Falling for the ponytail

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Dew. Dew could describe her life as a flat line. No highs, no lows. But, her life becomes like a scribbled drawing of a child when she stares into the black eyes of Kyle Blacstan. Kyle Blacstan. The bad boy and Gangleader that everyone knows and fears. His life is black and white until she came stumbling in. His ponytail. What happens when Kyle's gloomy life gets a splash of Dew's weirdness? What do you get when 6 feet and 5 feet are put together? What happens when perfect and weird fall for each other? When family, love, pain, romance and action are mixed? You get a mess. A mess that was worth penning.

Romance / Humor
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The turn

Dew wasn't the type of girl you meet everyday. Dew had a life that she doesn't even understand, she had rocks and boulders, but she still smiled, in hope that they will go away one day.

Dew's life right now wasn't happy or sad, have you ever had an indifference life. That's what she's been having right now. Her brain told her that it's for the best. She doesn't want to go back, turn back what her life once was.

Dew was 19 years old girl. She finished her high school and can't afford to go to college, so she works at a diner. In other words she's useless, yup, and you think that's gonna dampen her spirit, no, nope, think again!

The sun was slowly rising and sneaking its rays through the bed room curtain. The rays made its way slowly to Dew's bed. Her alarm clock sang a slow tune as it indicated 6:00 a.m.

Dew was fast asleep on her single cot, her mouth hanging open, drooling all over her pillow, as you can see not very well mannered....but aham... Not every one is perfect.

She did not get up until the sun's rays were literally boring into her face. She winced at first, then realized that she was awake and.... Alive. Well, another day for her existence, she thought.

She slowly made her way out of the bed and stepped on a couple of things. She wasn't a very clean person. But once she was.... She just didn't want to go to old self.

When she walked into the bathroom, she heard loud thumping footsteps outside her door. She knew it would be the Karen sisters, they were, your typical teenagers, loud, overreacting and of course makeup addicted.

She lived in a foster home, run by Mr. And Mrs. Joan. But Dew never really talked with them. She avoided human conversation as much as possible.

This foster home was her 4th. They transferred her because they couldn't... Stand her, she guessed. She wasnt very much of a talker but she couldn't just stand still, she has to do something all the time, otherwise she'll go mad.

So... She really loved to draw and paint, but when she was eleven she accidentally pour paint all over the steps in that foster home and a lot of people slipped and Mrs. Dan the housekeeper broke her hip, they weren't happy with that incident but they let her stay, but she poured the paint all over the floor again, accidentally again. Come on it was fun. For her, at least, so they transferred her to another school and another foster home.

As you can see why they transfered her, only her activities grew naughtier with her age.

Her life was very normal from her age of 11. She pulled her mind back from a track of things. She had long day ahead of her.

She brushed her teeth and looked into the mirror, a girl with black hair upto her waist stared back at her. Her eyes were brown with a little hazel in it. They were big and wide. Her lips were flat on the top, full and wide.

She was 5 feet. Yup. Not an inch taller. So, being short is cute, they say, except she can't outrun anybody because of her short legs. She is thin and small for her age.

This foster home is filled with so many kids that Mrs. Joan barely knew Dew.

She could never tell, cry, scream at anyone, because she had no one. How she wished she had a family....

She had friends in high school, but once she finished high-school no one actually bothered to talk to her. She still speaks to them. Hi for a hi. Bye for a bye. Awkward.

It has been 6 months since she finished high-school.

She dressed up and went out. She couldn't stay in that house. She is working at the diner to save money for college. One day she would be free. One day....

She walked through the crowdy streets wondering what is going with everybody's life. Are they happy? Sad? Worried? Tired?

One thing she learnt and was taught in life was, there was always someone who is facing a bigger problem than her. There are people fighting for the greater good, there are people fighting for love. So, never stop smiling, a single smile can change something, someone.

She went into the book store that was right down the street.

