The Raven And The Rambler

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Chapter Six : A Memoir

“Scars have the strange power to remind us that our past is real.”

― Cormac McCarthy.

The Smell of Roses Was Omnipresent.

Every nook and cranny in the college be it the washrooms, classrooms, auditorium , canteen areas none of the places were left for people to walk in peace without getting a mild headache because of the strong odor. She hated these kinds of days which stunk of pretense and nothing else, where people who don’t even know each other or had never bothered to ask each other about their emotional statuses , acted like they were irrevocably in love with one another and would just about do anything to go out on a date with someone because the day and some kind of douche protocol demanded it. What possibly could be more cringe worthy than this, she thought. How crass was today’s idea of romance. No connection whatsoever just plain baseless intimacy.

“Trisha!..Gosh where are you since morning ? I’ve been looking for you since long. It’s Rose day remember babe ?” Her best friend Akriti yelled dreamily and side hugged her bespectacled baby of a friend. Akriti was the definition of extrovert. It was so easy for her to go ahead and connect with anyone that at times Trisha would feel highly incompetent. It was wrong but she wanted to be just as free as anyone normal would be. Being sensitive takes out the fun from you like people take out the juice from lemons. You practically sulk 24*7 waiting for someone to reach out to you.

“Shut it Akriti you know I hate these kind of days it really is so... Just Leave it, I guess no classes today because everyone in this university will be planning a mass bunk?” To say that Trisha was annoyed would be the understatement of the year. She was never the studious kinds before but the competition of the university had made her to mend her reckless ways and now she was one of the toppers of her stream. She was even more annoyed because now she won’t be able to go for her favorite literature lecture and look at the one person who has been occupying her thoughts since two years.

“Don’t worry Trish..You’ll still have Literature babe and maybe you can give a damn rose to your dream man and finally for heaven’s sake ask him out. ” Her friend said exasperation . The way Trisha had tried to keep it a secret was nothing but commendable. She had carefully tried to let it all be buried deep inside her very own heart but her nosy best friend had somehow taken it out of her.

“Shush !!..Someone will hear you. You Stupid fool.” Trisha scolded and adjusted her spectacles.

The students had assembled in the classroom nothing short of twenty minutes late and everyone knew this was going to be a disaster. Sir Ahmed the literature Professor had no relation with the word leniency and he was one of those teachers who would teach even on doom’s day. It just didn’t matter to him, 48 and unmarried, his profession was the only love that he had. Trisha walked towards the the second row and before she could settle herself down on her seat her gaze moved at the person sitting in the fifth row with a whole set of a gang of his own. His hair a beautiful mess and his expressions, carefree as ever.

Yes it was Parth Oberoi son of the biggest industrialist in Delhi. He was a real eye candy according to all the girls in the college, each one of them would practically swoon over his brown eyes and the way he smiled with the utmost sincerity. Parth was the kind of a man every girl ever dreamed of dating in college but no one has ever managed to get close enough so that he would say yes. Even though he was decent enough to never play with anyone’s feelings and rebuffed all approaches he was also not a nerd so he never did miss out on the fun. Being the ever so cool and happening student of the college gave him a sense of pride and fed his ego and the ever growing fan following never helped.

So he went ahead and cashed in on every favors that the girls had to offer. Taking help from almost every girl in the course or he shared classes with, his routine got so much more easier than it should have been and every girl was more than happy to offer him whatever he needed in return for that wretched smile he had on his face. Looks always pay off you see and Trisha was one of those girls.

They were mere acquaintances but Parth always asked for her help in literature, he was good in business and communication but literature never interested him. Trisha had been the second rank holder and her notes were practically the reason why half of the class did not fail every semester.

Teachers already knew that Parth was going to be the sensation of next generation. Trisha was a simpleton, a girl from Siliguri studying in Delhi, a nerd . She’d fallen for Parth in second year and his acknowledging of her in hallways , talking to her in the canteens and everywhere else didn’t help much. Girls always get all the wrong ideas at all the wrong times which leads to their own destruction .

Parth knew that Trisha liked him he had got that much from the way she behaved around him. And he also knew she wasn’t the relationship or one and done kind of a girl, she must have genuinely like him or maybe a little more than like and he felt absolutely lovely about it.Maybe he had liked the sincerity of her feelings a lot too,but he couldn’t bring himself to like a girl from a small town near the hills. It wasn’t about the place from where she hailed but her status and class would never match his.

