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Falling for the ponytail

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Dew. Dew could describe her life as a flat line. No highs, no lows. But, her life becomes like a scribbled drawing of a child when she stares into the black eyes of Kyle Blacstan. Kyle Blacstan. The bad boy and Gangleader that everyone knows and fears. His life is black and white until she came stumbling in. His ponytail. What happens when Kyle's gloomy life gets a splash of Dew's weirdness? What do you get when 6 feet and 5 feet are put together? What happens when perfect and weird fall for each other? When family, love, pain, romance and action are mixed? You get a mess. A mess that was worth penning.

Romance / Humor
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Meanwhile, the black sweatshirt man cursed himself when taking a step. His energy was draining still he couldn’t help but think about the girl who almost hit her. Those eyes, they were big, at the size of golf balls. Those little hazel strikes in those irises. No! He thought to himself.

Why the hell was he thinking about her? She doesn’t matter. She looked like a kid, that must be it. Nothing else, no.....

He could see the black sedan at the parking lot. Just a few steps he said to himself. But his heart was fully filled with those hazel golf balls.

He shook his head and took the last step. Suddenly he heard, some one yelling “I didn’t see anything! I wouldn’t tell anyone! Just let me go!”

Oh God no... No no no. He knew what he was going to do even before his heart told him to.

He turned to climb up the stairs.

‘Your freaking going to die, if you go up there’ His brain was yelling.

He kept climbing up the steps and every step he took, a drop of black spots formed on his vision.

He finally reached the corridor and hid behind the pillar and caught his breath.


Have you ever thought of dying? That’s what Dew was thinking right now.

How will be death? Painful? Silent? Happy? Relieving? She thought so much about dying, but never in her life she thought she would be dead by a bullet.

′ Okay... Let’s try to live.’,she thought

“I didn’t see anything! I wouldn’t tell anyone! just let me go!” she practically yelled.

“You wouldn’t? Am I a stupid to believe you?” the man in the middle asked.

“I hoped you are...” she murmured under her breath.

“I’m going to so kill you, girl” he said.

He positioned his pistol to her chest level. Dew immediately shut her eyes out of fear.

First, Dew thought of screaming, but, who would probably help her. No one.

Dew could hear her own heartbeat in her ears. Her hands were sweaty and Dew wriggled them. Her toes scratched her shoes sole. She bit her lips so hard that they bled. Her eyes started streaming. Only one thought filled her mind.

‘I don’t want to die now. I want to live’

She thought ‘Why me? Why always me? I never had a proper childhood. Yet, I lived. I never had any friends. Yet, I lived. I don’t have anyone in my life to share my life, to cry, to laugh, to.. Love. Yet, I live.’ So, she asked, ‘why me?’

She opened her eyes and took a deep breath, a sob escaped her. She was so scared and that fear made her shiver. If she were to die, she wasn’t gonna go without a fight. She smiled at the man in front of her and slowly raised her hand, And showed him the middle finger and said,

“Fuck you”

The man was stunned for a moment. How could a girl who was going to die in 2 seconds, could be this brave.. Or crazy ? He straightened his back and placed his hands on the trigger, ready to pull.

Dew shut her eyes.

There were 3 gun shots.

Three consecutive shots, she slowed spared a little peek with her eyes.
What she saw shocked and relieved her at the same moment all three of them lay on the floor moaning and grunting clutching their wounds, which seem to be pretty deep and red. Blood was oozing out as they clung to it. Their guns were laying futile somewhere beside them.

Dew was so engrossed in what happened to the guys in front of her, that she forgot to figure out how they got into this perilous condition.

To the answer to her question, a rough and large hand grabbed her wrist and yanked her behind the nearest pillar. She suddenly found herself staring at these black globes. The man with the black eyes and black sweatshirt held her gaze for a moment, before directing his line of vision to the place where the three men lay half-motion less, losing their consciousness slowly.

At that moment Dew almost forget all the things happened around her except for the man in front of her. Almost.

Then, it all came crashing down to her little brain. The first thing that she realized was that a so-called savior had a gun clutched firmly around his large fingers.

She quickly wriggled her wrist out of his hands and took a step back. Dew noticed a look that crossed his handsome face. A look that made her heart sad. He quickly regained his emotionless face and spoke in a deep voice,

" If you want to live, we have to go. Now.”

Dew was calculating her options. She didn’t know if the man can be trusted. His face was passive and showed no trace of fear or haste.

Dew heard a lot of footsteps, they were getting closer minute by minute.

" Move or Die “, he said simply.

Dew made up her mind and moved beside him slightly, so that he could lead the way.

He quickly walked towards the parking lot steps. Dew noticed that he winced every once in a while. Maybe, he turned his ankle or something she thought. They descended the steps in silence, she could still hear the footsteps thundering in the corridor.

“Search the place, he fucking shot our men”, a voice shouted somewhere near.

" Faster”, the man urged Dew.

“I’m walking as fast as I could”, Dew said irritated.

The black sedan came into view. The man unlocked the car with his keys. They reached the car and for a moment the man grasped the side of the car door for support and placed his forehead on the top of the car and closed his eyes.

Dew seriously thought there was something wrong with him.

“Get in”, he said roughly.

Dew couldn’t resist but ask him,

“Are you alright?“, Dew asked cautiously.

“Fine. Just get in.”

Dew reached the other door handle and sat on the passenger seat. The man also got in. He rested his head on the steering wheel for a moment and then quickly shook his head, as though he was feeling dizzy.

“Okay. You have got to tell me what’s wrong.“,Dew finally asked.

“Nothing. I’m fine.” he said, his lips forming a thin line.

That’s when Dew noticed something on the man’s hand. His left hand was drenched in red color. Blood.

He held his hands tightly on the area below his left rib cage. But, the blood still poured out of the wound.

“Oh my God you are hurt. Ohmygodyouarehurt. OH MY GOD YOUR BLEEDING!” Dew whisper shouted to him.

“Yes. I am”, he said calmly.

Dew panicked at the moment but also realized that there was no way in hell that he could drive without losing his consciousness with that wound. Dew rumbled around her bag and found a small towel. She handed that to him.

“Place it on your wound” she said.

The man hesitated for a moment but took the towel and pressed it firmly on the wound.

“Let me drive the car”, Dew asked.


“We are both going to die, if you don’t let me drive it” she as a matter of fact.

“Fuck”, he cursed under his breath and got out of the car. Dew did the same. They exchanged the seats.

Dew wasn’t a bad driver. She could handle herself.

Dew looked at the man, his face contracted in pain. At that moment, Dew didn’t think if he had a gun or he was a bad guy or anything. She knew, her heart knew that she had to do something.

“You are going to be alright”, she said looking into the black pearls of his eyes.

The man felt something stir at the bottom of his heart. He wanted to shout, cry at the same time, when she said that. Her kind gesture was new to him. Usually people hated him or feared him. And they never saw him vulnerable. But, she didn’t judge him or be afraid of him but actually cared for him. That surprised him. Because nobody but a handful of people cared and knew who he really was.

He just nodded and stared at the road ahead of him.

“Oh and by the way, nice car.“, Dew emphasized on the word ‘nice’.

Dew saw through the corner of her eyes that a small smile formed on his lush lips.


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