His Unwanted Bride

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Chapter 5

Clary's POV :

"Hey ! Stop pulling on my hair Mal " I said to Malia as she was the one doing my hair and Alexis is the one doing my makeup .

I am getting ready for my engagement party right now , I can't believe I have been living a whole week with Leon Black , a whole week filled with restless nights because Leon brings a new slut every night to fuck so I can't sleep because of the grunts and moans it is truly disgusting . Anyways I have an engagement party in about 1 hour and we have to act like a couple in love throughout the whole party.

After a while I was completely ready and in my dress waiting for Leon . I decided to wear an emerald green long dress with two slits and an open back it was a dress I designed from a very long time and it was a really good design but I kept it to myself even my mother doesn't know about it .

I then heard a knock on the door I open it to reveal Leon in a tux and he is looking pretty good . He cleared his throat clearly noticing that I was checking him out but he looked dazed as he looked at me .

"Uh..I ..um .... I came to take you downstairs as you know we need to make an appearance together as a loving couple " he said while stuttering and he offered me his hand which I took and then he started to guide the way to the party as we descended the stairs people I noticed that everyone became silent and were looking at us .

As soon as we were down we were greeted by Mr. and Mrs. Black as well as my parents telling us how beautiful we are together . The whole night was meeting up with many business partners and family relatives and friends and also many exes of Leon who were looking at me with killing stares .

We were talking with some business partners when we were interrupted by Mr. Black

"Good evening everyone first of all thank you for being here tonight to celebrate with us this lovely event . Also the wedding will be on 21st March and of course all of you are invited. Now we let the beautiful couple exchange the rings ."

With that Leon takes my hand and we walk to the center where all people can see us we stand opposite to each other I place the ring on his finger and then he places mine on my finger then he kisses the top of my hand and then my forehead and we hear an 'awww' from the audience I guess he is a really good actor . He then put his hand on my waist for pictures but a man suddenly shouts 'KISS HER ' and then it is followed by 'yeahs' . I look at Leon who were already looking at me and he puts his knuckles on my cheek and lean in slowly.


My thoughts were interrupted by his lips on mine and I wrap my hands around his neck honestly the kiss was good , really good . I thought it was gonna be disgusting but he is a good kisser and I think our lips fit perfectly he ran his tongue over my bottom lip asking for access but I deny it and put my hand on his chest pushing him away slightly so people won't notice .

Oh god was I thinking that his kiss is good and a good kisser ?? WTH

After breaking the kiss we hear cheers around us and Leon was smirking at me probably because I enjoyed the kiss but how did he know that . After people directed their attention somewhere else we were approached by a really handsome guy .

"Hi you must be Clary !" He said

"What are you doing Grayson ?" Leon said with a bored tone

"What ? I want to meet my best friend's fiancée "he said and then turned to me "And I must say she is a real beauty"

I blushed at that and said a small thank you

"I'm Grayson I'm that dickhead's best friend . Nice to meet you Clary . " he said with a smile and I laughed

"Nice to meet you too Grayson ." I said " But how does a nice guy like you be best friends with him ?"

He laughed at that and said "Oh I guess it's fate right ? How can a beautiful girl like you be his fiancée?"

"Come on stop flirting with her Grayson !"Leon said

"Oh why are you jealous Lee ? Don't worry you are the only one in my heart " Grayson said and I burst out laughing along with him while Leon is glaring at the both of us .

"You know what Clary I think you and me will be great besties " he said and I nodded

We talked for a couple more minutes with Grayson before walking off we kept talking to people who congratulated us . But then we were approached by a man who seems the age of Leon and he was good looking too.

What is it with these men they are all so good looking?

"Congratulations Leon !" He said with a sly smirk taking me from my thoughts.

"What are you doing here Charles?" Leon said through gritted teeth

"Oh I came to congratulate you Leon "he said and then looked at me " Congratulations Ms.Jones you look beautiful tonight . Is that one of your mother's designs?"

"Thank you . And no it's actually one of my designs. Nice to meet you Mr....?" I said sincerely because he actually seemed like a nice man .

"Mr. Knight . Charles Knight but you can call me Charles"

"Nice to meet you Charles "I said and extended my hand for him to shake but instead he take it and kiss it's top but Leon snatched it away and said.

"Stop it Charles what are you really doing here ? Are you here to steal my business partners as you did before ?" He said as he clenched his fists.

"Oh Leon I'm here to congratulate you my dear friend on your engagement and let me tell you you choose a really beautiful girl" Charles said mockingly just then Leon grabbed his collar and pulled him towards himself and was about to make a scene but I put a hand on his arm and pulled him .

"Please Leon leave him I'm scared " I said pleading and i was truly afraid he then looked at me and his eyes softened and he growled at Charles who just smirked and then Leon pushed him and then grabbed me and walked out to the garden .

