The Raven And The Rambler

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Chapter Seven : Unfastening The Knots

“I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be.”

― Douglas Adams

The afternoon sun was shining brightly on the weekend providing a lustre to the air and a glow on her face. The morning had started on a calm note with no possible interruptions or glitches. She had woken up fairly early to check up on her guest once before the sun appeared. Trisha had very carefully tiptoed to the guest room and pulled the door ajar, hoping that the slight creaking of the old wood wouldn’t pester the sleeping figure.

She looked at him in awe seeing him sleep without a care in the world, at peace. How wonderful it would be if he wasn’t the stubborn millionaire Parth Oberoi and just Parth minus all the attitude and hate. Trisha sighed and turned around feeling like a sneaky intruder invading the privacy of the person she had allowed herself to stay with.

Embarrassed by her own behavior and then thoughts (because she had just meant to see if he was not in any sort of pain and had ended up having a long stare) she had fled back to her room as quickly as she could have without making a noise.

She closed the latch on her bedroom door and walked to her welcoming mattress. She sunk on the slightly hard mattress and touched her knees to her chest while her body leaned on the headboard for support. She ran her palms over her face in an attempt to calm her panicked heart and took a deep breath slowly.

Trisha felt her inner voice mock her on her actions a few minutes ago. Even though he intentions seemed harmless at first she had stared at his sleeping form for far too long than she had intended to. If the guilt of that wasn’t enough her psyche went ahead and pointed out just how graciously dense she had been in letting her emotions be the judge and putting up an effort at 5am on a weekend. She was very close to jamming her head into the nearest wall because her brain kept laying out all kinds of thoughts and scenarios that were characteristically daft.

She got up from the bed and started to get ready for the day. Taking out her clothes she dashed towards the washroom and got to doing her daily routine. The warm water calmed her erratic nerves and helped see through the day without much anxiety. By the time she was ready after drying her hair and everything it was already 11am and making brunch seemed a better option to her rather then slouching down doing nothing.

Picking up the frying pan she headed to the counter to make herself and Parth a good helping of eggs and toast to go with it. Even though she loved eating puris with eggs , a silly habit that reminded her of her father who liked the same thing and shared her preferences she didn’t want to seem like an idiot and make a laughing stock of herself in front of him. She was beating the eggs after shopping her vegetables when he entered the kitchen and smiled at her genuinely making her heart jump with an emotion she can’t describe.

They sat in silence and had their food. The only sound that could he heard was of the birds chirping outside. He had been smiling at the plate and avoiding her eyes but it soon took a halt when the food got stuck in his dry throat causing him an unwanted but unavoidable coughing fit. Trisha got to her feet instantly and took his glass of water to his lips while rubbing his back to sooth the ache and help him swallow the contents stuck nicely.

“Parth..You need to go see a doctor. You were hurt and it wouldn’t be a problem, I can take you!” She had seen his breathing go peculiar in a minute and only when he had stopped gasping that she had pushed her words in a firm tone.

“I’m not going to visit a doctor and that’s final.” Parth stated his point fiercely in a no nonsense tone eliminating any possibility of arguments. Why was he being this difficult? she thought. It would certainly calm him and more so do so much good to her own mental peace.

“But you need to, don’t you wanna get better it’s been six days and the wounds haven’t healed much.” Trisha said all annoyed .When days ago she had made a preposition to him to stay with her until he was good enough to take care of himself it had come out as a reflex and shock had registered on both of their faces. Despite his hock he’d made his decision of staying a little longer and her elated heart had accepted it.

Life was better for Trisha all over for a few days now, no breakdowns, no sudden anxiety attacks, not one bad dream. She’d been getting in her house and not feeling lonely , after a long long time. Now when she got back she had someone to ask her ‘How was her day?’ and even though it felt absolutely unreal she did not want to lose this asset at least for sometime . Everyone needs companionship maybe support too but companionship is a must. Being lonely is deadly. Once you get in that hellhole it is always going to be tough to get out.

“I’m not going and you know that.” He said raising his left brow in a challenging demeanor as if daring her to force him into taking care of himself.

“You’ll never change. I give up. ” She threw her hands in mid air. It was too much for her, not that she minded any arguments with him but everytime he refused to take care of himself she was forced to take the matter in her hands which scared her to the bone.

“I think I have changed so much that it scares me to try anything that I did before.” The air had thickened very soon, gloominess took over the living room. All of a sudden he had gone ahead and spoken something which she knew had much more meaning to it than she thought. His thick lashes were turned away from her indicating that he was trying to not give in to his urges of crying.

“What happened ?!” It was a whisper. A small unsure voice had left her lips with caution. She did not want to intrude but at the same time wanted to know what was wrong.

“Sakshi..She..She ..Had an affair with Abhigyan Manchandani our business rival , we had been experiencing losses from few..Months and..I prohibited her to lead a luxurious life..Just till I sorted everything out..but-but she cheated..I was so crushed..I .. Didn’t knew how..I ..” Tears had shown indications to spill over when he started. It pained her to see him like that. Yet her own demons overpowered the ache he felt. She knew what happened must have taken a toll on him but she couldn’t get over the fact that the man who ha rejected her all those years ago had been left by the woman he chose. How was the fate working against and for her at the same time ?

Getting her married, Omar’s death now Parth walking up in her life from nowhere with his wife gone. It was all very much to take in. She got up from the seat and shifted towards the diwan where he had sauntered to while speaking and was now sitting beside the glowing fire lit in the room. She slowly and cautiously placed her right arm on his shoulder circling him in an embrace and whispered a small ‘It’s going to be okay’ . They broke apart after he’d stopped shedding tears.

“We’re getting divorced !” He revealed and received a sturdy nod from her. The words had confused her. How was she supposed to react to this ? Happy? Sad? Amused at her fate? Pulling her hair would seem easy.

The dinner was a quite affair that night. They had been having meals together and opening up to each other about their likes and dislikes which to their much surprise have changed drastically in the last few years. They were getting closer day by day but could the dreams really be turning into reality or it’s just a farce.

The storms have subsided for now.

The Raven and the rambler had united against the devils.

Here's the next one for all of you. Also just a heads up I wrote this in my teen years (in school) and it has been around five to six years since then so I might have messed up some weather characteristics or silly timelines but only because I was a kid when I wrote this and gave zero importance to research.

Hopefully my upcoming stories wouldn't possess such trait. :)

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