The heir of A Billionaire Dad

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Chapter 10: The truth of Jay

Next day, Michael was waiting for Emily to go to college. Although his mind knew that she

wouldn't come, his heart was not willing to accept that. He waited for a long time. Then he realized that it was already very late. If he did not start to walk now, he would definitely be late. He sighed & started walking towards the college.

"Beep...Beep…" suddenly a car stopped behind him & started honking.

He saw that it was Andria. It was a black Mercedes Benz car. Andria came out of the car & said: "Hey loser, let me give you lift.come inside the car."

"It's ok. I will go by myself." Michael replied.

"Look at the time idiot. You won't reach in time. Do you want to get insulted by the teacher again?" Andria asked in surprise.

She was right. Michael looked at his watch. There was no way he would reach college in

time by walking. He had no other option. So he accepted & sat in the car.

Michael started noticing the car. He was quite impressed. This was a much more

comfortable car. It must be very costly. He knew Andria was very rich so she definitely

could afford that car.

His thoughts were interrupted when Andria asked

"Michael,so have you cleared all things with Emily? You must have met her yesterday as

you ran for her."

"No, I couldn't find her yesterday." Michael replied while remembering yesterday's events.

"Don't lie to me. I followed you. You were shouting her name. I even saw that she definitely heard you but ignored & went in a BMW." Andria said while smiling.

Michael's face became pale. He was caught red handed. He didn't say anything.

"By the way, who picked her up? It was definitely not her dad. I know she is not that rich."

Andria asked again.

"I too didn't know who it was?" Michael lied.

Meanwhile, Emily was in Jay's car. He insisted yesterday that he would drop her to college

& she couldn't say no. She also wanted to thank him as she found out yesterday morning that her fees were already paid.

"Thank you so much for your help Jay. When did you pay my fees?" Emily asked.

"I directly transferred to the college's account while we were having coffee. I also had

informed your dean on call. He is a very good friend of my dad." Jay replied with a smile.

"Ohh, that's great. I will pay you once i start the job." Emily said hesitantly.

"Don't worry about that. I already told you that it is a very small amount. You can pay me

even after 10 years." Jay replied.

Emily smiled. She was becoming more & more attracted towards this guy. He was such a humble,soft natured guy. Despite being so rich, he was not at all arrogant towards anyone unlike other rich guys who always humiliate poor persons. Emily always dreamt that her husband would be rich but also will be a down to earth guy. Jay had all the qualities she had imagined in her future partner.

They reached the college gate.

"Do you want to join for a lunch in the afternoon if you are free? It will be my treat as a thanks." Emily hesitated first but dared to ask finally.

"No need for that treat. We are friends already." Jay replied.

"Please, it's a request. If you have time." Emily insisted.

"Ok sure. I would love your company." Jay said.

He was happy as he was provided chances by Emily to get close to her. He knew he would

definitely succeed in his plans of getting her.

"College canteen if you don't mind. I know it's not a place for a person like your caliber. But

i can't afford more than that at this time."

Emily nervously asked.

"Fine for me. I love this canteen's food. I have been here for many times with my sister."

Jay replied.

"See you at 1 then. I am getting late for classes.bye." Emily said while waving bye to him.

While entering the gate, Andria & Michael saw the same car which picked up Emily was

leaving the gate. Michael realised that Emily must have come with Jay.

Andria parked her car in the parking lot & they went to class.

It was almost 1 in the afternoon. Morning classes were just over. Some rich students used to take their cars & go home for lunch. But most of the guys used to go to the canteen. It was cheap but the food was very tasty & of good quality there. So everyone loved that canteen.

Michael also went towards the canteen. When he reached, there were no tables left to sit.

All were occupied. He started cursing himself & decided to go back to class when he

suddenly heard a voice.

"Hey loser, where are you going?"

He recognised that voice. It was Andria again. She was sitting at a corner table alone. She

called out to him & asked to sit with her. Although he didn't want to sit with her, he was so hungry so decided against it. "Why was she suddenly interested in becoming friends with him?" he thought. Michael ordered a veg lunch plate while andria ordered a non veg

burger. While they were eating, they heard nearby people's chatting.

"Oh my God, isn't that Jay brown, Catherine's brother? He is looking so handsome. But

why is he eating in our canteen?" one girl said loudly.

"Who's the girl with him?" another girl asked.

"Shit, she is Emily. Why is Mr.brown eating with her?"

"Maybe they are dating each other. I saw in the morning that Jay came to drop Emily." A

girl started guessing.

Michael looked behind & saw the opposite corner. Indeed it was Emily & Jay. They were

chatting & having lunch. He felt angry. Have they started dating? How could Emily do that

to him?

"Right. So it was Jay this whole time. I should have known this as I saw his eyes glued on

her all the time in Catherine's party." Andria said.

"They are just friends. I know that." Michael would not give up so easily.

"Haha, i know this guy. I have heard his stories many times before. Once he likes a girl, he

gets her by any means & throws her out after using." Andria said.

"What? Is that true?" Michael asked with a worried look. He always felt that Jay was not a good guy. But he heard it for the first time from someone else's mouth. Otherwise he

always heard all people praising him like he was the best man of this city.

"Yes, my mother even has similar views about him. His secretary told my mom about all his

affairs. He even used his secretary. So, she left his job last month & joined as a secretary

for my mom." Andria confirmed.

Michael was getting angry. Although he was mad at Emily, she was his life & he couldn't

see her being used by someone. She will get hurt a lot if she falls in Jay's trap. He had to

pull her out of this mess himself.

He decided to do something...….

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