The heir of A Billionaire Dad

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Chapter 8: The first date

Phone vibrated as Emily was getting ready in the morning. She saw it was Jay's call. She

immediately received it.


"Hi Emily, I am outside your house. Are you ready?" A humble voice of Jay came from the

other side.

"Give me 5 minutes. I will be there." she only could say that.

When Emily came outside, she saw Jay standing out of his BMW & his eyes were looking for her. When he saw her, he waved his hand with a smile. He thought she was looking so gorgeous even in these clothes. Emily wore a routine t-shirt & jeans. But it was revealing her amazing figure.

Emily came towards him & said hii.

Jay opened the car door for her & asked Emily to sit.

Emily was surprised as well as feeling excited. She never expected that A rich man like Jay

would open the car door for her.

She entered the car & sat inside. Jay closed the door & went towards the driver side. He

entered & started to drive.

15 minutes after driving, they entered the parking lot of The Center Mall. Emily loved this shopping mall. She passed from here many times but didn't afford to come as only branded & expensive shops were there in this mall. Finally today she will get a chance to go inside this mall.

They entered the mall. It was indeed a luxurious mall. Its centre was beautifully decorated with a big Christmas tree & lights. There was a very large chandelier hanging in the centre.

It was looking very beautiful. It must have cost the owner of this mall millions of dollars.

There were big digital screens at corners which showed a map of the whole mall. One can find whatever they are looking for easily. There was not much of a crowd here as it was morning time.

They went to the 2nd floor & started walking towards the coffee shop. Emily had heard

about this coffee shop many times. It was one of the most famous coffee shops in the city &

the special cappuccino here was so delicious that all people always talked about that in

their college. As Emily loved to drink coffee, she always wanted to try this coffee shop.

She even once asked Michael to come here when they were passing through this mall. But Michael refused that time saying "Coffee here is much more expensive than two times

meals of people like us." Emily didn't feel anything wrong that time, but now those words were stinging her heart. Indeed Michael was so poor that he couldn't even make her wish true. She was getting angry while thinking.

"After you." she came to her senses as Jay opened the glass door for her.

As they were entering, suddenly A man in a suit came running towards them.

"Mr.Brown, it is my pleasure to invite you here. I am the manager of this shop." the man

said in a very humble tone.

"Where do you want to sit,Emily?" Jay asked Emily.

"Yes Mam, you can sit wherever you like. Mr.brown has booked this whole cafe for you.

Nobody will disturb you." the man said by looking at Emily.

Emily was stunned. Jay really had booked this whole cafe for her. There was nobody there

except 3 or 4 workers. She felt very special & touched by hearing that.

"I am ok anywhere." that's all she could say.

Jay without hesitation grabbed her hand & took her in a corner seat. Emily felt her heart

racing as she felt Jay's touch. But she didn't resist at all. She actually kinda liked that.

They settled on seats. The manager said

" Well Sir, I won't bother you much. I will be there only if you need anything." he left after giving the menu.

The manager himself welcoming & giving the menu was way too much for Emily. She

thought Indeed Jay is a very reputed & well known name in this city.

"Would you like to eat anything?" Jay asked.

"No, just a coffee." Emily replied.

Jay raised his hand. Before he could say anything, the manager came running.

"Yes Mr.Brown.what should i order for you?"

"Two special cappuccino. My friend here should get the best coffee. She must be satisfied with the coffee's taste otherwise you know what happens." Jay said in a commanding tone.

"Don't worry sir. I will supervise myself. I will serve you the best one of our cafe." the

manager replied & went away towards the kitchen.

Coffee was served after 15 minutes. Emily took a sip & immediately thought Wow. it was so delicious. It was the best cappuccino she ever drank. She didn't even know that coffee

could be tasted so good. People were right about this place's coffee taste. She felt really


"How is it?" Jay asked.

"It was the best coffee i have ever tasted in my life.Thank you so much for this." she


"You liked it. That's enough for me." Jay replied.

They chatted for almost 2 hours about each other's likes, dislikes & other few things. Emily didn't know how time went in the flesh. She loved talking to him.

Jay paid the bill & told the manager that they were very satisfied.

"Do come often Sir." the manager said while opening the door for them to leave.

Meanwhile, Michael reached the college & couldn't find Emily in the class.

"Why would she miss the class? Was she unwell?" lots of thoughts came in his mind & he became worried. It must be her father who didn't allow her to come to college. I must go to her home after class.

But, first after the morning class, he would go & pay fees for both & surprise her at her

home by showing a receipt of fees. What would her face be like after seeing the paid

recipe? Michael smiled while imagining that.

As 1st morning class ended, Michael got up & started to go out urgently. He decided that

He will go to the accounts department to pay the fees & run back before 2nd class starts.

"Hey loser, where are you running away?" A voice came from behind. Michael looked

towards that direction. It was Andria Nilson, one of the rich & arrogant girls of the class.She was very beautiful with a good figure & long slender legs. Her face was so cute that one can't get angry on her even if they want. She was a perfect combination of cuteness & boldness. But as a Rich Dad's daughter, she had that egoistic nature.

"He must be leaving the class. We all know that he can't afford the fees." one student said.

"It's better to leave by himself then being kicked out by Dean." another one added.

"It's not like that. I am going to….." he was interrupted by Andria.

"Don't say anything. We know it very well. You poor bas***d,go hide yourself at your home,

before Dean finds you."

"Does he even own a home?" one classmate asked in surprise.

"He must be sleeping on roads definitely." another guy said & all his classmates started

laughing loudly.

Andria felt satisfied. She always felt disgusted by poor guys & never left a chance to insult

any poor guy.

Michael was angry. He thought to bring out the cash out of the bag & show them that he

had enough money to pay for 2 people. But he decided to ignore these guys. It was not

worth it to justify himself to those who always tried to humiliate him because of his poverty.

"Leave it guys. Don't say a word to him." A voice came from the door side.

Michael felt happy. He recognized that voice. It was Emily of course. He turned towards

that side & saw her standing at the entrance.

But he was shocked & broken after hearing the next words from her mouth..

"Poor guys like him don't even deserve to sit with us & study. Let him go." Emily


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