Her Beastly Biker

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Why were all the so-called normal guys, a**holes? Why couldn't she find a decent guy. Was something wrong with her? She knew her days of youthfulness were gone. She didn't ask for heads to turn when she entered the room and woman to be envious of her. She just wanted someone who would see her heart and cherish it. She was tired of being alone and had just decided to give up. After all, the guys she kept going out with were either conceited, unfaithful, narcissistic, cruel or just a downright terrible person. He was sick of the girls that wanted to be his "old lady." They just wanted the prestige and power that they thought came with being the Prez's girl. He was sick and tired of the women who would perform any sexual act, so long as it got them what they wanted. Maybe, just maybe, he needed a "normal" woman. He never wanted a trophy, he had those. He didn't want enhanced bodies. He wanted real. He wanted the house, the dog, the home-cooked meal when he came home. Shit, he wanted a Disney movie or some other kind of fantasy. What happens when a "gentleman" stands up for her, and a "lady" lets him.

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Chapter 1

She sat here in the booth of her favorite diner, listening to yet another a**hole drone on about his career, his bank account, his sports cars. She never once heard anything come out of his mouth that didn’t center around him. Then he crossed the line. “I’m great in bed, too. I’ve never left a woman wanting.” He smirked at her shocked expression.

She really shouldn’t be shocked. It seemed that all of the guys she had been dating this last year were struck on themselves. She tried to shift the subject away and talk about something else. But no matter how hard she tried, it always seemed to come back to them. The last time she had been on a date and the guy had asked her about herself had been her husband. God, she missed him. She knew that Mack had been one in a million. Dating these air-headed morons just proved it. Lucy was right, chivalry is dead. The jerk hadn’t even opened the door for her. He had opened it and walked in without waiting on her. Merely expecting her to follow him. That’s when she had said a silent pray that this date wasn’t going to go like all of the others she had been on since getting over her grief.

“Samantha, are you listening to me?” A whining voice interrupted her musing.

She had had enough. “No, frankly I wasn’t. You haven’t needed my participation all evening. All night long, we have set here and talked about you. You haven’t asked me a single question about my life. You don’t know what I do for a living. You don’t know where I went to college. You probably couldn’t tell me what color my eyes are if I closed them. And you darn sure couldn’t tell my what kind of car I drove up in. No, I don’t think this night needs to go on anymore. If you will please leave, I will gladly pay the bill. Just to get rid of you.”

Samantha watched as his eyes become dark with anger. “You fucking bitch! How dare you. I’ll have you know that I’m one of the wealthiest bachelors in the city. I came out on this date as a favor to you. I figured a fat-ass like you could use a good lay. It’s probably been awhile, and I thought you would be ripe. However, I don’t think you deserve me!” Standing up, he gathered his coat to leave when a deep and gravelly voice behind him stopped him in his tracks.

“You know, you should never treat a lady like that. If you were half the man you thought you were, you would have focused on her, not yourself. You would have held the door for her to allow her to walk in. You would have waited for her to sit before you sat down. You also would have talked about her. All I heard come out of your mouth was me, me, me. I never once heard you ask the lady about herself. You didn’t even ask what she wanted to eat. You just ordered for her, and you know nothing about her. And if you were all that like you think, then you certainly would never speak to a lady like that outside of the bedroom. Now, get your shit and leave and if you say one more word to her, I swear, I will help you out that door. Head first.” He growled.

Of course the turd fled. But only after mumbling how lucky she was that he went out with her. She stood next to her booth watching with a great deal of humor as the area’s most eligible bachelor ran out like his butt was on fire. After the door closed, she turned to look at her “knight in shining armor.” What she saw caused her to gulp. He wasn’t pretty by any means. But there was a ruggedness to him that was incredibly sexy. His hair was long and he had enough ink that she could see it coming up above his t-shirt collar. He had the brightest green eyes she had ever seen and hair so black it looked blue in the light. He wasn’t old, but he wasn’t a young man either. She guessed that he was close to her age, maybe a few years older. Smiling up at him, she spoke.

“Thank you. It seems that all I ever attract or men like him. Not even a mature man. A little boy playing at being a man. Can I buy you a cup of coffee or dinner, to pay you back?” Her face flamed red. She normally wasn’t so forward.

He smiled a gentle smile down at her. “A cup of coffee would be great.” After she slid back into her seat he sat down.

Samantha waved the waitress over. “I heard, Sam. I’m sorry. This one turned out to be shit too. Better luck next time.”

“Lucy, do me a favor, bring my rescuer and myself some coffee, would you?” Turning to look at the biker, she quirked an eyebrow in question. “Food, dessert? They have the best cheesecake in town.”

“Coffee’s fine.” He said.

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