He knew she was the kind of a girl who would keep him happy but at the same time going against the will of his father was something he would never so. His family would never consider and he wasn’t going to go ahead and acknowledge her feelings now and let her go later. So well, it was impossible to even consider , as far as he knew he’d marry Sakshi Dubaash the daughter Amarendra Dubaash a fellow business partner of Oberoi industries.

It would never work between him and Trisha, he knew she liked him and he respected her feelings but his ideologies were handcuffs on his wrists. And even though he would have loved to be with her because of the purity of her feelings he knew it would be nothing short of a disaster when it ended because it would certainly end. It was college farewell and in the coming two weeks after their final examination he’d join his father’s company and make his family proud. His goals were always clear.

“Are you going to do it today ?!” Asked Akriti getting excited and holding Trisha who was looking gorgeous in a wine colored saree. She sighed. Akriti had forced her to go ahead and talk to Parth about the way she felt about him and even though it was far too much a long haul Trisha did want to go ahead and talk to him , to give a try before she graduated.

“Umm... ehmm-hmm I guess.” Said Trisha . It was their farewell night and she’d decided to confess her feelings to him. Akriti had been gushing over it since a year it looked obvious to her as Parth never gave attention to any other girl and she wanted to know if there was a chance she could actually be with him.She walked towards him taking slow measured steps.He stood there talking to his guy friends and instantly a blush rose up to her cheeks . Akriti had been a strong force in the decision she has taken up but she wasn’t to be blamed for what was upcoming.

“Do you like her too ? That Trisha? She’s a bit wacky you see ?!.” Anzar asked Parth in an amusing tone. She knew no one appreciated the way she dressed up or the way she excelled in academics. Everyone thought of her to be a vile competition and that was okay but calling her names in front of her took hatred to new levels.

“No come on man, I couldn’t , I mean it’s not possible even if I did she’s got no status,class or any social standing it will never work even if I thought about it.” He laughed with his friends about how extremely idiotic it would be for them to be together and she felt the room closing in on her. How stupid she was to like him, she thought, how stupid of her to think that a rich kid like him could ever be with someone like her.

And even though Parth had never accepted it she knew he respected her feelings but when he had gone ahead and thrown those out like an unwanted piece of trash she had lost a piece of her heart with it. The moment he turned he knew he had made a mistake by acting on the defensive side. The minute Anzar had started asking questions his mind has gone overly defensive in order to throw away any suspicion and the words he had uttered had come out harsh but it needed to be done all the while being completely oblivious to her presence. Now when he looked at her stupefied form he knew he had gone all kinds of wrong and disrespected the only girl in whose eyes he had never seen an iota of ingenuity.

She came back to reality when a tear rolled down her eyes. Her diary partially wet by her runny eyes . Trisha Madaan had been hurt by Parth Oberoi all those years ago , not intentionally, but she had and it had caused her to be an impulsive little prick and started a domino effect of melancholy. She’d ignored Parth all the days that were left even when he had come back at her trying to apologize she had instantly said she was fine and handed him the notes he was asking out everyone in the class for. The next thing she knew she had gone back to Siliguri in a month after writing her final exams.

Out of nowhere a marriage proposal had been sent to her mother by a classmate of hers and Omar had come to her house from forward with his mother asking her hand in marriage and she had said yes, without a doubt. With absolutely no thinking she had said yes. Only to spite Parth off, which was highly dumb because she knew that there was no way Trisha was meeting him ever again in her life. But saying yes to Omar had given her hope that she would go ahead and somehow manage to forget the only person she has ever thought of romantically.

Her heart was wounded, a wounded heart looks for escapes all the time, she thought he’d be one but neither did she know nor did her heart that she’d made the biggest mistake of her life in order to get back at a person who never even liked her. Her decision made her brought her parents a sense of shock.

Not because she had said yes to the first proposal but because they knew she wanted to be someone and letting it all go she had confused her parents but they gave her their blessing and married their only daughter off to the first suitor afraid that if she decides against it none of her family members would come forward to bear the cost of her higher studies. And now her fate was sealed forever.

She had played with the destiny.

The Raven was about to get her wings destroyed.

And no one was aware.

Hello Lovelies !

I am here with the next chapter. I hope you like it. Also I am working on a new story, the logistics and everything will start updating once I am done with this one.

Also this piece "Raven and the Rambler" was written when I was in highschool so yeah the writing might seem juvenile just wanted to put it out there that the next one will probably have some more precision to it. :)

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