We walked together for a while and then we sat on a bench in the garden in a comfortable silence until he spoke up.

"I..um..I'm sorry i scared you I..he just got on my nerves in there "he said hesitatingly.

"It's ok just try to calm down " i said sincerely with a small smile while giving his hand a small squeeze . He looked at my hand squeezing his for a while which made me pull my hand away .

"You know ,you seem like a nice person " he said while looking at me

"Oh...uh...thank you . You don't seem so bad yourself " I said jokingly and he let out a low chuckle

Oh my god why does he have to sound so hot ?

"You know just because this marriage is forced upon us doesn't mean we have to hate each other. How about we become like friends until the 2 years of the contract are over ?" I said

"Why would you want to be friends with me ?" He said

"Why not? I know you seem cold and probably shut everybody out but that doesn't mean you are bad it means you should just let someone in ." I said and he just looked at me.

"Ok i can do that " he said with a smile and man did he look handsome

"You know you should smile more !" I said and laughed and he laughed along with me . We kept talking for a bit before we got back inside .

When we entered people were still doing the same boring talks , fake laughs and so on . But some of them looked at us due to Leon's outburst earlier but so much attention makes me nervous i guess Leon noticed it because he wrapped his hand around my waist and gave me a smile which was genuine I smiled back . We kept walking around and talking to people till i was pulled away from Leon


Who the hell is pulling me like that ?

"Oh hey miss i like to ignore my friends " Lexi said while glaring at me and Malia standing crossed arms

"Uh...hey guys " i said " Look I'm really sorry i have been ignoring you the whole evening but i was really busy greeting people who are congratulating me and so on . I'm really really sorry " i said with puppy eyes

"Ok fine but you have to make it up for us " Malia said

"Oh thanks girls i love you both so much "i said and hugged them

"Now tell us everything that has happened between the two of you " Lexi said excitedly

I told them everything from the day we went to pick the house and how he was fucking girls every night to tonight and how we agreed to be friends . After that we were approached by Grayson , Leon's best friend.

"Clary what the hell happened there ?"he said

"What are you talking about ?" I asked him

"I am talking about you taking Leon out , calming him down and preventing him from making a scene . How the hell did you do that?"he said

"I don't know " i said he looked at me confused but then he noticed my friends standing there watching us

"Oh Clary you didn't introduce me to your friends "he said looking at Malia interestingly

"Oh yes my bad , girls this is Grayson , Leon's best friend " i said "Grayson this is Malia and Alexis "

He looked at Malia for a second before he extended his hand to her and said.

"Nice to meet you Malia " she looked at his hand then extended hers whispering "me too "

They started talking to each other and getting along . Alexis came to stand next to me and looking at them weirdly.

After some time and after talking to tons of people and showing them my ring , people started to leave greeting and congratulating Leon and me one more time. Now we are alone i looked at Leon who was looking at me .

"Umm .. I'll go change, then i will come down to make some food because I'm hungry " i said

"Ok i will go change too " he said " And can you make me some food with you ?"

I nodded and then made my way to the stairs to go to my room . I changed into an oversized hoodie and shorts then i went down to the kitchen to make some food . I was looking through the cupboards to find something to make food. Then Leon entered and cleared his throat.

"So what are we eating ?" He asked

"Um.. I don't know . " I said "I cannot find anything to make "

"Ok ! How about I make the food ?" He said and I looked at him weirdly

"What ? You can cook?" I said

"Yes what is so weird about that? You know i live alone and i sometimes feel hungry at night so i cook for myself ."

"Oh wow I didn't imagine the great Leon Black to be the kind of man to cook "

"Really ? So what kind of man did you imagine me to be ?"

"Well the kind of man who looks like a greek god and who sleeps with a different woman every night, the kind that doesn't give a damn about anyone . You know you kinda proved me right with the first point but what i also git to know that you put up that cold facade and shut everybody out but i think once you let somebody in you are a really nice guy "

"Well i don't know whether to say thank you or not "

I laughed at that and we continued to talk until he finished the food and served it .

"Bon appetite my lady " he said in a weird accent which made me laugh . I grabbed a fork and tried the spaghetti and it was truly delicious and I couldn't stop the moan that came out . I opened my eyes at the sound that came out of me i looked at Leon who was looking at me with a weird look which made me blush .

"Um ..T..the food is really delicious Leo"

"Really ? You think so ?"

"Yeah it's really good " i said

"Well thank you princess" he said and i blushed at the nickname he gave me

After we talked and ate we were both so tired so we said our good nights and went to our separate rooms . I laid in bed and thought about the events of the day and it put a smile to my face and soon enough I went to sleep.

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