" Dew, honey... How are you?" Green, the lady at the counter asked.

"Not beautiful as you..... yet" Dew replied smiling.

"Oh.. Dew... Stop it you are making the old lady blush" Green said pink spots forming on her cheeks. "Anyways, what are you doing today?".

"Just light reading, Mrs. Green" Dew chirped.

"Go ahead it's all yours" Mrs. Green said

Dew did a little curtsy and made her way in. Reading provided a necessary and needed distraction for her. She started to read a book and was soon taken into the world of the fantasies and hot guys.

It was late in the afternoon, when her stomach rumbled. She bid goodbye to Mrs. Green and walked further into the city. She stopped by a restaurant to buy a sandwich and a milkshake. She thanked the girl in the counter and made her way to her secret hideout.

She walked towards the smaller streets and finally reached the abandoned gym. It was said to be haunted. But, come on. One day she found it accidentally. Since then it has been her secret getaway.

She painted, drew, sang, screamed, cried, punched. Somehow the place made her feel better.

She whistled and hopped the steps one by one. The gym was on the first floor and there was a parking lot underground.

She saw a black sedan parked in the lot. Was someone here?

"hello? Is any one there?" she called out. It only echoed. No one answered.

Maybe someone was simply using it to go nearby... She thought.

But her mind was racing, what if the owner of this building came? What if they wanted to catch the girl who has been painting in the walls? What if they throw her into the jail? No one will get her out. What if they want to destroy the building? Her life's work is in there. She will protect it with all her might she thought. She will hug the building and die with it.

Woah... Woah... Slow down a bit she said to her mind..... Overthinking is a cruel disease that you cannot get rid of. It's nothing she said to herself... It's nothing right? Right?

Pondering over her thoughts she opened the door took the notebook out and began to sketch.

Hours flew by.

She was humming to a song,when she heard footsteps, a lot of footsteps.

What the hell?

There was screaming and shouting, she caught a few words 'kill him' 'run you, idiot'. What the hell was going on?

She could tell by the tension in the air that something was going to happen. Hair on her neck prickled. She closed her notebook and began to pack her things.

The footsteps became more clear. Her heart was knocking its way through her rib cage now. She packed her things more quickly. She tried to buckle her bag, but due to the shaking of her hands that was kind of difficult.

"come on..." she whispered to herself and finally got it right. She put it over her shoulders and walked towards the door fast. She heard someone close the front gate.

OK.... It's time to panic. She ran towards the door to get to the parking lot. 'Don't yell, don't cry' she said to herself.

When she was ten meters away from the door, she saw him.

He was there standing at the door frame, he was wearing a black sweatshirt and jeans. He had a gun and really dark black eyes... And oh... That stubble.... What are the things again? He had a gun!! That's not good, is it?

But he still has great eyes, her heart said. Yeah... We have to agree with that.

Too bad those eyes are staring at you now, her mind said.

Dew doesn't know how many minutes passed until she did the stupidest thing in the world.

She screamed at the top of her lungs and went to attack him with her sling bag.

'really? He has a gun! Grow. Up.', her mind said. But Dew was already on the way, what could she do now.

He looked at her like I-have-gun-you-have-a bag look. Then the loud thumping sound on the gate distracted them.

"SHIT!", he said and looked at Dew. And she was in this awkward position, her hand was raised ready to put her bag on his face.

Then he saw her one last time before he ran the other direction. He was sort of limping his way.

She stared at his retreating back. She suddenly heard sharp sounds, that was like bullets piercing the wall and then a lock being broken open. She did not know what to do, she quickly went toward the side of the parking lot. Now, she could hear footsteps pouring in.

She ran as fast as her little legs can carry.

"Stop right there!" a voice shouted.

She turned to look at the source of the voice. Big mistake.

Three men were standing pistols pointed at her.

In that moment, her life took a turn, she did not know it was right or wrong, good or bad, but, it was a turn.


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