His Unwanted Bride

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Chapter 1

Clary's POV :

I groan as I was walked away from the water towards my phone that was ringing.

Who the hell is interrupting my vacation?

I look at the caller and saw that it was my father I roll my eyes and answer the phone .

"Hi dad , I'm okay don't worry and I made sure to stay away from the paparazzi no need to call every few minutes to make sure I'm okay " I say as soon as I answer the call .

"Listen Clary that is not why I am calling you right now!" He said angry at my outburst

"I'm sorry dad " I say with a sigh " wait but why are you calling me then ?"

"I am calling because you need to come back home today I already arranged the private jet and it will be ready by 3 pm "

"Can I know why ? " I ask

"We are having an important family over for dinner and I have an announcement to make during that dinner which you have to attend that's all you have to know for now I will tell you the rest when you arrive ok ?" He says

"Fine bye dad "

"Bye " he says as I end the call

I look back to my 2 best friends Alexis and Malia to see them staring at me with confused and questioning looks as I look at them apologetically and say.

"I am really sorry but we have to go back my father needs me for sth which I don't know yet we should just leave in a about 2 hours "

" it's ok Clary " Alexis say "we know how demanding your father is when it comes to business "

I nod and we were just talking about random things on our way to my beach house to pack our things.

After 2 hours

We all packed our things and wore proper clothes and now we are on our way for the private jet .

After about 10 minutes we reach the private jet and get on and the plane took off . Me and my friends are sitting opposite to each other when Malia says .

"So why exactly are we going back so early ?"

"Well I don't know the main reason but my dad said that an important family is having dinner with us tonight and that he has an important announcement to make during that dinner , that's all he said but I just have a bad feeling about that dinner "I tell them and they nod .

After a couple of hours we reach New York by 4 pm.

I went straight to our mansion to find my mom and dad sitting there waiting for me . I walk up to mom and kiss her on the cheek while I do the same for my dad and then walk to sit on the opposite seat .

"So dad can I know now why you asked me to return back from my trip early ?"I ask

"Yes dear I will tell you "he says as he looks at mom who nods at him and put her hand on his squeezing it reassuringly "Well you know how 2 years ago our company was struggling during the opening our chain of hotels so our profits started going down ? " he asked and I nodded remembering how he didn't want to take money from mom's company because she was expanding her company in Paris .

"Well you also know how we found a company to help us but they only agreed to do it if you marry their son so now they want us to cover our part of the agreement and they are coming today for dinner to settle the agreement and set the day of the wedding."he completed

I was shocked and didn't know what to say .

"WHAT ? I AM GETTING MARRIED??"I shouted not believing what I just heard from my father .

"Calm down my dear ,please " dad said

" Calm down ? How can you ask me to fucking calm down after what you just said ?"

"Watch your language young lady " my mother scolded me and it was the first thing she said since I entered the house .

"Just tell me what is his name ?"I said

"He is Leon , ....Leon Black !" My dad said.

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