The heir of A Billionaire Dad

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Chapter 11: The break up

Classes were over. Michael stopped Emily just outside the class.

"Emily, What's wrong? Why are you ignoring me? I already told you sorry many times now

for that day."

"Nothing's wrong. I just don't want to talk with you. You disgust me." Emily said in a cold


"What? After being with me for so many months, why do you disgust me now? It's my

poverty that stings you,isn't it? I even arranged fees for you." Michael was hurt by her


"Haha, so you are lier too. It was me who arranged my fees not you. Just go & don't try to talk with me again. I feel ashamed of myself that I used to be with you." Emily said angrily & went away.

"Now she's feeling ashamed of talking with me." Michael sighed.

While in the car with Jay today, Emily's mood was off.

"What happened? In the afternoon, you were in a good mood. Does anyone bothering

you?" Jay asked curiously.

"No, it was just an old friend. He just started to irritate me. But I think I was harsh on him &

it's my fault." Emily felt regretful about her words now.

"It was the same friend that came with us that day,right?" Jay replied.

"Yes,right. When I needed his help, he ignored me. So i didn't want to talk with him

anymore. But I think I was being selfish." Emily said disappointingly.

"Oh, is that so? You are right. Why are you feeling bad? You can never be harsh on

someone who doesn't deserve it. About selfishness, what I know is, you are the kindest girl i have ever met in my life. You can never be selfish to anyone. That guy never deserved your friendship. You should not talk with that type of guys." Jay said while convincing her.

Emily felt relieved. Jay was right. Why should she be regretful? She would never talk with

Michael again.

After 10 days…..

Michael was walking towards the college. Since talking to Emily that day, he couldn't sleep well all these days. His eyes were red & his hairs were all messy. He was not feeling well.

The more he thought about Emily & her words, the more he became frustrated.

"This poverty has cost me so much in life. One day I will become so rich that I can afford anything in this world." he thought.

Suddenly he tumbled & fell down on the road due to a stone. "Another bad day" He sighed

& stood up. He was about to start walking when he realized that one of his sandal's sole

was broken. He felt angry & was cursing himself, but as he was about to reach the

college,he had no option but to continue with broken sandals.

Michael entered the college gate & saw Emily standing with Jay & talking. Jay was sitting

on the front of his car & was saying something to her. Emily was laughing. She was looking beautiful. She wore different today than usual, a knee length one piece which was looking expensive. That dress was indeed revealing her beauty more than ever. "Jay must have given her as a gift." Michael thought. Andria's words were still circling his mind. He became more angry now. He had to act early if he wanted to save Emily from Jay. he decided to talk with them & started to move in that direction.

"Hi Emily." Emily was suddenly surprised hearing a familiar voice from behind. She knew it was Michael's voice. Her smile started to fade away.

"What do you want? Say quickly. I don't have time." Emily was not interested.

"I want to talk with you in private." Michael said while looking at Jay.

"Jay is a good friend of mine. You can say in front of him otherwise get lost." Emily stated.

Michael felt surprised. Now Emily even didn't want to talk with him in private. What happened to her? He had no option but to tell in front of Jay.

"Emily, if you don't want to talk with me, it's ok for me. But I do care about you. I can't see

you being trapped in wrong hands."

"What do you mean? Who are you referring to?" Emily asked furiously.

"I have inquired about Jay. He is not a good guy,Emily. He has a loose character. It is his

hobby to use different girls and...….

However "A Slap."

Before Michael could finish his sentence, Emily slapped him. She was feeling so

embarrassed as she knew Jay was hearing all of this.

"Slap me as much as you want, but i will not allow you to talk with him." Michael said by

holding her hand.

Emily slapped him hard again. Michael's face became red. People gathered around them to

enjoy a free show.

"This poor guy is so f**ked up now. He doesn't know who Jay Brown is." one guy said.

"He talked about Jay's character. Jay will make him pay now. I don't think Michael will be able to continue studying in this college." one of Michael's classmates added.

However, Jay didn't say anything. He was just sitting quietly on the front of his car. Even his

expression didn't change.

"Just tell the truth Jay. you are exposed now. Don't think that you still have a good image in

Emily's mind now." Michael said angrily while looking at Jay.

Emily was furious now. Jay had been insulted too much because of her. She kicked

Michael on his abdomen with her high heels.

Michael fell on the ground. He was in severe pain. He got up with difficulty. Today he was

never going to give up until he dragged Emily out of this mess now. He thought that.

Michael went near Jay. he grasped Jay's collar & said

"Say it now. Say that you just want

to use her. I am not going to leave you as you have tried to spoil my Emily's life."

"Michael is over now. He has to suffer." one student said.

All the people standing there were shocked in disbelief. How dare he had grasp Mr.Brown's

collar & tried to threaten that too in front of the college ? Mr.brown was the most influential person of the city. Didn't he know that?

"Jay probably will call someone now & order to kill or make Michael disappear from this

city." another student said.

Surprisingly, Jay still hadn't reacted. He just looked at Emily. Emily was coming towards

them. She came & said…

"Leave him you poor bas***d, you don't even have a sense how to behave with someone."

Michael left him & looked at Emily. He could see hate in her eyes for him. What Jay had

done to her?

"Emily, you haven't seen his real side yet. Please let me explain."

However, another slap was given on his cheeks by Emily.

"I have seen enough whatever I needed to see. You are such a loser & worst guy than i

thought." Emily was very angry now. She had decided that she didn't even want to see this

man's face in the future.

"Emily,please listen to me. Why are you believing him more than me? You have known him for just a few days. & our relationship….

Even before he could finish his sentence, Emily slapped him again.

After all she hated him now. And she didn't want all people to know that they were in a

relationship. How would Jay feel? So she slapped him to prevent him from saying that.

What happened next completely shocked Michael.

Emily turned around & put her lips on Jay's lips. Jay was surprised too. After a long kiss,

they parted. Emily looked at Michael & said.

"Jay is my boyfriend & I will not hear anything wrong about him. Our love relationship is

way more important for me than your selfish old friendship."

Michael was broken & betrayed. Emily's kiss in front of the college hurted him more than

her slaps & kicks. He knew it was all over but he wanted to try even more.

"He has blinded you Emily. You are unable to see right now that what is right & what is


Emily again raised her hand to slap him. But just before she could hit him, somebody held

her wrist & stopped her.

"You have insulted & hit him enough now. He won't bother you anymore."

All were surprised. It was Andria. How could that be possible? Andria held Michael's hand

& dragged him out of there....

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