His Unwanted Bride

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Chapter 2

Clary's POV :

After they told me that I will be marrying Leon Black the heir of Black companies they told me to go to my room and get ready for dinner with the Black family at 7 so I stormed off away from them and here I am searching for information about the famous Leon Black.

And just as I expected he was a player and every week with a different girl .

So I got ready and wore a red backless dress that is one of my designs, yeah I work in my mom's company and I will take over after my mom retires , I guess that's why my dad wants me to marry in order to have someone run the company.

So I matched the dress with red heels and accessories. And curled my dark brown hair and did my makeup I was just finishing as the bell rang .

So I went down and caught up with my parents as they were opening the door to reveal a man and a woman who seem the same age of mom and dad . They entered with a smile as they greeted mom and dad .

"This is our daughter, Clarissa "Mom said as she introduced me to the woman

"Nice to meet you ma'am " I said as I extended my hand to greet her .

She ignored my hand as she pulled me for a hug "you can call me Deb honey "

I nodded as I hugged her back . And then extended my hand for the man

"Nice to meet you Mr.Black "

"Likewise ,dear. Oh by the way you look beautiful tonight "he said

"Thank you " I said as I blushed

"Clary this is our son Leon " she said as she pulled him from behind her .

Honestly he was quite handsome , I mean he had perfect jawline with a stubble making him look hot and his hazel eyes oh and his soft brown hair that I wish to run my hands through . Honestly if I wasn't against this marriage idea I would be attracted to him .

Oh god what am I thinking this is just a planned marriage.

I think he noticed me checking him out as he was smirking

"Hi I'm Clary . Nice to meet you Leon"I said as I extended my hand to shake his .

"Likewise Clary "He said with an attractive husky voice while shaking my hand.

"So let's have dinner " my dad said and headed to the dining room and we all followed him . Mom was walking next to dad and Mr. and Mrs. Black were walking next to each other leaving me and

Leon next to each other which was pretty awkward and tense.

As we all sat at dinner and we started eating after desert we all walked towards the living room my parents and Leon's parents sat next to each other while me and Leon sat opposite to them.

Mark, Leon's dad , spoke first .

"So about the date of the wedding I was thinking it could be 21st March what do you think ?"he said asking my parents

"Yeah I guess it is perfect "dad said

Oh my god my wedding would be next month !!!

I looked at Leon wide eyed who was wide eyed as well

" Dad please can we just postpone it for another month I mean it is a wedding and it needs a lot of planning and stuff right ?"Leon said looking at me as I nodded

"No it is settled and we will hire a wedding planner that will help you so don't worry " his dad said as Leon groaned beside me . "Also you two will go look at houses so you two can move in by the end of the week and Leon you will take Clary out on a date in the middle of the week so people can see you two together and you have to act as a real couple "

I saw Leon clenching his jaw and nod .

"Also you will be having an engagement party on Saturday in your new house and Leon I expect you to be the gentleman you grew up to be " he said to his son while Leon only nodded gritting his teeth.

I nodded as well not wanting to defy my parents. They stayed for a while then left all the while discussing days to meet the wedding planner and to try on wedding dresses and bridesmaids dresses and so on . After they left I went to my room and texted my friends on the group chat .

Me: Guys I want to go out tonight!!

Lexi:Oh what happened ? you never suggest going out !

Malia: yeah girl what happened?

Me : Well I am getting married on 21st March


Malia:Clary we are coming right now and you will tell us everything

Me: Ok but hurry I really want to get drunk today.

After about 20 minutes

The bell rang and I'm sure the maid opened the door then soon Lexi and Malia entered my room and sat next to me on the couch

"So tell us everything from the beginning!" Lexi said and I nodded after I told them everything about how I will get married to the handsome and hot player they told me that they will stay the night but we can't go out as tomorrow I will be going with Leon to pick a house so we watched a movie and then slept .

Leon's POV :(from the beginning when he met Clary )

I can't believe I'm doing this , I can't believe that I'm letting my dad force me into a marriage but I can't say no to him he threatened that he won't let me take over the company if I didn't marry and I have been working hard for this my whole life I just hope that this girl I'm marrying isn't a bitch .

So we are there I just hate that now I have to meet her I think her name was Clary .

We rang the bell and Mr. and Mrs.Jones opened the door and there stood beside them a gorgeous girl whom I guess is Clary and her long soft dark brown hair was down her back making her look beautiful and she was wearing a red backless dress which was tight making her curves look beautiful.Honestly she was hot.

Oh god what am I thinking this is an arranged marriage and also I've seen many girls which are more beautiful.

I was brought out of my daze by mom saying"Clary this is our son Leon " Clary was staring at me and I guess checking me out so I smirked glad that I have this effect on her

"Hi I'm Clary . Nice to meet you Leon " she said extending her hand I looked at her hand then at her beautiful grey green stormy eyes then shook her hand saying "Likewise "

Throughout dinner we were silent and then we moved to the living room where my dad stated that we will be married by 21st March and that tomorrow we are going to pick a house to move in together and I will take her on a date which I don't want to and having an engagement party in our new house on Saturday.

After a while we went home and I slumped down on my bed thinking of all the things that my father made me do I mean getting married ? I liked the way I live every night with a different girl and dating many beautiful girls I don't want commitment but getting married won't stop me I mean I will keep dating and live my normal life as a bachelor . And then I went to sleep dreading tomorrow

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