The Mistake

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A girl who was distraught fell in love with the wrong guy in the past. As she moves forward, a little secret has been waiting to be unraveled. A new journey with a new boyfriend but what if everything goes downhill because of that one careless move.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter I -Bad News-

I positioned myself on the toilet seat nervously taking a deep breath. I opened the box and took the stick out letting urine hit the tip. I waited for more or less three minutes and peered at the test stick. Two lines clearly highlighted saying it’s positive. A sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach, a head pounding, heart wrecking news. This can’t be true, please, please no. Looking at the stick again, the line’s didn’t change, this has been my third test and all of them showed positive results. The last thing that I would have to do is visit a doctor for the most accurate response. Why does it have to be now? Why me? I can’t let my mom know that I’m pregnant with his child. Poor Will, what will he think of me? Would he even care if the baby comes? Would he break up with me ? Would I be a miserable mother?

Negative thoughts popped in my head by the second, Will leaving and Jake carrying my baby. My mom disappointed and giving me disapproval looks. I kneeled closing my eyes, covering my head with my hands. How did this even happen? I mean, I know how babies are made but how? The last time we had. . . oh. . realization hits me right in the gut. That’s why my period’s been delayed, I thought it was doing it’s usual thing like the past months but this time, it’s the real deal. This is actually happening. Disappointed? Yes. Angry? Yes. Excited? Maybe. Looking for another excuse? That’s definitely a yes for me.

I stood up and flushed the toilet, taking deep breaths as I’m about to walk out of the door and face Will and lie to him before he knows. I just need time to confirm it’s real and if it is real then sooner or later I’ll have to tell him. I took one long breath and plastered a fake smile on my face. Will was watching a movie sitting comfortably on the couch. I sat beside him and laid down placing my head on his lap. His fingers automatically caressed my hair, feeling his fingertips on my scalp feels so relaxing. A thought hit me, this is normal to me. What happens if I deliver him the news? No more nice gestures like this? I shivered at the thought.

"You okay love?” Will looked over me questioningly.

"Yes, just a little sleepy I guess” I rubbed his knee.

"Here” Will handed me a pillow “The movie is halfway through, you could still nap if you want, I won’t move an inch” Will gave me his heart stopping smile, the smile that drew me to him on the tour. I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep.

"Hey. . . Love. . . wake up now. . sleepy head”

My shoulder shook gently making me blink a couple of times. With my groggy state I looked around. Outside it was dark, Will turned on the lamp beside me I squinted my eyes adjusting to the soft glow of light.

"What time is it?” I asked trying to go back to sleep

"7:30pm and no don’t go back to sleep, we can do that later. I cooked dinner”

I groaned in response.

"How tired were you? You slept for four hours straight and didn’t move an inch”

At the sound of his tone my memories jogged back to the pregnancy test, adrenaline started surging to my body making me sit up straight almost hitting Will on the chin.

"Easy there tiger, dinner’s not running away. C’mon. Get up. Let’s eat” Will offered his hand and I took it gratefully.

I took a bite of the chicken Will has prepared. It was a little bland but still eatable and I’m grateful he cooked because I was really not in the mood.

"Something bothering you love? You seem to be staring into space” Will looked at me, concern visible in his eyes.

I smiled weakly “I’m okay Will, you worry too much. Instead of worrying about me you have work tomorrow and I’ll be meeting an old friend after work”


"Sofia Nichols”

"Wait, was that your close friend in college? The one we talked about when we shared our experiences during that time of our lives?” Will took small gulps of his water.

"Yep, that’s her” I nodded taking in another bite “The last time we saw each other was last year. She took a vacation leave and explored cities, luckily she planned visiting here before going back home. It was a delight, Sofia was a sassy girl so when you see her, she’ll be dressed up more like a model than a regular person.” I smiled at the memory.

Will nodded “Is this visit still on vacation leave?”

"Not really, she quit her job because being a waitress was not worth it. Her words not mine. She started a small online business becoming a reseller. I guess it was doing her pretty well and if I ever asked her about regretting her job she would totally say Hell no!” I quoted with my sassy voice and sassy impression flicking my invisible hair like a bitch.

Will chuckled at my silliness, I love it when he laughs. He makes it so easy for me to bear life. How can I lie to this wonderful man? He cares so much and pays attention all the time. He remembers small details about me and makes me feel special everyday. Yeah, and boom ! A baby is on the way and what’s worse is he is not the father. My mind reminded me. I groaned inwardly, do I need to be reminded of that every time I’m in a happy bubble with Will?

"You have that look again” he said suddenly.

I blinked “What?”

"Look, love. Whatever it is on your mind, you can tell me. You can tell me anything, you know that. If you don’t want to, I’ll respect that and wait until you’re ready” Will cupped my chin gently looking into my eyes.

I smiled warmly at him “You never fail to sweep me off my feet Will”

"It’s not only your feet I can sweep” Will smiled seductively, his face dancing with humor and I rolled my eyes.

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