The heir of A Billionaire Dad

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Chapter 13: Is this the end of Michael's future?

"May i come in,sir?" Michael asked.

"Yes, Come in." Dean said with a satisfied look.

"Here.. take your leaving certificate. You have been resticated from this college with an immediate effect." Dean gave the certificate in Michael's hands & was smiling.

"What?" Michael was stunned. His whole world started to go upside down. He was so shocked that he couldn't stand anymore & sat on a chair in a disbelief.

"Sir…..What is my fault? What did I do to deserve this? I have even paid the fees." Michael said in a trembling voice.

"I know that. It was a big boss's decision. Get out now." Dean replied.

"Please sir,don't do this to me. What will I do? I have no money to go to another college. My life will be over. Forgive me sir. I am begging you." Michael couldn't stop his tears.

"I can't do anything now. If you have money, then also you won't get admission in any college.Look at your certificate carefully. Have you seen the remarks yet?" Dean said arrogantly. He was feeling so good now.

Michael looked at the remark column on his certificate. He frowned after seeing that it was written with a red Ink. it stated that

"This student is not eligible to get this degree. He insulted the boss & the dean of the college. It is recommended not to give admission to him in any degree."

Michael started crying. He knew such remarks from one of the best institutes meant that his career was over now. He won't get admission anywhere. What will he do now? How will he become successful now? What will he do for a living? What about his dreams? All the thoughts surrounded his mind.

"I can advise you on one thing. Apologize to Mr.Brown. That might help your cause."

Dean knew that Mr.Brown was known to never forgive anyone. He was always very keen on his words. He would never change his decision for anyone. Michael would be only humiliated more. Michael understood why he got kicked out of the college now. It was Jay. he must have influence on the Boss of this college & must have asked to resticate him.

"I will not apologize to Jay. & when did I insult the boss? I didn't even know who was the boss of this college?" Michael said angrily.

"Haha, you moron. His dad owns this college. You must have offended him. So he gave orders to expel you. Get out now. I have other work to do." Dean replied.

Michael left the office & started walking out of the college. His feets were feeling so heavy that he wasn't able to walk properly. How would he face his Nani? What will happen now?

His whole future seemed too dark now. He felt so depressed & couldn't walk anymore. He sat on a bus stand outside his college & started crying.

Meanwhile in class, everyone was discussing what would have happened to Michael.

"Why did dean call him? Will he throw Michael out of the college?" one student was saying.

"But i heard that he paid the fees already. Then why would dean do that now?" another student said.

"It must be because of Mr.Brown. Michael insulted him in front of the whole college." one student said, guessing.

"Dean sir will give him a punishment maybe. Even he can get a few days suspension." a girl stated.

"He didn't come back. Dean must have suspended him." all students thought.

Andria was worried. She didn't know why she felt that. Let him suffer. Why should she care at all? She knew one thing that Michael was a simple guy & she hated Jay. She didn't want Michael to get bullied by Jay. she knew what Jay was capable of. This must be a reason for worrying about Michael.

After classes were over, all started leaving for their home. Michael was crying for more than two hours with his head buried in his knees. He suddenly noticed by the voices that college time was over & people were coming out of the college gate. He wiped out his tears with his t-shirt & started walking towards his home. His eyes were burning. Suddenly a car stopped in front of him. It was Andria. She came out of the car.

"What are you still doing here? It is almost 2 hours since you left." Andria said.

"I don't have to explain that to you." Michael replied.

Andria noticed that Michael's face was red & swollen. His eyes were red. He must be crying. But why?...

"Michael, tell me what happened? Did dean give you any punishment?" Andria said while coming towards him.

"Take this. Read & you too laugh on me now. You will love it." Michael replied while giving her his leaving certificate.

Andria was completely shocked after seeing the certificate. Michael was resticated by the Dean & after reading the remarks, she knew that no college in the city would give Michael a chance to study. That's why he was crying.

