Unspeakable night

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While trying to hold down a job as a cook at a local pub and going to college on a full time basis Anthony a tall dark haired, blue eyed, typical college 19yr old mess of a human. Spending all his waking hours chasing the next piece of tail that comes his way or swings by the pub he works at. Every weekend seemed he seemed to be in hot pursuit of any women to satisfy his needs. Anthony was infatuated with one of his classmates Stef who was anything but innocent. She was his routine booty call after a night at the bar. Stef would call Anthony at all hours of the night and he would always give in and travel to whatever party she was at just to know she was safe. Their relationship was nothing more than a booty call but Anthony was starting to fall for those bright green eyes. His infatuation turns into obsession and eventually turns into more than he bargained for. As college seemed to fly by Anthony would be faced with some tough decisions once his final year was about to start and his beloved Stef would fade from his grasp and he was left to pick up the pieces of his tattered existence he called his life. He is torn between trying to keep relevant in her life and starting over with a new companion he meets at the gym. Eventually he stops thinking with the wrong head and finds what he’s been waiting for.

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Anthony has found his room he was assigned and started unpacking himself into is small jail cell of a place he will have to call home for the next few years. Things were not looking good for Anthony’s dream of what college was going to be like.His roommate opening his separate door to his own slice of jail stretched out his hand and introduced himself as Chad. By the looks of Chad if there was any chance of bringing a girl home he would Zhave to be avoided.

It was an hr into my first day living on my own and he hasn’t seen one female. He was beginning to second guess his decision to stay on residence when he was walking to find a place to grab a quick lunch. As he was walking out of the parking lot he noticed 2 large blocks of townhouses littered with college age people. Anthony had a new mission now. How to get transferred to living in the townhouses.

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