The heir of A Billionaire Dad

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Chapter 9: Payment of the fees

"True. He can't afford such a reputed college." one guy said.

"Out Michael out. Out Michael out." all started chanting it.

Michael couldn't believe his ears. He had a habit of being humiliated by everyone. He didn't mind that much now. But how can Emily say this about him? He was her boyfriend after all.

Why was she suddenly changed? This was not Emily that he loved. He decided to talk with her after college in the evening. He sighed & left the class.

But there was one person who was even more surprised & shocked than Michael. It was

Andria Nilson.

She knew Michael & Emily were good friends. Although she didn't know about their

relationship yet, but She predicted that by their behaviour. Something was there between them beyond friendship. How could she suddenly talk about Michaerl like this? Why did she humiliate him? Was that because now she has become a hot topic amongst all people of the college & she even made many rich friends? Andria felt confused.

Michael came into the Accountant's office. At the window, he took out 10000$ & paid his

fees. Accountant gave him a receipt.

Michael again took out another 10000$ from his bag. Although he felt broken by Emily's

words, he decided that he will help her in paying her fees. She must have said that in

anger, he thought.

"Why are you paying extra?" said the accountant in surprise.

"It is for a friend." Michael replied.

"Tell me the name of your friend." the accountant asked after taking money & opening the receipt book again.

"Emily. Her name is Emily Carter." Michael said.

"Carter? I heard that name today morning also. Let me check. Oh yes, I was right. Her fees were already paid directly in the college account. Dean sir himself confirmed that to me today morning." accountant replied while giving back the money.

"What? How come this be possible? There was no way that she could manage this much

amount in such a short period of time.she herself told yesterday that it was impossible for her to pay the fees. Then how did she get the money?" Michael was shocked as well as

confused. He decided to directly ask her & left the office.

"May i come in, madam?" Michael asked while standing at the entrance of the class.

Second class was already started when Michael came back. Everybody was surprised to see him. How the hell did he come back? Did he pay the fees?

"This is the last time for you Michael. I won't allow late comers in my classes in future.come in now." Mrs.Green said.

Michael entered & saw Emily was sitting beside Catherine today. He sighed & went to the last bench & sat.

Emily felt angry again. Why do I have to see his face again? She didn't know what

happened to her but her mind already started to hate him.

Michael noticed that Emily was chatting with someone on her phone & was smiling. Who

was she talking to? Emily never used to bring out her phone during class. She always

wanted to focus on every lecture & didn't want to spoil any seconds of the lecture. What

happened to that Emily? Michael was thinking hard & was trying to get a conclusion but he

didn't succeed.

After the whole day's classes, everybody started to leave. Emily also walked outside

without looking for Michael.

"Why is she ignoring me so much?" Michael thought as he started to leave to chase her.

Suddenly Andria came in front of him & stopped him.

"What happened between you two, loser?" Andria asked suspiciously.

"It's none of your business." Michael replied while his eyes were still looking for Emily.

"How dare you talk to me like that?look at me. Do you know who I am?"Andria started

getting angry.

"I am sorry Andria. But I have to leave. I have more urgent work to do." Michael said &

started running only.

"How can he ignore me like that? Boys even died to talk with me & he even didn't look at

me properly." Andria thought & left.


Michael shouted as he saw Emily standing at the college gate.

Suddenly A car stopped in front of the gate. Emily sat inside & the car went at full speed.

Michael knew that was the same BMW car that he & Emily took a ride in. It was definitely

Jay's car. Does that mean she was talking to Jay in the class? Did he help her in paying

fees? Otherwise why would she go with him? Why was he taking so much interest in

Emily's life?

Lots of thought surrounded his mind....

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