"I am so sorry Michael. I didn't come to make a mockery of you. I just came out of a concern as a classmate. I know I have always been harsh on you. But I had stopped doing that since long now. I was just here as a friend." Andria replied. She was really feeling bad for him.

Michael couldn't bear anymore. He wanted someone by his side & he felt touched by Andria's words. He hugged her & started crying.

"I am finished Andria. There is nothing left of my career now. Jay destroyed me completely. You were right. I should have thought before insulting him. I don't have a penny now. How would I study now?" he was so worried.

Andria's eyes were also filled with tears. She didn't care about anyone until now. But she didn't know why she was so worried for Michael.

"It's ok Michael. We will find a way. Don't worry. Don't think much now." Andria started consoling him while controlling her tears.

Michael realized that he was holding Andria for more than 10 minutes. He released her. He felt embarrassed hugging her even without her consent.

"Sorry Andria for hugging you like this. I was so depressed & didn't know what to do."

"It's ok Michael. Come inside. I will drop you. First take this bottle & wash your face. You are looking like trash." Andria handed him a water bottle from her car.

Michael washed his face outside & felt slightly better. He sat in the car & they drove away.

On the way, Michael started the conversation.

"Suggest me Andria, what should I do now? Dean advised me that I should apologize to Jay. but i don't want to do it."

"I hate Jay. but he is very powerful. As much as I hate to say this but you should go & meet him. If he accepts your apology, you will be able to stay in this college or atleast can get help in removal of that remark." Andria suggested.

"You are right. I will go to his office tomorrow morning & if needed will kneel down in front of him for my future." Michael had decided.

"I will pick you up in the morning then." Andria said.

"No, i will go by myself. You don't have to waste your time for me."

"We are friends now,right? Besides, Brown Industries is far away from here. How would you go then? I will pick you up. Don't worry. Be ready at 9 in the morning." Andria said.

They reached near his house. Michael started getting out. He said, "Thanks a lot Andria. For being with me in time like this. I will never forget this."

Andria smiled & left after saying goodbye.

Next day morning, Michael was ready outside his home waiting for Andria. He didn't tell anything about yesterday's events to his Nani. he didn't want her to be worried. Also he thought if he could solve this problem, then there would be no need to tell anything to her.

But will Andria come or not? Why would she skip her classes for me? What if she just wants to insult him?

Just as he thought, Andria's car came & stopped in front of him. He cursed himself for thinking about her like that. Andria lowered the window glass & asked him to come inside. They went towards Brown Industry.

Michael noticed Andria. She was looking beautiful in her t-shirt & jeans. So many boys always dreamt to be with her because of her looks, but she didn't use to talk much with those boys. Now he understood that she was much more career oriented.

They reached out to Brown Industries. Whole Industry was spread in many acres. It was feeling like a larger area than a whole city. After seeing so many cars in the parking, Michael guessed that at least more than 1000 people must be working there. Really Jay was a super rich guy. He shouldn't have taken him on without knowing him. He regrettedhis actions now.

After 15 minutes, they were outside the Boss's office. There was a girl sitting outside on the desk. They greeted & asked her,"Can we meet Mr.Brown?"

"Mr.Brown is out of the country for work. He will be back next month." Miss Denly replied.

"1 month? What will I do till then? What should I do now?" Michael panicked.

"Don't worry,Michael. I will ask Catherine to give Jay's personal mobile number. We will

contact him over a phone call." Andria suggested.

"Wait. Jay? Are you looking for Jay Brown? I thought you were looking for a big boss.

Mr.Jay is here only. Have you booked an appointment?" Miss Denly asked.

"No, we don't have. But we want to meet him urgently. Please tell him that we are his

sister's friends." Andria said.

Miss Denly went inside. After 5 minutes,she came out & signalled them to go inside.

With hopes of clearing this mess, Michael entered Jay's office. He was willing to be his

servant for lifetime to save his future. Will he be able to get forgiveness from Jay?

He was soon going to find out.....

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