Lost Cause

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Alex lives with her mom and little brother Jordan while her dad is away on military deployment. She has her two best friends to decrease the sadness she feels while he's gone. Enter Jaxon Castillo, just transferred to Ridgemont High and immediately is captured by Alex and her friends. Alex can't seem to stay away from Jaxon, but she doesn't want a relationship and he's completely okay with that. Until a big loss hits Alex and she starts to lose herself, and her grip on reality. Can her friends and now Jaxon help pull her back or is she a lost cause.

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Chapter 1

A/N: This is my first story on here, I may be uploading to Wattpad also but I haven't decided yet. The title is not determined yet, I just chose something that may become a theme, but also because I needed a title. I hope you enjoy!

“Do you have a ride to school this morning?” Mom asked me.

“Yeah Vi is gonna pick me up.”

“Don’t forget your dad is going to be calling almost as soon as you get home from school so I need you to be on time today.” She reminded me.

“How could I forget he’s calling, it’s his monthly call of course I’m going to be here on time. The girls know about it.” I assured her.

“I’m just reminding you, you’re very forgetful sometimes.”

“I would be offended but it’s true so,” A beep interrupted our conversation. “That’s Vi, gotta go.” I picked up my bag from the couch and headed to the front door.

“Pick up Jordan on your way home please.” Mom told me on my way out the door.

I gave her a thumbs through the window and hopped into Violet’s car.

“I got some interesting news for you.” Vi said.

“Oh yeah and what news is that?” I responded.

“I heard that there’s a hot new kid transferring today, our grade.” She announced.

“How do you know if they’re hot if you’ve never seen them?” I looked over at her.

“My sources tell me that he’s very attractive.” She gave me a look.

“And this source I’m guessing is Rose.”

“Yes it was Rose who told me that. But she only told me so that I would relay the info back to you.” She flipped her purple hair over her shoulder as she pulled into school.

“I guess we’ll see how hot this new kid actually is shall we. It’s already September though he’s going to have a lot to catch up on.” I claimed.

“I have a good feeling about this mysterious new kid. He’s gonna shake things up.” Vi predicts.

“We’ll have to wait and see.” I pat her on the shoulder as we walk into the school.

I followed her to her locker, we had about 10 minutes before first period started so we usually chill before that time, catching up on any new drama or any gossip that she and Rose heard. Rose was already there leaning up against Vi’s locker looking at her phone. She looked up when she heard footsteps walking in her direction.

“Hey what’s up guys?” She put her phone in her back pocket and moved away from the locker.

“Vi was making up fantasies about the new kid, so nothing new.” I laughed.

“All I said was that he was going to shake things up. We haven’t had a new kid in two years, my dad said the Castillos stopped in yesterday to pick up some plants and they had an older boy with them that he’s never seen before.” Vi popped open her locker.

Violet’s dad owns a small garden shop in the center of town, everyone around here tends to shop at his store instead of the big places like Home Depot.

“I heard one of the teachers talking about how the new kid must’ve gotten kicked out of his last school and that’s why he’s starting up here.” Rose chimes in.

“Who’d you hear that from?” I asked.

“I overheard Mrs. Highwater talking to Mr. Baker about it.”

“So you heard the teacher who likes to gossip about everything talking about a transfer student who got kicked out of his last school? Rosie, come on, that’s a fake story if I’ve ever heard one.” I looked at her.

“I know it’s a little far fetched but it’s not impossible.” Her cheeks begin to turn a little red.

“I’ll give you that it’s possible but I highly doubt it.” The first bell rang and we went our separate ways.

“Let us know if you see the new kid!” Rose yelled as she and Violet went to first period.

I gave them a thumbs up and went in the opposite direction. I let out a laugh, got kicked out of their last school that’s the best they could come up with. Ms. Highwater just likes to spread shit besides her legs.

I walked into Psychology before the second bell rang.

“Miss Romano thank you for actually being on time.” Mr. Baker joked.

“I figured I should get an early start on the day Mr. Baker and what better than to show up before the bell rang.”

“Good idea Alex. Now take your seat so that I can start my class.”

