His Unwanted Bride

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Chapter 6

(This is the previous chapter but in Leon’s POV )

Leon's POV :

I was now in my room in our new house and i was getting ready and wearing my suit for our engagement party which is today .

I don't get why my dad wants me to do this , i mean getting married to a girl I don't know just for business that's really stupid. But what can i say I cannot say no to my father because he threatened me with the company and that is what I have been training for and studying for all my life , I cannot just let it go . Anyway it isn't real , we just have to act like a couple in love in front of people and it will be just fine and besides i get to live my normal life a new girl every night , and i know Clary knows that and she probably thinks I am disgusting or something but that's my life.

Anyway now i was ready in my tux and I'm heading to get Clary from her room so we can go down for the guests together. I knocked on her door which she opened in a minute. She looked breathtaking like literally she looked beautiful with that emerald green dress that hugs her curves at all the right places and the two slits that show her beautiful long legs i was clearly checking her out and honestly I don't mind if she caught me checking her out she looked beautiful, ravishing , amazing and a whole lot more .

Honestly I never called a girl beautiful i always called them hot , sexy but she looked beautiful and cute with her green grey eyes . Oh god what am i saying this is an arranged marriage and nothing is gonna happen between us.

I looked at her to see her looking at me more like checking me out so I cleared my throat to grab her attention . She looked at me and blushed because she was checking me out . Why does she nave to be so cute ?

"Uh...I....um....I came to take you downstairs as you need to make an appearance together as a loving couple ". I said stuttering ? Why the hell am I stuttering? I offered her a hand which she took and i led us to the stairs and i noticed as we made our way down people became silent and were looking at us once we reached downstairs we greeted our parents who told us that we looked so good together.

The whole time we kept greeting family relatives and business partners . But i also can't help but notice how good Clary was in talking with people and literally everyone loved her and told me how lucky i was to have her . I also noticed how every guy in the room looked at her in lust and she didn't even notice .

We were talking to some business partner when dad interrupted us saying " Good evening everyone first of all thank you for being here tonight to celebrate this lovely event . Also the wedding will be on 21st March and of course all of you are invited. Now we let the beautiful couple exchange the rings "

I took Clary's hand and lead her to the center where all people can see us . First she placed the ring on my finger then i placed the ring on her finger then kiss the top of her hand and then her forehead and I could hear the people 'awww' around us . I guess I am a really good actor. I then wrapped my hand on her bare waist for pictures and i try to ignore the tingly feeling that i get whenever our skins touch . But then i heard a man shout 'KISS HER ' and then he was followed by a bunch of people saying ' Yeah' . I looked at her and then she looked at me with wide eyes i shrugged then put a hand on her cheek and i started leaning in till our lips touched.

I can't believe I am kissing her. I mean her lips are so soft . She wrapped her hands around my neck giving me tingles . Damn the kiss was good like really good . Our lips are moving in sync i think our lips fit perfectly together . I mean this kiss isn't like any other kiss i have ever had i mean i said before when our skins touch it give me tingles it felt good and now our lips touching is a whole amazing feeling it's like I can't get enough . I ran my tongue over her bottom lip asking for access but she denied it and put her hands on my chest and pushed me away slightly. I pulled away even though I didn't want to .

Damn it did I really enjoy the kiss !

I looked at her to find her blushing so I smirked knowing that she enjoyed the kiss as much as i did .

After breaking the kiss we hear cheers and she looks at me . After people directed their attention elsewhere we were approached by Grayson.

“Hi you must be Clary !” He said to Clary.

“What are you doing Grayson “ I said to him with a bored tone

“What ? I want to meet my best friend’s fiancée “ he told me then he turned to Clary and said “ and i must say she is a real beauty “

She blushed at that and said a small thank you as i rolled my eyes at Grayson’s typical flirty way . I know he is not really hitting on her , he is just messing around.

“I’m Grayson I’m that dickhead’s best friend. Nice to meet you Clary .” He said and I laughed at that

Seriously DICKHEAD !!

“Nice to meet you too Grayson but how does a nice guy like you be best friends with him?” Clary said

WTH? What does she mean by HIM?

“Oh i guess it’s fate right ? How can a beautiful girl like you be his fiancée?” He said

“Come on stop flirting with her Grayson!”

“Why are you jealous Lee? Don’t worry you are the only one in my heart “ he said and both him and Clary burst out laughing. While I glared at them .

After he left we talked with a couple more people and then we were approached by the devil

“Congratulations Leon “he said with a sly smirk that disgusted me

“What are you doing here Charles ?”

“I cam to congratulate you Leon .Congratulations Ms. Jones you look beautiful tonight . Is that one of your mother’s designs?”

“Thank you .... And no actually it’s one of my designs . Nice to meet you Mr...?” She said

“Knight . It’s Charles Knight but you can call me Charles “

“Nice to meet you Charles “ she said and extended her hand for him to shake but he took it to kiss the top of her hand

No that’s not gonna happen . I snatched her hand away and suddenly I cannot hear anything or see anything except rage towards Charles like what the hell is he doing here ?

I grabbed his collar and pulled him towards me and i was about to punch him and make a scene when I felt a tingly feeling on my arm and a soft voice telling me to stop . Clary

I looked at her and saw that she was scared and she had fear in her eyes was she scared if me ?

my eyes softened and i looked at Charles to find him smirking i growled at him then i pushed him away letting him go and i took Clary’s hand in mine and walked us outside where we together in the garden for a while till we found a bench we sat down on it we remained silent for a while

So we talked for a bit she told me that i was a nice person but i just didn’t let anyone in and that we should be friends and i agreed after a while we went back in .

I was approached by Grayson and he looked at me weirdly i looked at him .

“What ?”I asked

“Really you don’t know ?”he said

“No , can you tell me ?” I asked

“You left Charles and didn’t hit him “

“Yeah and ? “

“You never do that Lee you always think with your fist .”

“Yeah I know but this time is different and Clary was scared of me . She seems to not like violence and I don’t want her to be scared of me “

“Clary huh ? You have nothing serious with her right?”

“No . Grayson you know that it is an arranged marriage”

“I know but you seem to me like you are starting to care for her and that isn’t how arranged marriage works . Honestly i think you will fall for her sooner or later “

“Pfft what? Of course i will not fall for her i just didn’t want to make a scene “

“Ok whatever you say Lee”

I thought about what he said . Am i falling for her ? Do I care for her ? I mean she is charming, beautiful and honestly i was really happy and excited when she asked to be friends . I mean it’s good to be friends if we are going to live in the same house right ?

Oh god I don’t know what the hell is happening to me ?

Anyway after the party was over we went to our rooms to change and she said she will make food and i ended up making the food cause she couldn’t find anything to make so i ended up making the food and she complimented my food lastly we finished eating then we went to our rooms to sleep . That night I slept with a smile on my face.

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