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Emily Hawkes was enraptured with the big city ever since she was a little girl. Living in the city is her dream, but at what cost to her wolf? Now more human than wolf what happens when she meets her mate and he's the Alpha of the most secluded pack she knows of? Will she be able to feel the pull of the mating bond or reject the mate she was given to keep her human life?

Romance / Fantasy
Megan Done
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Hello and welcome to my my newest book on Inkitt! I haven’t published in quite a while but excited to get this new story out there for you!

I’ve been struggling with creating a really great story line and plot and then this idea came to me. So I hope I can do this idea justice in writing it out and sharing Emily’s story with you all.

Lastly, thank you for taking a chance on this story and any reviews or feedback is appreciated.


The first time I ever saw the big city, I knew I wanted to come back. I was young and my parents rarely went into the large city, but they wanted me to see it and experience the vastness of the human world. I think they thought that it would make me never want to come back since we wolves tend to generally like our space to roam and hunt. Instead the large skyscrapers and the smells of all the different types of cuisine made me even more curious about such a world that was different than the one I was being raised in.

This world seemed to be so much more curious than the one that I lived in. There were all these places to go, movies and theatre shows, big shops that spanned several blocks, buildings that reached high and seemed to touch the sky. Bridges that were miles long and people that roamed the streets passing each other by, some saying hi, others just going about their business. Who wouldn’t want to live in this world? There was so much to see and do!

Not that back home was boring. We lived in a quiet town, mainly consisting of werewolves and then the smattering of humans. The races got along, but they didn’t know that they there were werewolves in their midst. There was a lot of agricultural work done in the town. Several miles outside the main town area, the pack had their communal home but other than that, the wolves lived in and around the town center in neighborhoods. It worked for us.

Other packs lived even more in the forest than us and had their boundaries fiercely protected. My pack, the White Plains Pack, named after our agricultural background, weren’t as stringent on being secluded within the forest. We had ample room to run and let our wolves out, but we wanted to fit in with our human counterparts.

Me though, I wanted to live with the humans in the big city. I had no desire after seeing the city, to live in such a small rural town. I wanted to feel the vibrance of the people, the city, the cultures and the list went on and on. I was smart, I didn’t want to be held back and do farming. I wanted a career. I wanted to live up in the sky and see the world around me. It made me more human than wolf, in my parent’s opinion.

My father was an enforcer in the pack and I was their only daughter and child. I was brought up being taught to fight and be stronger than others, but that wasn’t what I wanted. I had always wanted something more than being a fighter, or a strong wolf. I had smarts and I wanted to use them. I took all AP classes in High school with the want to get into College and create a career. The other wolves in the pack thought I was absolutely crazy, but I didn’t care.

That’s how I became the person I was today, more human than wolf and honestly, I was ok with it. I just didn’t realize that you can take the person out of the wolf, but you can’t take the wolf out of the person.

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