The broken boy

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The broken boy

There was this boy name Austin he was not as rich , but yes he belonged from a middle class family . The boy was studying ,and also doing his part time job . He used to work as a Bike repairer in one of the garages , next to an apartment (which belonged to a very rich person) .

The rich man had a daughter name ,Valanka the apparent belonged to her . Valanka was a very beautiful women . Valnka worked with her father and had taken over his company . Austin used to alwys took at Valanka ,when ever she used to come from her work . Austin was in love with her but he alwys thought that ,me as a small person would never get to meet her, or talk to her . Valanka was never interested in any of the other things, she was alwys bussy in her own world . Days past by as one day Austin was returing home after his work and it was quite late night . As Austin was very responsible person , the owner of the garage alwys handed the keys, to Austin .

The night when Austin was returing home he closed the garage, and started walking , when he saw Valanka was standing by her car and waiting for someone , Austin eagerly wanted to know , so thought of going up and asking her . As Austin went near Valanka he asked her Madam ? What is the matter ? Can I help you ? Valanka looked at Austin for some time , and replied yes , I wanted one favour , my car is stucked and I dnt no what to do . So I was here looking for help .Austin said Madma don’t worry , I will fix it for you . As Austin was doing his work , valnka stood by him and asked him if he was a mechanic ? Austin replied yes Madam ,I work in a garage next to your apartment, Valanka was so shocked and realised that she was not aware about the people next door . Valnka aksed him about his family , Austin replied he came from a medium family . Valnka and Austin started sepaking and the car got fixed by then and time passed Valnka Droped Austin home and she went back . Soon as days passed they started helloing each other , and after some days Austin realised he was falling for Valanka but he kept quite and never talked about it . One day Austin dint come to work as his mother was sick ,and was admitted to the hospital Valnka started looking for Austin while she was going for work . Once she came home she used to see again but there was no sign of Austin she used to see again but there was no sign of Austin

So Valnka decided to go and ask the owner of the garage if he saw Austin and y was So Valnka decided to go and ask the owner of the garage if he saw Austin and why was he not been seen on work ? .

Valanka decided to go to his place to see Austin . But to her surprise they neighbors told her that his mother , was admitted to the near by hospital . Valnka rushed to the hospital and found out the information about his mother . She then came in and met Austin , to his surprise he dint believed she would come in search of him till the hospital .

Austin introduced her to his parents and told Valnka about his mother , Austin spent all his money on his mother but ther was no improvement shown , there was no family support from where Austin could take care of his mom . , when finally doctor said we will need to make more test to find out what is actually going on and why no medicine our showing effect on her .

As her test was done she was found to have a serious disease (cancer) a blood cancer doctor told Austin this was her last stage and she also had a tumour in her womb , Austin broke down and cried .

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