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Breaking traditions: Alpha Kadeek

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Chapter 1

Kaeia first met Kadeek when she was eight years old. The older boy was three years her senior, but already looked older than his peers. The alpha blood in him ran stronger than some others, a family full of male first-borns.

Breeders in the pack were never used, they played with their fates, always tracking down their mates at the right time. Kaeia flushed when the older boy smiled at her, she hid behind her mother’s legs, peeking at the way her sister walked up to him confidently.

His parents were both dressed well, but something about them had Kaeia frowning her little face. She could feel the dominance coming off the older male, she purses her lips when his mate looked at him for permission to begin eating.

Kaeia asked her mother that night why this was the case. Her mother sat stunned at her observation, before gently explaining to her the different customs of each pack. “That was the Alpha & Luna of Essence Pack. They’re... traditional. Unlike ours, some things they still believe and hold on to.”

She spent the rest of the night trying to learn more but her mother was hesitant. Was it right to teach her young child the truth of misogyny in their realm? The truth behind closed doors that so many packs shunned in the current era.

Essence pack was unlike the modern ones, choosing to hold onto values that defines them. Choosing to move forward with technology and revolution, yet keeping traditions that were aged beyond time.

“Sometimes people are unfair,” Her mother said gently, watching the way Kaeia’d eyes fluttered close from exhaustion. “Sometimes... they pick and choose the traditions they want to follow.”

As years went on and Kaeia continued to meet Kadeek more often, she found herself feeling more attracted to the kind boy. Thoughts that had her flushing and panties soaking, she remembered the way seeing him shirtless for the first time had her running to her room panting for air.

She was only fifteen at the time, and yet the sight of the growing male had her feeling so extremely aware of how different she was from him.

At age sixteen, her parents invited Essence pack leaders to her birthday. She was embarrassed the entire time, wanting nothing more than to escape from the attention. Kadeek had showed up in a tight fitting shirt and jeans, followed with a small bag with a wrapped box. He had smiled at her so kindly, passing her the gift he picked out. She flushed beet red that day, heart melting when the package was opened, displaying a pretty necklace with a flower pendent.

Her parents were both aware of the way Kadeek looked at their younger daughter. Even as an older male, he was respectful and never touched her in an inappropriate manner. But they noticed the way his lust filled scent tinged the room whenever she entered.

They had shaked it off as pubescent attraction, but as she grew older and more into a woman, Kadeek no longer controlled the blatant way he stared at her.

Kaeia had confided in Leeka that night, fear and anxiety poured into tearful eyes and choked sobs. Leeka confirmed her worst fears, surrounded by herbs and crystals of all kind. She was fated to be Kadeeks mate.

She would have no choice but to reveal the truth on her eighteenth birthday, but by then her parents would allow her to choose how to celebrate.

She spent her seventeenth birthday alone in her garden, wanting nothing more than to curl up and allow the soil to swallow her whole. Her sister Kalleni was always busy training now, never having time to speak to her or even see her. Her parents were busy too, trying to finalise the next century contract for Kalleni to take over as alpha.

She wouldn’t be the first, but female alphas were still looked down on. And her parents demanded nothing but respect for their first-born pup.

Kaeia sighed, smiling when a raven landed next to her. She had always been a lover of nature & animals, but lately it seemed she had been attracting more of the latter.

“Hey precious.” She cooed, smiling when the raven tilted its head at her before shuffling its little feet towards her. It pecked her finger, before deeming her safe. It hopped towards her lap, choosing to pick at the berries on the plate.

Kaeia chuckled, stroking the top of its head softly. “Aren’t you a hungry thing?”

The raven croaked at her, before resuming its feast, causing Kaeia to smile. She was always so easily taken by the presumptuously innocent. A call to her name had her head raising, alarming her new friend.

“I have to go.” She announced with a sigh, patting down her dress. She picked up the now empty plate, waving at the satisfied raven. “Goodbye precious. Next time bring a friend, I’ll give you more berries.”

She left with a final wave, humming gently the entire way. She entered the backdoor, only to be greeted by Leeka sitting on her kitchen island. “Leeka?”

Leeka looked at her with a grim smile, “Kadeek is here darling, they’ve just crossed the border.”

Kaeia froze, nearly dropping the plate. “But... there isn’t any party... why would he be here?”

“I assume it’s to see you darling.” Leeka said with a sigh, watching the girl she considered her niece crumble in front of her. “It might not happen this year, you’re still a year too young.”

“He’s an alpha, and I’m an alphas daughter Leeka.” She said panicked, placing the plate down and pacing the kitchen. The possibility was slim, but never zero. With the power flowing through his veins, he could very well feel the connection early. “What do I do?”

Leeka smiles gently at her, grabbing her hand and cupping her face gently. “You face your fate darling. You cannot run forever.”

“Yes I can.” She squirmed out of her hold, rubbing the back of her neck in worry. “You can delay it can’t you?”

Leeka looked at Kaeia, stunned. “Kaeia, this isn’t something I would stop. It’s not my intention to interfere with the fates, I would be doing something bad.”

“You’ve killed a frog before,” Kaeia defended, “isn’t that bad too?”

Leeka rolled her eyes, before the doorbell rang. “It’s time to face your truth darling.”

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