The heir of A Billionaire Dad

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Chapter 12: Blind act of Emily

"Are you out of your mind? What were you thinking? Do you even realize what you have done?" Andria asked Michael after dragging him into the class.

"Why do you care? I decided that today whatever happens, I will make Emily realize that Jay is a bad guy." Michael said. He was still very angry.

"You don't know Jay very well. He is so rich that he can make your life very difficult just by a call. Also Emily is under the influence of him. She will not listen even a word about him from you." Andria replied.

Michael tried to calm down. He realized that Andria was right. But moments of Emily kissing Jay kept coming in front of his eyes. He was broken completely. She was her only & true love. Did he just lose her? Tears came in his eyes. He loved her so much. How could she do this to him?

"Look Michael, I know I am not your very good friend. Still I am giving you advice that

please stay away from that guy. He is very dangerous." Andria said.

Meanwhile, Emily had a headache. Her mood was completely spoiled now by Michael. She didn't want to attend any lectures today.

"Jay, can we go out from here please?" Emily asked. She also wanted to apologize to him.

"Ya sure. Let's go." Jay said calmly & started the car.

While they were driving, after hesitating for sometime Emily finally decided to talk about the incident.

"I am really sorry for today Jay. you were insulted because of me only. I am feeling terrible. It was all because of a selfish friend of mine." Emily said with guilt.

"No no, I am not angry. It was not because of you. Don't feel guilty. In Fact the way you

defended me, I am really pleased. I am proud of you. I should really say thanks to you." Jay replied.

"I know you,Jay. I know your character. I couldn't hear someone saying such bad words for you. You are the most humble person I have ever met. You even didn't respond or misbehave with him after all he said & did. That proves that you are really a great guy." Emily said.

"You have reacted for me. That was enough for me." Jay said with a smile.

"I am also sorry for kissing you & referring to you as my boyfriend. I wasn't sure what to say or do at that time." Emily said while feeling embarrassed.

"No need dear. I was there too. It was the situation that made you do what you did. Besides I even got to taste such sweet lips. In fact I was lucky." Jay replied. He could still feel the softness of her lips.

Emily blushed. She also felt so different while kissing him. It was her first kiss. She never wanted that kiss to end. She realized now that she started to like this guy & wanted to be with him forever. Her face turned red.

"By the way where should we go now?" Emily said.

"If you don't mind we can go to a nearby hill station. We can chill out there for a whole day. I have a villa there so we can relax there. You will be pleased to see nature's beauty from there. It will be so refreshing for our minds.& it will definitely lighten up your mood." Jay suggested.

"Ok,sure. Let's go." Emily nodded.

"Jay, don't you want to do anything to him? Don't you feel angry?" Emily asked Jay who was driving calmly.

Jay was really angry. Nobody even dared to touch him until now. It was such a poor guy

like Michael holding his collar in front of so many people. He somehow controlled that time because he wanted to impress Emily. If she saw him in his real angry personality, it would make a bad impression on her. So he chose to be silent at that time & decided to deal with him later.

"No, I don't mind guys like that saying what. Many people in this city are jealous of me. So i have a habit of ignoring such losers. By the way, what do you want me to do?" Jay replied while looking at Emily.

"About me, I really don't want to see Michael's face in future. I want him out of my college.

Can you do that? If I will see him in our class, the same whole incident will keep coming in my mind again & again. I won't be able to concentrate on my studies." Emily replied.

She didn't know at that time what she was saying. She was not in her right mind. She was so angry on Michael that day, that she didn't even realise that she could destroy someone's future by that.

"Consider that done." Jay said happily.

He called someone from car's digital screen.

"Hello, Mr.Brown. How may I help you?" Emily heard a familiar voice on the car speaker.

She tried hard but couldn't figure out where she heard that voice before.

"Mr.Crowley, I need a favour from you." Jay said in a polite tone.

Emily realised now that It was her college's dean. Jay mentioned to her before that he knew him very well.

"Just order it Mr.Brown. You don't need my permission. Your dad is the owner of this

college. So you are my boss too." Dean replied.

What? Jay was the owner of her college? Emily was stunned after hearing that. She knew that Brown family was a big name in the city, but she didn't imagine them to own such a big & reputed college. Despite being an owner of the college, Jay was talking so politely to the dean. She was sure now that Jay was the right man she was always looking for.

"Mr.Crowley, do you know a guy named Michael, a first year student of our college?" Jay asked.

If Jay asked this to him fifteen days before, he would never be able to recognize who

Michael was. But as Michael met him a few days back & spoiled his mood,he knew him very well now.

"I want you to resticate him from our college.Is that possible?" Jay asked.

"Why not? I will gladly do it myself. I know that keeping that kind of poor & mannerless guy will only harm our college's reputation." Mr.Crowley replied. He wanted to kick Michael out of the college but Michael somehow paid the fees so he couldn't do it that time. But now the boss's order has he will be able to throw him out easily.

Emily thought "I was right. He must even misbehaved with the Dean sir. Sir also think down about him." she was cursing herself that how she didn't recognize this earlier? How could she date such a loser?

"Great, I also felt that. Do it as soon as possible." Jay said.

"Sure Mr.Brown, I will even give such a remark on his certificate of leaving that no college in this city will give him admission." Mr.Crowley was furious. He decided that he will completely destroy this guy.

"Ok thanks." Jay replied & ended the call. His all plans penned out perfectly. He didn't had to do anything. He did able to keep his image clean in Emily's mind by not reacting in front of Michael, he got revenge by resticating Michael from the college. Michael will not be able to study in this field now as no college would dare to give him admission after seeing such remarks from a reputed college. It was a bonus for Jay. Furthermore Emily was with him now & nobody is going to come between them.

A devil smile came on his face while driving…..

After hearing Dean's words & about remarks, Emily became worried. She wanted to kick Michael out of the college because she was angry. But she realised now that Michael will not be able to get the degree from anywhere. All the dreams that he discussed with her would be destroyed now. Did she make a mistake? Did her anger blind her? Did he really deserve that? A part of Emily wanted to save him from all of this. Her thoughts were interrupted by Jay.

"Are you satisfied now? He will not be able to come to college tomorrow." Jay said.

"Ya, I didn't want to see his face. But have we done the right thing,Jay?" Emily said in a doubtful voice.

Jay stopped the car on the side. He held Emily's hand & said,"Remember all the events of today dear, even the Dean felt that he didn't deserve to study here. Would you really want him still in your life? Be practical Emily. Thinking about him only will take you down a downhill road. He will not support you & won't let you grow as an independent businesswoman. I know the mentality of this type of guy. This is what I feel. Think & decide. If you want, I can still call Mr.Crowley & ask him not to resticate Michael."Jay said.

Emily thought & remembered all the events of the past few days. She realized that Michael was really an incompetent guy. He won't be able to help her in any way. If she will still continue to be around him, she will definitely be poor for her whole life. So she decided against it."You are out of my life once & for all." she thought & said.

"No need to do anything. I want him out of this college."

Jay smiled on his success & started driving.

Meanwhile, afternoon class was going on in the college. Michael was in a very bad mood.

Whole incident was kept repeating in front of his eyes again & again. Tears came to the corner of his eyes. He controlled himself somehow. He wanted to go home & cry so much, but he didn't want to spoil his study.

Suddenly, A man entered the class. He was Dean's assistant. He whispered something in teacher Jordan's ears & stood there.

"Michael, take your bag & go to Dean's office now. Sir wants to see you." Miss Jordan said while looking at Michael.

Michael was surprised. Why did Dean want to see him? He had already paid the fees. With the dilemma, he stood up & walked out with the Assistant….....

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