.

The cold was unsettling it was a clear sound of the winds talking as they say.

“Aah !!..” She heard a loud scream coming from the alleyway beside and rushed to help the whoever it was.

“Shit man !..Let’s go there’s someone coming if the person sees us we’re done for !!” One of the goons shouted to the another , there were three of them all equally muscular and strong .

“Stop !! You can’t go!!..STOP I’LL CALL THE POLICE !..” Trisha shouted but to no avail she couldn’t do much. A lonely girl at this time of the night it certainly didn’t work much.

She turned back to find a perfectly muscular person in a navy blue tuxedo lying on his back. She walked up to the stranger in order to find any signs of consequential injuries and turned him around. There she stood flabbergasted by the figure in front of her . His forehead bleeding, he was unconscious and Trisha felt like bleeding herself to death. To see the man she never thought she could ever meet lay there in front of her in the most unhealthiest of fashion. Destiny had played it’s role perfectly. Or so she had thought.

The storm has raged. The past had been tampered with.

Consequences were yet to come.

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