His Unwanted Bride

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Chapter 4

Clary's POV:

I woke up to Mrs. Taylor trying to wake me up.

"Good morning Mrs Taylor "I said in a sleepy voice

"Good morning dear "she said "I'm sorry for waking you up but Mr. Black sent the driver to pick you up and your bags he is downstairs waiting for you "

"Ok can you serve him something while I get ready " she nodded and then went down to attend to our guest .

I entered the bathroom took a shower with my vanilla scented shampoo and then wore my clothes and went down to see that he was speaking with Mrs Taylor but they stopped talking as soon as they saw me.

"Hi I'm Clarissa Jones but you can call me Clary " I said with a smile while extending my hand to greet him .

"Nice to meet Clary , I'm Larrison but call me Larry " he said as he shook my hand " oh and Mr Black sent me to be your personal driver from now on so whenever you need to go anywhere I will be there "

"Thank you but I like driving a lot but if I need you I will give you a call "I said "anyway my bags are upstairs in my room let's go get them . Mrs Taylor can you ask one of the maids to come help us ?"I asked Mrs Taylor and she nodded and hurried to call a maid to help ,

After a while all bags was in the car and now we are on our way to my new house. We arrived there in about half an hour . Larry parked the car in front of the door I got out of the car to call someone to help with the bags . I entered and found a woman in her late 40s waiting for me by the door as soon as I entered she hugged me .

"Oh my god you are so beautiful "she said

"Umm... thank you?"I said more like asked

"Oh I'm sorry dear I'm Samantha I'm your housekeeper and cook , Leon hired me this morning but let me tell you a secret I was the housekeeper in his old house and you can say I know him much better than he knows himself and I can't believe that he is actually settling down and before you say anything yes I know that it is arranged but I can see you two in love with each other in the future !" She said with a wide smile "Anyways nice to meet you and you can call me Sam "

"Hi Sam I'm Clary "I said " Sam can you please ask someone to help Larry with the bags ?"

"Yeah sure honey " she said as she went and returned with two maids who helped Larry carry the bags to my room .

"Ok honey this will be your room and Leon's room is the one opposite yours , Leon also told me to help you get ready and not let you unpack the bags as the maids will do so " Sam said as I entered the room after the bags were settled.

"Thanks Sam but I don't want anyone to do anything for me I will feel bad if so "I said " I will unpack when I get back "

"Ok fine but I will help you then and you can't say no !" She said with a finalizing tone .

"Ok now I will get ready"

I went to take a shower using my vanilla scented shampoo then got out and went to my closet to pick a dress I picked a black dress which is v necked and have a cut at the waist . Then I put on my underwear and went out to curl my hair and do my makeup which Sam insisted to do . When she finished putting on my makeup she told me to go put on the dress then look at myself at the mirror. Actually she did a pretty good job with my makeup also I paired the dress with black heels and a black purse.

"Wow thank you Sam , you did a pretty good job with the makeup . You are really talented " I told her and she just nodded at me .

"Don't thank me dear , you are naturally beautiful. Now go you will find Leon waiting for you downstairs ." She said while shooing me out of the door .

I started walking down the stairs my heels clicking against the floor diverting the attention of a pacing Leon towards me . He looked at me and his raked up my body taking every inch of me in , I don't know why he was staring at me , did I have something on my face ? Did I look bad ? Anyways I took the time he was staring at me to check him out myself and he didn't look bad actually he looked hot in his black tux anyways I was cut off my staring when he cleared his throat and said

"Let's go we are already late since you were taking forever to get ready!" Then he walked away and out of the house towards his car .

I rolled my eyes at his attitude.

I guess we are back to the bitchy attitude.

I followed him out towards the car and found him already seated in the driver seat and waiting for me to get in .

Oh so he couldn't even open the door for me , not like I need someone to open my door for me but he could at least act like a gentleman I'm his fiancée after all .

Anyway I got into the car and he started driving . After a while he parked in front of a jewelry store where I think we are getting my engagement ring. He got out and went to open my door but I have already opened it . I know he was doing this now because we were in public but I couldn't give him the satisfaction. We went into the store which was totally empty which I guess was because Mr. Black was coming . As soon as we entered a man in his late 40s I think came toward us and greeted Leon and introduced himself as Mr . Lewis who I assume is the manager . After going through different rings I found the perfect ring it was an emerald cut rose gold ring which had small diamonds complimenting the main diamond it was beautiful I loved it at the first sight I told Leon I liked it and I tried it and then he payed and we walked back towards the car.

He drove for a bit in silence until we reached the restaurant and may I say it was a very expensive one too . Anyway I waited for him to open my door and he did and he even he offered me his hand which I took but just because we are in public . We walked up to the door and we were guided to our table . A waitress walked up to us and gave us our menus . I looked over the menu and decided to have a chicken Alfredo and red wine since this was my favorite meal.

Then the waitress walked up to us and started ogling Leon I rolled my eyes at her behavior I mean she started bending down to give him a better view of her boobs which the shirt she was wearing was too small to keep them in and he just smirked and looked at her breast hungrily like really?

I cleared my throat and said "Excuse me if you don't mind me interrupting your ogling session but I would like to order"

She turned her head to me and the seductive smile she was giving Leon flattered and turned into a glare that surely would kill me if looks could kill .

"Thank you now I would like to have a chicken Alfredo and red wine "I said with a smile . She wrote it down in her notepad and then turned to Leon with the seductive smile back who ordered a lasagna and red wine as well . After she left he turned to me and said.

"Ok we need to talk about this marriage thing "

"Yeah sure . Go on" I said

"Well this is an arranged marriage so it means nothing to me . So I will keep living my life like normal and you as well and we are allowed to do and see whoever we want as long as it is kept away from the press" he said

"Yeah sure that's fine by me "

"Ok I'm glad we have come to an agreement then " he said and soon the waitress came with our food we ate in silence after we finished eating we walked out and we found the press huddled around us asking several questions and Leon slipped his hands on my bare waist sending sparks and tingles all over my body I ignored them and continued walking with Leon . And reporters kept firing questions like:

"Leon what are you doing with Clarissa Jones ? Is she your girlfriend for the week?"

"When will you take over the business Leon ?"

"How is the Black company doing?"

"Is she your girlfriend ?"

We continued ignoring them till we reached the car , where we got in and drove away to our mansion .

After a couple of minutes we reached our mansion and I got out as soon as the car stopped. As I reached the door I hear his car leaving I was very confused as to where he was going but I couldn't care less he was probably going to a club or something.

I got in and walked up to my room and changed into shorts and a cute spaghetti strap top and I hear a knock on my door which I open to find Sam standing there and she let herself in and started to unpack and I followed her and started to unpack as well as I had no other choice after an hour we finally have unpacked all the bags and throughout that I got to know Sam and she was a very kind and funny person . After she left I just couldn't sleep also Leon wasn't back yet and it was very late so I started completing my designs since I didn't finish them yesterday at Leon's office I was drawing a design when I heard the door of the house open and slammed shut .

Oh I guess Leon is back

I then heard the sound of moaning coming closer I get up closer to the door as I hear Leon whisper shout "shh baby we need to be quiet my housemate is probably asleep by now "

Then I heard tumbling and the sound of his door open which is right across from mine then I heard loud moans and grunts . I opened the door and looked at his room to find his door open and a girl riding him I was so disgusted he raised his head and he saw me our eyes connected and I threw him a disgusted look and turned around , entered the room and closed the door behind me.

God this will gonna be an amazing marriage.

I laid in bed and kept staring at the ceiling as I couldn't sleep from all the grunts and moans .

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