His Unwanted Bride

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Chapter 3

Clary's POV :

I woke up and got ready to go to the company to check on the designs I wore a green dress that reaches my thighs and a black leather jacket with knee length black boots and a black designer bag I did my makeup which was simple and left my hair down then went to my car and went to the company .

As soon as I walked into the building my assistant Ashley came up to me and said

"Hi Ms. Jones " I looked at her and glared " Oh right Clary "

"Hi Ashley so where are the designs I need to approve of ?"

"They are in your office "

"Ok thank you Ashley " I said as I made my way to my office while she was following me " oh and Ashley when my mom arrives send her into my office " she nodded and made her way to her office which is close to mine .

As soon as I entered my office I found the designs and started examining them and approving the ones that I like . Soon after mom enters .

"Hi Clary ! How are the designs going so far ?"she said

"They are going pretty fine mom ,you can take a look if you want !"I said and she started going the designs until she stopped at one and asked me about it.

"This one is amazing ! Who designed this ?" She asked

"This was designed by the new girl she is called Joy West "

"Ok call her in I want to meet her myself " she said I picked up the phone and dialed Ashely she picked up on the second ring .

"Hey Ashley!"

"Hey what can I do for you Clary "

"I need you to tell Ms. Joy West that I want to see her please "

"Ok I will get her there as soon as possible " and with that she ended the call.

A few moments later Joy entered she was a beautiful young lady she was shy and she kept playing with her fingers without looking at us .

"Hello Ms. West , how are you today ?"my mom said

"I'm good thank you Mrs. Jones "she replied quietly

"I assume you are the one who made these beautiful design am I right ?"mom said and Joy nodded after looking at them "well I have to say you are very talented honey . You know what ! You are a beautiful girl and you have a nice body too. Would you like to be the model for that design ?"

The girl was shocked as she looked at mom wide eyed then nodded eagerly at her ."well then it is settled "

"Thank you Mrs. Jones "

"No need honey after all you deserve it "mom said and she thanked her once more before leaving.

After a while mom asked me .

"What about you Clary ? Did you finish your designs ?"

"Not yet but hopefully I will finish them today "I said and she nodded

After an hour Ashley told me that Leon Black was outside and I told her to let him in . He walked in with a smirk until he saw mom and said .

"Hi Mrs. Jones ! How are you ?"

"I'm fine honey and you can call me Elizabeth or Ellie "she said with a smile" what about you Leon how are you ?"

"I'm good actually I was here to pick up Clary to go choose our house "

"Oh ok dear come on Clary go with your fiancé " she said while looking at me while giving me a 'don't you dare say no to me ' look .

"But mom I have work to do " I said

"You can complete it later now go with your fiancé "she said in a demanding tone

I sighed and said "Fine"

I picked up my purse and my phone and went out with him in front of me while walking many girls stood ogling him while he smirked and winked at them .

Oh god he is such a manwhore and a player.

I entered the elevator angry and pressed the button harshly.

"Woah calm down. What's wrong ? Are you jealous ?" He said smirking . I scoffed .

"Oh you wish . Listen to me clearly I'm not jealous and this whole marriage thing is arranged so it's better if you know and believe that I don't give a fuck about you or who you hook up with . But you don't get to practice your player ways in my company. This is a place of work not some strip club where you go to pick up girls to hook up with . Ok ?" I said

He stood there shocked , I guess that no girl have ever talked to him in that way or rejected him . He put on a frown that was gone as soon as we stepped out of the elevator. We walked side by side to his car and he luckily stopped his smirking and winking when we reached the car he opened the door for me and he got in and soon we started driving to our destination.


After about 2 hours

So it has been 2 hours since he picked me up from the company and now we are sitting in a meeting room in Black enterprise and the real estate agent is sitting with us as well he was waiting for us to tell him our decision so that we can sign the contracts. So we looked at three mansions that were not to far away from my or Leon's work and they were all so beautiful.

"Which one do you like ?" Leon asked me

" I like the third one it has a nice garden what do you think ?" I said pointing on the picture of the third mansion

"Nice choice Ms. Jones "the agent said as he made his way to me and hovered over me looking at the picture .

"I think I like the second one more it has a huge pool "Leon said whole he was clenching his jaw and putting his hands in fists

"Well I don't know how about the first one it has a huge garden we can design a pool in it which will leave a decent space for a beautiful garden what do you think ?"

"Yeah that's nice " he said " Also the big garden will be nice and comfortable for Ricky "

"Ricky ?"I asked

"My dog " he said and I nodded " ok so me and my fiancée decided that we will buy the first house " he said to the agent coldly

The agent nodded and got out the contract for the house . He then told Leon and I where to sign after that he left and gave us the contract.

"Leon I have to go "I said

"Why ? Where are you going ?"

"I am going to have lunch then go to the company to complete my work "I said

"Oh you can have lunch with me and I have already sent someone to get your work so you can work here with me. I mean I can't let my father know that you were here and I let you go alone "he said

" ok fine " I said defeated


After finishing work and lunch it was already 10pm I finished about 15 from my 30 designs .

Right now I'm in Leon's car as he is going to drop me off at home . After a couple of minutes we reached the huge gates and when the guard saw me he opened it letting us enter Leon stopped the car in front of the mansion

"Thank you " I said before reaching for the door handle to get out

"You're welcome " he said " oh and Clary pack your things because we will be moving in tomorrow and I will send a driver to pick you up and help you get your bags to our house and be ready tomorrow by 6 pm I will take you to pick an engagement ring and then we will go to a restaurant for a date ok ?"he completed and I nodded then went out of the car and entered the house to be greeted by Mrs. Taylor .

Mrs Taylor is our house maid but she is literally the woman who raised me as my parents are always away and don't contact me or hardly have a conversation with me except when they need me for something as that of the marriage I really love Mrs Taylor she is the mother I never had , I mean my own mother used to use me for her designs and she is letting me marry a stranger . Anyway I hugged her back .

"Hey Clary I heard what happened I am so sorry to hear that my dear I don't know how can they do this to you I mean you are their little girl." She said with tears in her eyes

"It's ok Mrs Taylor this is who they are they would do anything for the company even if it is to sell their own daughter " I said " Anyways I need your help I have to pack because I will be moving out into my fiancé's house tomorrow so will you help me ?"

"Of course dear I will help you but do you have to move out ? "

"Yes because to the world we are a couple in love ,but don't worry i will visit you often ok ?"

She nodded and then we went up to my room she got me bags where we packed all my things except for the clothes that I will be wearing tomorrow and the dress that I will be wearing for the date . We finished packing after an hour then I went to bed I blacked out as soon as I put my head on the pillow .

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