The heir of A Billionaire Dad

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Chapter 14 : The Second Chance

It was such a big office. Beautiful view of hills was evident on full length glass windows. Aroma of flowers could make anyone's mind very refreshing. There were lots of antiques & costly furniture present. A beautiful painting of a feather of a peacock was noticeable behind the boss chair. Sunlight coming from the window was revealing all the beautiful colours of that painting. It was indeed an amazing view. Jay was standing near the windows looking at nature's beauty outside.

"What do you want?" Jay asked without looking at them.

"Look Jay….Sorry, SIr Mr.Brown. I wanted to apologize for yesterday's events." Michael said.

"No need for that. I don't care what people say about me, if they are just losers." Jay replied.

"Please Mr. Brown, forgive me for just this one time. It was my mistake. I will never come in your way again. Please don't resticate me from the college." Michael asked in a pleading tone.

"Kneel down before me & then only say what you need. You are standing & looking in my eyes & expecting me to forgive you. How's that possible?" Jay turned,looked at him & said.

Andria felt wronged. This guy was worse than she thought initially, she too liked him & wanted to date him 2 years back when she saw him on a magazine cover. But as soon as she heard the truth about him from her mom, she started hating him. Now she thought she was right in not taking interest in him. She was about to stop Michael from hearing him, but she knew he would not listen to her so decided against it.

Michael knelt down against Jay.

"Now beg me for your career." Jay asked.

Michael spread his hands forward in a begging posture & said:

"I am begging you. I will owe you my whole life. I will become your slave but please stop dean from resticating me." Michael said. Tears dropped on the floor from his eyes. Andria saw that & felt pity for Michael


Jay kicked him on his chest. Michael couldn't balance & fell on the floor on his back. He tried to get up into his previous position but got kicked hard again. Michael felt immense pain in her chest. He couldn't get up this time. He just lied holding his front while coughing.

"Hit me as much as you want. Just don't make me leave the college please."

"You should be glad that I didn't have killed you already. Emily knows you, that's why I am leaving you alive." Jay replied angrily & slapped hard on Michael's face. Slap was so hard that blood came out of the corner of his mouth.

"Stop this. If you don't want to help. Say no directly. Let's go Michael." Andria was angry now.

"Don't come in between us. I know you. What is your dad's net worth? I know him. It is 400 to 500 million dollars right? He is just like a baby in front of me. My net worth is 15 billion dollars & increasing every minute. If you do talk like that with me again, I will make sure that your dad's company gets shut down tonight only." Jay ignored her & started hitting Michael.

Andria feared after hearing that. She knew he would be able to do what he said just now just by a phone call. This industry was one of the top amongst the country. Only 2 or 3 companies were bigger than his in the whole America. Including the world's top & most famous "Harrington's industry." Her father had a very small company. So she couldn't make trouble for her father too. She became silent & stood there.

Michael was feeling pain in his whole body after receiving many blows from Jay. but he was willing to take it for saving his future.

After satisfied, Jay commanded:

"Get out now before i kill you."

"So have you forgiven me, right? Michael said hopefully.

"I already told you that i don;t mind you poor guy's words. Besides it was not me but it was Emily who insisted that I should expel you."

What? Emily? How could she do that? She was the kindest girl he ever knew. She had seen many dreams alongside him about their future. How could she change this much? He knew that she was under the influence of Jay, but she couldn't have made such a big mistake. She just can't destroy his future. He didn't believe Jay.

"I can tell from your face that you don't believe me. Watch that side." he gestured to the other direction.

There was a large LED hanging out on the wall. Jay started it with a remote & played a video clip. It was recorded in a car. Michael heard Emily was saying with a cold face

"I don't want to see Michael's face. I don't want him in my college. Can you do it?"

The video kept showing the loop repeatedly. It was really her. Michael broke completely after watching that. It was all over. Emily didn't want him in her life at all. But he would have gone by himself if she said to him directly. Why did she need to destroy his career? Why did she make him suffer this much? He couldn't understand.

"Seen enough? Now get out before i call my security." Jay said in a cold voice.

Michael stood up. He started to walk out of the office. He was about to lose his balance due to unbearable pain in his body, when Andria got hold of him & gave him support. She brought him out of the office.

While in the car, Michael was feeling so hurt that he cried a lot. Andria didn't stop him as she wanted him to take it all out at once. After about an hour of drive, they were about to reach his home. Andria stopped the car on the side & said;

"Enough now. Promise me that you won't cry for this matter from now on."

"What option do I have other than that?"

"My dad always says that there are two types of people, one who sits holding onto their past & end as being losers for their whole life & there are ones who just throw their past from the window after learning what is needed from that past & put all their efforts in achieving great success. Now you have to decide on your own what you want to become? A loser or A successful man?"

