The Raven And The Rambler

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Chapter Four : The Past Revisits

“That’s the past for you. Not only does it come back at the most unexpected, and inconvenient, times but it’s set in stone.”

― Jeffery Deaver, Edge

“Trisha ?!” She heard her name from his lips and in that moment she’d opened the gates to more suffering. It was absolutely brutal to see the man she has loved all her life standing in front of her in all his flesh and blood. The agony swam through her veins mixed in her blood and followed a path right to her heart burning the ever present crevices created all those years ago.

He was here.

In living.

“Parth..” It had been so long since she had said that particular word. So long since she had seen him. So long since she felt tickles for the only man she had ever wanted with all her might. He had the capacity to make her vulnerable, to have a deprecating power over her soul, mind and body, whatever sane version of it was left off alone.

They stood still. Time playing games of its own, the wretched thing never listens to you. Time is like a burning fire, it burns within seconds when you need it to stop and stops when you’re cold. If the time was half in her favor of what it was in his all those years ago things had been so different than they were today. The course of her life took an all 360 degree when she decided to get married all the way to move on .

She knew that it was wrong and yet she went on with it anyway, with no heed to the consequences it would hold. And today she knew this was wrong. It was wrong for her heart to melt at the very sight of him, but it did. Trisha had never looked back and he didn’t look at her then at all. Who knew that she would find the mighty and high-headed ‘Parth Oberoi’ in a dark alley, wounded, alone and squirming in blinding pain just like her own internal self.

A chill ran down Trisha’s spine and she felt herself going limp in his arms. How quick he was to hold her dis-balanced anatomy in between his arms. She shook at the perfection she felt, her breathing almost lapsed at the audacity of her thoughts that were taking her onto the very same road that she had vowed to never travel again in her entire existence.

He had hugged her, with all the energy he was left with. The serenity she felt there was colossal and eternal joy. Tears rolled down her orbs in an indecent fashion ruining his shirt with patches of wet about which none of them cared for.

Who would have believed that the stories about our good old mother Earth being round were all true. That what you traveled in the past would come in front of you in the most unexpected of times. That the ones you’ve loved with always hold a nook in your heart whatever be the departing circumstances.

That what you encounter in the course of your life is a shadow of what you do throughout your existence and sooner or later you’ll be rewarded with the sins of your past. The embrace didn’t last forever, Trisha pulled out first embarrassed, fumbling with herself, looking at every place but his eyes.

“How are you ?..” he asked first trying to be polite when in reality he knew she was miserable. One look at her and he knew she was ruined. And rip his heart it did, because no matter how much he wanted to comfort her it would just feel unreal.

“I’ve ..Been better.” She replies with a fake smile. Those are so easy to spot you know a person is faking it when he does . He had seen her smile with the bottom of her heart and to this day he could not take that breathtaking image out of his sight.

“What are you doing..Here in Darjeeling ?” She asked him looking for the reason why he had come here . The place where she found refugee after everything had come tumbling down on her shoulders.

“Trying to figure out the wrong I did..And after finding it, letting go.” He finished looking into her brown eyes ,bloodshot, red bright after crying. How he wished to rush to her and wipe off any iota of hurt within her but he knew it was pointless. Parth drank the water he was given and kept it aside on the side table.

“Letting go ?..What d-do you mean letting go ?. What happened ?” She didn’t want to think what he said was really what he meant, what her heart signaled her.It couldn’t be. He could not have come all the way here leaving his business and work to set things right for her. It wouldn’t make sense at all. She wanted to believe that Parth was like a hard rock over which all kinds of actions would do nothing but hurt.

“Nothing Trisha..” he looked at her with an emotion of repentance , asking for forgiveness or so she felt but brushed it away quickly. She cannot fall for those eyes again.

“You don’t live in Delhi anymore ?” She asked avoiding his gaze. She didn’t want to intrude at all. It would seem horribly wrong and desperate. Whatever was the situation she still wanted to display that she was strong to him.

“No moved here for a while.” He replied nonchalantly.

“Wh-What about Your wife ?” She sighed. The question needed to be asked and for just a second Trisha’s heart jumped up in hope. Childish but honestly she couldn’t care now. Hope that maybe all is not lost, she was wishing and that in itself was an improvement.

“Sakshi left me Trisha. Eight months ago. I moved here after that leaving Delhi.” He closed his eyes for a moment before revealing it to her. His heart beating at an unusual pace. Even though he had never loved his wife, being left by a woman he had married has dented his magnanimous ego and smashed it to smithereens.

She sat there dumb, astounded maybe. She didn’t believe in signs not after what she went through with her husband, but this was an awful lot of destiny. Life was giving her a second chance, the love of her life sat in front of her. In reality it all felt nothing short of a movie or even a novel.

But she knew hoping would only give her ache in the end. She knew that even though he tried staying strong being left by the woman you choose must have killed him in more ways than one. And he was hurt, vulnerable and lonely just like her, but was she willing to take the risk and want for him once again?

To give in to her heart’s desire. To play with a matchstick when she had nothing but a paper heart.

The past has knocked on her door.

To open the gates for hope.

To lure the Raven towards her Rambler.

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