I saluted him and made my way to the middle of the classroom, where I’ve sat for the past 3 years. I’ve had Mr. Baker as a Psych teacher since sophomore year and I have almost never been on time to class.

More kids filed into the classroom after me which showed how early I really was. Everybody slowly took their seats as the bell rang, Mr. Baker started handing out packets to everybody in their seat as the door slowly opened one more time.

In walked a guy, had to be taller than 6foot, ear length curly brown hair, olive colored skin. He looked like he just rolled out of a magazine cover, wearing blue jeans, combat boots and a tight black long sleeved shirt with a ball cap pulled down over his eyes.

“Ah I almost forgot, everyone this is our transfer student Jaxon Castillo. He will be continuing his senior year with us at Ridgemont High.” Mr. Baker announced. “Now Mr. Castillo I won’t make you introduce yourself or make you tell us anything about yourself since that would be pointless, you may have a seat at any open desk.”

You could almost see the relief fade from the guys shoulders. I remember having to do that freshman year in all my classes, I was over it the third time I had to do it. I looked around the room for any open desks and noticed that the only available one happened to be next to me. Seemed that he noticed it at the same time as he slowly made his way over to my desk.

“Is this seat taken?” A rough accented voice asked.

I looked up to see him towering over me, his face shadowed by the hat.

“All yours.” I replied.

He sat down placing his backpack on the ground next to him, sitting down he was still way taller than my 5foot 4 stature. Mr. Baker got to our desk giving both of us the packet that had the word project on it in big bold letters.

“Jaxon, since you just started my class this will be your first assignment, it will count for half of your grade as it will for your partner who you will be working with.” Mr. Baker explained. “Now class if you were listening, which I’m sure you were. This is a partner project, it will be worth half of you and your partner’s grade for this semester. You will be partnered with the person sitting next to you.”

There was a collective groan throughout the classroom. I picked up the packet and read what the project was going to be about,

What is important to you?

“If you look at the paper it reads, what is important to you? I want you to think about your answers, I want them to be thoughtful. They should not be about your cell phones or social media, think outside of that realm. If you do that it should be an easy A, if you decide that you want to half-ass this project both your partner and you will fail, resulting in both of you not being able to graduate.” Mr. Baker stated.

Protests started around the room, mostly from the athletes who had other priorities besides school work.

“But Mr. Baker you can’t hold us back from graduating, that’s just cruel.” Holly whined.

“Holly this is the project that will define your senior year, plus it gives you time to actually think about what you’re going to write about. Should be interesting to see what you come up with.” Mr. Baker responded. “Now if you are finished I’m going to continue what I was saying.”

Next to me I heard a quiet chuckle, I looked over to see Jaxon slouched in his seat trying to cover up his laugh.

“You have till the end of the period to think over which direction you want to go on this project with your partner.” Baker added.

I turn my body to face Jaxon putting my hand out, “I’m Alex.”

“Nice to meet you. I would tell you my name but I think you probably already know what it is.” He placed his palm against mine.

They were rough, calloused.

“You know I don’t think I heard it, is it Henry?” I tried not to laugh as he shook his head.

“Not quite but I’m sure it will come to you. So where should we start with the project?” He wondered, letting go of my hand.

“Maybe make a list of the things we find are important to us. Then we can think of how we want to present it next time.” I suggested taking out my notebook.

I felt relief that he was actually going to help and not be the kind of person who didn’t do anything but wanted half the credit.

He nodded agreeing with me, “Can I borrow a pencil?”

“Yeah of course.” I handed him my extra pencil.

I looked down at my blank paper thinking about what was important to me. My little brother, my parents, my friends. I felt something nudge my arm, I looked up to see Jaxon staring at me.

“What?” I whispered.

“You thought of those really quick, how?”

“I just thought of what I couldn’t live without and how much my life would suck without them.” He nodded understanding what I said. “What’s important to you?”

“I think it’s gonna take me a couple of minutes to figure it out.” Jaxon looked back down at the blank piece of paper in front of him.

“It’s hard to come up with things on the fly, you don’t have to get it done today, we have the rest of the semester to figure out who or what is important. Plus what we write down today might change halfway through.”

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