Love Warning

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Red Lohan, First Generation

Romance / Drama
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In this world, I think everything is unpredictable. You can’t just jump into conclusions, without even knowing the whole story nor did expecting things will turn out like how you want it to be.

I was just an ordinary student before, who wants a simple high school life. Everything changed, when I bumped into a boy whose name is Red Lohan. He is the leader of a fraternity in our school, so he is definitely going to ruin my life.

I expected my high school life to be silent. I expected it to be like just, go to school then go home afterwards. But unfortunately, it didn’t turn out to be like that.

Every single day, along with his friends, they keep making my day terrible, like they’re totally ruining it.

As the days goes by, he accidentally falls in love with a girl like me. I don’t think my characteristics suit his taste that’s why there are some questions that would pop in my mind like: Why did he fall in love with a girl like me?; Am I beautiful enough to be liked by him?

I am trying to escape away, but I just found myself falling in love with him as well.

My life has changed when I met him. It was like a fairytale wherein the prince, illuminating the princess’ life or stands as the light of the princess.

But one day, the love and compassion I am preserving suddenly disappeared.

Is this a warning not to fall in love unconsciously? Or a love warning that will bring you to the most precious, glamorous and amazing life, but will end up into a tragic one?

Am I going to take the risks or will I continue escaping away from these?

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