The Raven And The Rambler

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Chapter Three : Ray Of Light

“Long is the way and hard, that out of Hell leads up to light.”

-John Milton


Yes fear, it had gripped her heart.

How many of us think that being scared or solicitous decreases when you gain maturity ?. Almost everyone. She thought the same too before she experienced what fear was really.

No it’s not just ‘A strong, unpleasant emotion caused by actual or perceived danger or threat.’ as the dictionary states it to be. Being fearful makes you vulnerable, towards any hand of help you see nearby that will help you come back to reality.

It makes your feet turn ice cold and you try grabbing anything, thinking it to be your savior. Only to get squashed in the end. There’s absolutely no way out of the tunnel, you try to breath , survive in labyrinth of pain but nothing works and you’re trapped within your own body.

Trisha had experienced fear in it’s most extreme and today she was about to feel it again. She knew it will shatter her, crumble her into pieces and yet she couldn’t find her escape, her possible ‘knight in shining armour’ because it was the same man who was supposed to be her savior had once back in the time tormented her to an unknown infinity.

Degrading her enough to take decisions that would shape her life in unhealthiest of ways.

“What do you want ?.. I’m sorry just please let me go. I just called my parents, my father is in hospital..Aah pl.. Please leave me !” She screamed loud causing his eardrum to vibrate. He had been holding her hair and she, well crying.

“Hon.. Don’t you remember the rules or you..Freaking like punishments. Huh ?! How many times I’ve told you that I hate you doing things without my permission. You only belong to me. Did you get that ?!” He bought himself dangerously close to her face then tightened his grip on her waist long locks earning a yelp from her lips.

“Aaaahh.. Om.. Please..M-My father..He needs me..Leave me you b**tard !!” She was yelling at him to leave her. The pain had become unbearable , it hurt her and no it wasn’t just the holding of her hair. It was breathing the same air as this cunning man, the days were still bearable but the nights were all the more atrocious.

Omar came forward eyeing her with a ferocity so immeasurable that is shook her resolution to zero. He raised his hand forcefully and it landed on the cheek of his pretty wife , an imprint of his forefingers visible on her smooth skin.

The corners of her beautiful lip bleeding ferociously and a scar on her face that was left a week ago. She hated this man, from the depth of her heart and wished with every atom in her being that he gets a painful end to his miserable life.


The window made a cacophony of it’s own making Trisha get back to the planet from the reality check she had been experiencing at the back of her mind since past 10 minutes. She saw the man resting on the living room diwan, his eyes unusually calm, his fingers loosened up, he looked in peace.

She was surprised to find him here, true but she also was curious why a man so strong will go through a bad route just to get robbed ? Nonsense . He wasn’t that stupid. She knew how well he cared about his family’s reputation and money and also how he would go to the ends of the earth to protect it with every fiber of his heart.

She went near the fireplace and placed the logs precisely so that they could burn with ease and looked at the flames dancing around in their own glory.She placed her finger in between the flames for the tiniest amount of time just before it could burn her and felt her insides sooth through the heat. How lovely this pain felt she thought, how less hurtful than the tornado engulfing her.

Trisha had been hurt, she’d suffered so much that despising this universe had become a tiresome work to do. So now she tried to get by through life. Make a living out of herself and await her end. Respectfully.

She tore a piece of cotton from the whole roll and dipped it in the antiseptic liquid making sure the cotton got damp enough to clean his wound. She placed the little piece on his bleeding wound and shivered when he stirred uncomfortably. It would be a disaster if he opened those eyes now , she said to herself. A tear ran down her soft cheeks from her dark eyes making it’s way down on his face .

Yes she’d bought the man home. The injured person that she discovered in the alley. The one who got hit by the goons. She got up from the diwan and walked mechanically towards the kitchen, washed her hands which were smeared by a cerise liquid. Trisha filled her glass with water and drank it all at once trying to calm herself down but she didn’t.

You know the feeling when you think everything’s over and you’ll try getting better from within and then there arrives a storm demolishing every piece you constructed. That’s how Trisha Madaan felt right now.

Her life was a storm with a ‘mirage’ called peace which disappears every now and then . Her chain of thoughts broke with a sound of something falling in the living area. Her heart, even damaged, skipped the longest beat it could. She knew this was happening and there was no way avoiding it.

‘Uh-Oh !’ she indicated to herself, he was up and so was her broken shards of heart. She rushed out to help him and held his forearm in a helpful gesture. He gave out an inaudible whimper while holding his head between his hands. The time had stood still for her. He looked at her absolutely stupefied , eyes doing the talking , shock in the atmosphere.

“Trisha ?!” She heard her name from his lips and in that moment she’d opened the gates to more suffering. The crevices of her damaged heart danced graciously in the absolute anticipation for any sort of affection that they could grasp.

He was here.

In all forms living.

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