The heir of A Billionaire Dad

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Chapter 7: The true Friendship

Meanwhile Michael was also in so much stress today. His visit to Dean didn't go as

planned.Now, he had to pay these fees,otherwise he won't be able to study further & all his future plans depended on this degree.

He was so much in thought, he didn't realise when his nani came in his room & put her

hand on his hair and pampered him. She said


"Yes Nani."

"I was calling you from the kitchen for dinner but you didn't hear it.what are you thinking

about,Mikey? Is there any problem?"

"No Nani, don't worry. I was just thinking about my study.Nothing that i can't

handle."Michael tried his best to cover up.

"Ha ha...don't think much.Health is more important.Let's go and eat."Nani said.

"Sure Nani.I will be there in a minute." He felt relaxed. As Nani's health was not good

nowadays,He didn't want to involve his Nani into the matter.

After dinner, Michael went out to meet his best friend. He thought he could divert his mind & forget for some time what happened today.

He reached a barber's shop & shouted "Arun, Are you there?"

Arun Nair was one of only a few of his friends. Arun was working as a barber in that shop.

Although he didn't own that shop, the shop made profits only because of him. He was quite talented in styling hair. People used to come only because of him. His boss also knew that & trusted him so much that he didn't come to shop for most days.

Arun & Michael became friends 5 years ago.When Michael first came for a haircut,He didn't have much money & Arun didn't charge him more. As time went, they became best friends.

Although he was 3 years older than Michael, Arun liked to talk with him. Both came from

poor family backgrounds. Arun's mom dad died in an accident 10 years back. So he left

alone & was living on rent. Whenever he felt empty, he used to come to Michael's house &

stayed with them. He got so much love from Nani & Michael. So he always referred to them as his family. Arun had a dream of opening his own big salon in future. He had shared the idea many times with Michael. But he didn't know when his dream would come true? Or will his whole life be finished while working here only?

"Hey Mickey, come inside. I am here only. I was about to close." Arun came out & said.

Michael came inside & sat on a chair silently.

"What's the issue? Why are you looking so tense?" Arun asked. He knew Michael was in

trouble by his expression.

"Nothing. How are you? We haven't met for 15 i came just to meet." Michael


"I am fine. Business is going great but you tell me what happened. I have known you for a

long time now. Something is definitely bothering you." Arun said.

"You are right. I had nobody else to share. So I came here to talk with you to share so I can

relax a bit." Michael said in a tense tone.

"Tell me then. Anything happened in college?" Arun started guessing.

"Yup, my life is gonna end." Michael was almost in a crying tone. He couldn't speak more.

"Hey, what happened? Please tell me in detail. Life never stops like this." Arun asked while

pampering Michael's back.

"You know how i paid my tuition fees. I spent almost everything I had for that. Now they

want us to pay for e-learning."

"How can L pay 20000$ now? That too in three days? It is impossible. I tried to talk with the dean too but he was like pay or leave the college. What should i do now?" Michael


Actually, in that evening while in thought, Michael realized that he forgot to talk with Emily. He remembered that he was harsh with her in school when she asked for money. He was so tense at that time that he didn't know what to say. But now he felt very bad. He decided that he will help in paying Emily's fees no matter how much money he can arrange. First he will pay her fees then he will think about himself. He even called her to say sorry but Emily didn't receive his calls. So he finally messaged her that " I am Sorry". But she didn't reply to that. He thought that he would meet her tomorrow in school & explain everything.

After talking for half an hour with Arun, Michael felt good. He knew that Arun was the one who could change his mood. Arun was a very cheerful person. He had such a charming

personality that he can make anyone smile. He was a very talkative & pure hearted person.

"Will you come with me for a short time as I have to eat something." Arun asked Michael.

"Sure. let's go." Michael replied.

They went to an omelette stall nearby & Arun ate there. They talked a lot about other things

while sitting there. Michael didn't realize when it was past 10.

"Let's go home. Nani must be waiting for me." Michael said.

They started walking. Arun's home was near Michael's. Michael first checked Arun's home

only. When he saw that It was locked then only he came to the shop.

"Wait here. I am coming. I have to take out some cash." Arun said when he saw the ATM.

Michael stood there. Arun went & came back in 10 minutes & said let's go.

They reached outside Arun's house.

Michael said "ok, i will leave now. Bye. good night."

"Wait. keep my bag with you. Return me tomorrow after paying your fees." Arun said with a smile.

"What? I am not sure I will be able to pay fees or not. Then how will I give back your bag

tomorrow? And isn't this the same bag which has your tools? How will you work without it?"

Michael was surprised. Why is he giving his bag to me?

"Open the bag & see yourself." Arun said.

Michael opened the chain & saw bundles of money inside. He was shocked.

"It's 20000$. Now pay your fees my friend." Arun was smiling.

Michael was speechless. He couldn't stop his tears from coming out of his eyes.

"I can't take this. I know this is all your savings for your future plans." Michael said.

"Friends are more important than future plans. What is the meaning of that future if it can't let me help my brother when he needs it most?" Arun said.

After hearing this, Michael came forward & hugged Arun tightly & started crying.

"Thank you my friend. You just saved my whole future. I don't know how to say thanks?" Michael said in a crying tone.

"You are like a younger brother to me. I couldn't study but I won't let your studies stop just because of money." Arun replied while petting his back.

"I will never forget this day in my life. I know I am not alone now." Michael said.

"Go & pay your fees. You can thank me by studying harder & getting your degree." Arun


"Sure bro. I will." Michael said while leaving.

He was so happy & relaxed now. His whole problem was solved in a few minutes due to his best friend.

On his way back, he called Emily to tell her that he has arranged money for both. But Emily rejected his call. He thought she must be angry now. Tomorrow I will give her a surprise. She will be very happy.

Meanwhile, when chatting with Jay, Emily suddenly received a call from Michael. She felt angry. First he was disturbing her good mood which was due to Jay who just said that he will pay her fees & second she knew why he was calling. He just wanted to apologize &

maybe he definitely couldn't arrange money so will ask for her help.

"I can't help you." she thought & rejected his call immediately.

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