"I want to become successful but how will I be able to complete my degree now? As no college will dare to give admission to me." Michael said with disappointment.

"Promise me then that you will work so hard & become so much more powerful in future."

"I promise you but how will..."

"No buts, leave all other things to me. I may be not that influential as Jay, but I too have many contacts." Andria replied confidently & called someone.

"Hi dad." she got out of the car to talk.

Michael was looking at her from the car. She was giving every detail of what happened to one of her friends. After a long half and hour of talk, she hung up & came back.

"I will drop you to your home & will meet you tomorrow." Andria said with a smile.

"Ok. no problem." he felt better now. His whole image about Andria changed completely in 2 days. All the students used to think Andria was Arrogant, Selfish & Spoiled girl of a rich Dad, but in reality she was Caring, sensitive & career oriented mature girl. Michael decided that he will keep this friendship with her for a lifetime no matter what happens.

Michael entered his house.sat with his Nani & told her everything. Nani consoled her but he was ok now. He decided that he will leave his past behind as promised to Andria. He will not think about Emily anymore & will start working hard in any job he can get.

Next day, Michael woke up late. As his body was still aching, he decided to sleep more. After a few hours he woke up suddenly by hearing voices from outside. He noticed it was already 1 pm in the afternoon. He came out of bed & went to the hall to see who Nani was talking to. It was Andria. She was talking about something & smiling.

"Oh Mickey, you are finally awake. This sweet girl has been looking for you for 1 hour now. She insisted me not to wake you up. She is really a nice girl. I will make you tea. You two have a talk."

"I am sorry Andria. I wasn't feeling well. So decide to have some more sleep." Michael said after his Nani left towards the kitchen.

"I understand. That's why I told Nani not to disturb your sleep. How are you feeling now?" Andria asked with concern.

"I am way better than yesterday. But why are you not in the college at this time?" Michael was surprised.

"I have taken a leave today. I was working on something & I got successful in getting it done." Andria seemed very happy. Her deep dimples on her cheeks suggested that she had indeed achieved something today.

Michael didn't want to ruin her happiness by bringing his topic. So he just started casually on other topics.

however,Andria said with an excitement:

"Michael, you got admission in one of the most reputed institutes."

"What? Are you serious? How can that be possible? Which college?" Michael was surprised by hearing that.

"Well, it is one of the most well known management institutes of the Phoenix city."

Michael felt happy. He was very excited by hearing this. But how did she do it? Was that even possible with the remarks he had? Furthermore, how will he be able to move out to a new city? How will he pay the fees & rent there? Lots of thoughts were coming into his mind.

Andria saw his worried face. She continued:

"Michael,don't worry. It has been all settled. Your whole three year's fees have been paid by my dad. We also have a flat there in the Phoenix city which is empty. You can stay there with Nani."

"What? You did pay for my fees? Andria, I have no words how to thank you for all of this. You just saved my whole future. Why are you helping me so much? You didn't have to do

any of this for me. I was just a poor guy, a nobody. Why are you even here?"

Michael became emotional while saying this. He was touched by Andria's whole help. Tears came out of his eyes again.

"Uff,Mr.crying man, when will you stop crying? Now your days of crying are over. It's time to smile. You better start packing up your things. In an hour, my driver will come over & pick you & Nani up. It is a few miles of driving, probably 3 hours. He will help you to settle up there. You have to join that college tomorrow morning. Be punctual there. Attend all the classes as I want my friend to graduate with a gold medal for me." Andria said.

Michael came forward & hugged her tightly.he cried for a few more minutes & held her in his arms only.

"Andria, thank you so much really. I will never forget this day. I will be always there for you in the future. I promise you that I will get the gold medal for you." he replied while leaving her from his hug.

Andria felt different. It was feeling so peaceful in Michael's arms. She wanted to stay like that for more time. But why was she feeling like that? Did she start to fall in love with this guy? No way, we are just friends. She came out from her thoughts & said:

"Ok Michael, i will leave now. Be ready for your new life. Phoenix city is not far from here. Promise me that you will come to meet whenever possible & will be in touch."

"Ya sure, whenever you want or need, I will be here to meet. I owe you that much. I will never forget you till I am alive." Michael replied.

Andria bid her goodbyes to both him & Nani. Michael today got one best friend after Arun. he was very happy. He was given a second chance today to build a great future for himself.

He went to meet Arun. he told the whole events that happened in the past few days & bid his goodbye to him.

After an hour, a car came. Michael left with his Nani for Phoenix city.

A bright future was waiting for Michael & he was determined & focussed even more now to build his career & become the greatest businessman of all time...…..

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